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Yağız Deprem Eğitiminde – Eğlenceli Çocuk Videosu YED SHOW

Yağız Deprem Eğitiminde – Eğlenceli Çocuk Videosu YED SHOW

begin finally came on thursday children couldn’t stay in their places Özge teacher put his name tags on his students Will Yağız father come? My mother is calling yes calling us let’s go sir mom Yağız today we will learn something very important with you what is my mom What is an earthquake and what are the things to do during an earthquake? hooray Tell me, what is your father earthquake? small and short ground shaking small like me? yes my son is small like you we should take security measures without any panic during these shocks let’s do a drill then yes let’s do it Let’s say how an earthquake happened and where do you hide? let’s start well done Yağız is very safe where you are collapse to full and bulky seat edges during an earthquake you can protect us and protect your head and neck a right move I already knew this, thank you mom if we look at your father its location is very wrong why? I was looking at what’s happening outside glass edges should not be approached during an earthquake and this way shouldn’t be standing it can be very dangerous I understood, definitely I will not do it again thank you let’s see what else would you do? Get Started No Yağız should not go out before the earthquake ends. stairs or elevators should not be used this can be very dangerous ok my mom your father has chosen a very reliable place, congratulations the edges of sturdy tables are reliable but definitely shouldn’t go under it there may be a risk of breakage hold it down i know this job thank you good dad what are we going to do now What are we going to look in the earthquake bag now? here you go here is our earthquake bag let’s open these are what should be in the earthquake bag Let’s look at our bag now, are you ready, Yağız? I am ready It is very important to have water in our bag but we shouldn’t forget to change it often dad what is this Mommy, this whistle is going to help people used to find us so to make our voice heard buddha flashlight when the electricity goes out and we stay in the dark flashlight helps us first aid kit is very important we must have it with us very important we should also have a spare bag we should have some money in it and spare clothes are a must and finally our blanket cold weather also helps us yes yes very important these are what should be in the earthquake bag our earthquake bag is ready yes guys we prepared our earthquake bag You should definitely create an earthquake bag with your family elders. remember that precautions save lives this subject is very important don’t neglect prepare your bag goodbye do not forget to subscribe

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