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You Call That Lunch?!

You Call That Lunch?!

I kid you not want to show you this
picture it is before I ate anything and I had to beg them for that much hey guys
what’s up good morning I’m rad but that’s because there brake lights in
front of me so yeah I’m on my way to work it is drizzling so of course that
means that everything is really slow I think the train may have just went by so
that’s probably why I’m stuck cuz this is what I’m currently looking at now but
we’re getting that they started slowly but it has started so guys I am answering comments on that
my other blog and I forgot I wanted to say it in yesterday’s vlog and I
completely forgot but Greg did get a email from the shipper of the camera
case and they just said don’t ship it back to us we’ll just take the loss they
gave us the money back that Greg paid and we’re just going to dispose of it
because we don’t have any use we don’t even have any use for the case so I
don’t know it’s kind of a ways I’m more bummed that we can’t find one to fit I
think it’s gonna be kind of impossible to find one but I don’t know we’ll see
we’re still searching but I want to let you guys know that because I forgot that
Greg finally put my picture up for me I got this at HomeGoods because like ten
dollars or something but I wanted something between the closet in the room
in the window hey guys what’s up I am home from work at my eye but they’re
like really red I was just scratching the crap out of them I don’t know why
it’s bothering me so much every time I decide to do video Digger have to go
outside so anyway it’s kind of like the end of
the day today was our holiday party Christmas party or end a year
celebration however you want to say it and we had pasta and salad and I kid you
not want to show you this picture it’s before I ate anything and I had to beg
them for that much it was ridiculous I’m like okay what was the point is ask
luckily I brought my own food I wasn’t going to eat but one of my co-workers is
like you really need to come eat so whatever so into that and then what else
happens today Oh big regattas mealtimes like such eggs to go get his knee
outside look tell mom soon my nails is all did and it’s raining real good and I
don’t like windshield wipers other than that we’re good if I wouldn’t be as bad if we put the
window up song we wouldn’t be as wet lazy okay you win they did that and it was raining and I
know Greg doesn’t like to go do that stuff without me just because fun yeah
and it was diggers first time riding in the rain buddy oh no were switching arms
oh and all he did really well so we got that and Greg made a chili for dinner
which at first it was kinda it was missing something 3 added chili powder
and peeps so that’s the chili looks messy but it’s really good so I had that
um that will be different for tomorrow and I’ve already got chicken and green
beans to eat for lunch and then I’ll have my breakfast okay Greg’s gonna add noodles to the
chili tomorrow we’ve done that before we’ve added like pasta noodles or right
just to kind of like give it some more so you’ve got that everything else going
pretty good um few more days and then I should be getting a membership to the
gym but so far away tis still coming down it’s really slow right now slowing
down but I can feel changes in my clothes and what I’m wearing and
everything in my eyes are so puffy it’s not even funny
all right guys I think this is just gonna be a really short vlog I don’t
think there’s a lot more going on it’s like 9 o’clock now and I’m getting tired
so so probably gonna be winding down so sorry that it’s a short one we’ll see
you guys in the next vlog don’t forget to Like subscribe and comment below if
you guys do all three is all your problems over there ever do you love
them forever – ever and ever bye guys

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