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ZARA, H&M जैसी  DIY FASHION ACCESSORIES |#Teenagers #Anaysa #DIYQueen

ZARA, H&M जैसी DIY FASHION ACCESSORIES |#Teenagers #Anaysa #DIYQueen

Wow what a website…all the latest items available Wow this pearl earring Looking amazing What are you doing? Just look these beautiful pearl earrings in this website I’m going to order them right now And what goes the total amount? It cost around Rs 3,450/- So expensive! And if I make it for you of only Rs 50/- then? Then nothing! you are my friend can do this much Okay first take out Rs 50/- And ask your friend for 80,000 likes Look how she is black mailing me just for earrings Do like the video first In Chumbak it’s of Rs 300/- But I made it of only Rs !0/- Only Beads were required And old hoops you might have at your home Just insert the beads into the wire Then roll it around the hoops this way Then similarly make one more See how much beautiful earrings are made at cheap prices It cost Rs 800/- in H & M But I made it within 10- 20 In Range Only this much is required Now insert The Pearls and Beads in the hoops this way Then attach both the ends with the jump ring Now with fevi quick paste the half pearl to the stopper Then insert the stopper into the jump ring So our ear rings are ready While shopping I found these earrings of Rs 1000/- in H & M But I made it of only 10-20 Rs First tie up tread into two needles And join the ends like this Now insert the bead into this side tread And cross the other side needle from inside this way Add one pearl at one end and two at the other Cross the left needle into the first pearl of right one this way Now keep repeating the same process Now we need to make a layer of pearls to insert into hoops For which just insert out the needles from the middle this way Now take a pearl to the right side And cross the left one from inside it Now our heart of earring is ready Now insert the hoops inside it Now stitch and secure it Our bead earrings are ready It will look so elegant Earrings were lovely Pooja I was saying that Don’t think now…. You need my pearl bag? Yes So, first make this hairband and scrunchies for me Okay fine…you look this Cost of this hairband is Rs 1300/- in H & M I made it free of cost using old hairband and fabric peaces First fold the fabric after cutting the fabric this way Then stitch it and turn inside out Then make three more similar And then insert it over the hairband Now with the help of clip make its braids Now paste the braid over the band this way Now end it sides with the clip and let it dry So that the fabric gets pasted nicely Now take the two pieces of fabric and stitch at ends and also stitch the excess part Looking like a picture perfect Right?? This polka dot costs 200-300 in shein But I made it of free of cost We need to fold the fabric as such And have to cut it like this Now take a foam of hairbands shape and paste it as such Now cover the band with the knot made from the cut piece And stitch to secure it Give finishing with the help of ribbon and glue See how much elegant it looks These organza scrunchies cost Rs 1000/- in Zara, H & M But I made of only Rs 5/-

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  1. Who saw this video but never try to make these earrings……. 😂I had never tried to make earrings but these earrings are superb ……..😊

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