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Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp (New WIFI model!)

Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp (New WIFI model!)

Hey what’s up! In this video I’m gonna
take a first look at the new Xiaomi – Yeelight bedside lamp with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Let’s go! in the box you’ll find the lamp itself which is nicely
packaged and there’s also a small instruction manual and the power adapter. the lamp has exactly the same design as the yeelight bedside lamp that’s been
out in the Mi home store for years But the main difference is the golden
looking base color and the Mijia-logo instead of a yeelight logo on the
front. The power adapter is now turned 90 degrees which is a very welcome change,
as the adapter on the older Yeelights took up way too much unnecessary space. you can use this light standalone and control its color and brightness
settings on top of the lamp. Here you’ll find a on/off switch and a switch to
toggle between the different light modes the brightness can be changed by simply
moving your finger around the top and you can change the color by holding down
the toggle switch and moving your finger around the top of the lamp at the same
time. The light modes of the lamp are: Reading light -which allows you to choose
a blue cold light and dial that to a warmer orange tone there’s color – which
allows you to choose any color and color flow -which will flow between four
different colors besides manual control you can also set this lamp up over Wi-Fi
and Bluetooth allowing you to control it from your smart phone, set up timers, use
it with the Mi band and setup automation rules. For that you’ll need to install
this lamp with the mi home app and that is pretty easy. Just power on the light after which you can add a new device in the mi home app. I got prompted that the light was found when I opened up the app but you can also add a new
device from the devices page and find the lamp all the way in the bottom… After setting up your Wi-Fi details, the lamp will be installed. After it’s set up in the app you can turn the lamp on or off remotely, change it’s colors and brightness, set timers, and set up smart home automation rules for this lamp Because this new bedside lamp now has Wi-Fi you can use all the switches and sensors
from the Xiaomi ecosystem to control this lamp. You can set up a sensor or
switch to turn the light on or off. change its brightness and hue. and change the mode of the lamp The light just got released yesterday so this automation list is not yet translated, but I expect they will do that soon. To compare it with the older yeelight bedside lamp, I noticed that the light distribution is slightly different. I also noticed that the new
light is capable of orange tones slightly better, as the older versions
seemed to go from yellow to red more abrubt. Besides a very minor difference in the light, the base color, and the power adapter there’s not much of a change. but the addition of Wi-Fi was something that was very much needed to make this light integrate in the Mi home ecosystem and that’s what makes this newer bedside lamp so much better than its predecessor As always thank you guys for watching,
and I hope to see y’all soon! peace

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  1. funny thing is that i think i prefer the old style of the power adapter for EU plugs. i might be wrong.
    do you have any idea how many lumens it has? is it brighter than a yeelight bulb? and why is it so expensive? didn't it used to be something like 30+ euros?
    also are you planning on making a new video for the new version of mi home app?

  2. Nice product, it's already added in my shopping list. It will be nice to have it in my bedroom. I like that now can be integrated with Mi Home ecosystem. 👌

  3. Hi, is there anyone that was able to command Xiaomi products like alarm, motion sensors, temperature sensors via Amazon Alexa? I'm aware of that only the Yi light are compatible with Alexa. Thanks a lot.

  4. I defetnely need to upgrade, the Bluetooth is very slow to connect, and the WiFi is very useful for MI home integration. Sometimes the Bluetooth even doesn't connect and I must unplug the lamp. I used a xiaomi smart plug as you advised but is not the same thing of having WiFi built in.

  5. Great video once again. Will make the Mi Home app part 3 video? I just can't set any automation… Can you help? Thanks

  6. So this channel is why Wickiemedia stopped doing the greatest audio channel on YouTube. Good luck in this new channel. Your videos are the best!

  7. Is the Xiaomi Yeelight lamp effected by that new WIFI WPA2 vulnerability since it now supports WIFI? i.e the KRACK vulnerability?

    If it is along with any other vulnerable WPA2 Wifi devices, including smart TV's, WIFI cameras, laptops, tablets, routers, access points etc, your just opening up your home as a public access point for anyone to snoop; Its a major security floor.

    The flaw has been patched on Windows 10 machines if you're using the very latest version with all the latest updates. Reviewers should mention that information in their reviews any time their devices they review support WIFI.

    It wouldn't be very smart to include a vulnerable device on your network, so it would be nice to know in advance, even if you're just advising on a particular firmware that the device should be on to ensure its secure (if its not already).

  8. Hello thx u for all your videos. I am newbie i this world. Do u know when will come out Xiaomi Yi Smart Waterproof Camera Outdoor Edition 1080P? Thx again

  9. I have received the 2nd gen bedside lamp, red colours aren´t as deep as 1st gen, is my lamp faulty? The red is very white and soft.

  10. Great product! just got my and set it up 🙂

    For those who are wondering, it works great with Amazon Alexa!!
    Note: I am base in Singapore, so server wise u may need to double check

    Set up requires: Mi Home App
    Once done you will need to share the Mi Home App account with your Yeelight account

    Reason  being that Amazon Alexa skill is under Yeelight, not MiHome.

    Do reply here if you need any help 🙂 Overall the wifi is the game breaker as I owned the last bedside lamp as well

  11. Why did they switch the beautiful aluminium grey for this ugly crappy gold ???? I really regret the Bluetooth version I've sold to take the WiFi version

  12. What about the integration with other yeelight products, Like the bulbs and strips? Can you Group them all into a single scenario?

  13. Does it work as a gateway, or do I have to have a gateway to connect the othe Xiaomi sensors? Or if I don’t have a gateway and purchase this lamp, can it work as a gateway alone?

  14. It's so weird that no one has ever talked about how we could make a bluetooth connection since it's also a bluetooth based device… I couldn't get it done. It seems necesarry to have a wi-fi connection to control the device, so what is the bluetooth function for?

  15. The Yeelight products can work simultaneously with google home and xiaomi mi home app system? Or if you connect with one, it will be disconnected from the other system?
    Because i want to use the aqara switch to control the light bulb but also do it with google home.

  16. Is this still the only option as a xiaomi gateway for my bluetooth devices? I need a gateway but don't really need the light function.

  17. Hi, i currently have a yeelight bulb e27 base.
    Will this 2nd gen bedside lamp synchronize with the colors on my yeelight bulb?

  18. I bought one of these but when you increase the brightness the colors become really washed out?! Even after you turn the brightness back down again – it's still washed out. I have to turn it off and on again. Is this normal? Do they always do this? Do I need a firmware update? Should I return it for a refund or replacement?

  19. So if I understand correctly, I still need a gateway to be able to use a wireless switch to turn the bedside lamp on/off?

  20. Ok for accent lighting. I have the Lumiy Lightblade in my home office. The Lumiy were at my office (facebook) they're so bright.

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