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Xiaomi Table Lamp ✅ YOU NEED THIS ✅

Xiaomi Table Lamp ✅ YOU NEED THIS ✅

on this box here I have the new Xiaomi
smart lamp is the second version of this lamp and it’s involved also with
Philips so if you want to know everything about this lamp stay tuned
after the intro hi everyone welcome to madpack where we unpack your next planet
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channel so I hope to see you in the next one so like I said in the beginning of
this video I’m going to do the unboxing of the new smart lamp from Xiaomi and
it’s also developed by Philips the first one was not a big success but I think
this one is quite quite interesting so that’s why I buy this one to put here on
my office and I hope that you enjoyed this unboxing but right now let’s open
this and see what is inside the box and after we’ll talk a little bit more about
this product and also about the app and what you can expect about it so let’s
open the box I’m quite excited I have more lights they are there those lights
will be for the next video and here we have the case of the new Xiaomi smart
lamp 2 developed by philips it comes with two lamps 104 point 8 watts and the
other one 2.4 the 2.4 is just to give a little bit of light through the
background of your desk you can see here the name of this lamp that is the eye
care but let’s see what is inside with the society so the first thing that
we have here is once again the amazing manuals of Chez AMI all in Chinese it’s
normal it’s for the Chinese markets but I would like to see also in English
because even if it’s for the Chinese market we are always buying them so I
would like to see an option in English piece of carton I don’t need that also
and here we have the lamp I like the smell it smells new and here we have the
plug and that’s why they sent us the UK version so in that way I can use it once
again we can completely see that is a shyamlee product so I have many products
from them and they all looks really really premium and the build quality of
this lamp it’s it’s quite amazing so let’s connect this to the electricity
and to see if it works for real can you see this light here on the back so when
you connect this for the first time you will start blinking in his wedding that
you pair this lamp with your phone saying that’s where you’ll be able to
control this and also to see if there is any updates for this lamp you will need
an app that is calling me home so you just have to open there don’t forget to
choose the Midland China otherwise you will not find these lamps and when you
arrive in the app they will looks like this so like you can see I have already
created my living room but let’s creates now a new space that is my office so
like you can see I just have and he’s already saying to me that he
founds the land from Xiaomi and when you press that I will say to you that you
have to connect to a Rooter like you can see here’s a meth house so let’s connect
there so in this moment you can see that the light now is blinking in blue and
not in yellow because it’s now trying to synchronize with the phone like you can
see right now and that’s it is connected so now it’s going to say to me select
the device localization and like you can see here I’m just showing you guys what
I’m seeing so imagine I can I want to turn on and turn off it’s really really
simple so I just have to press on and off I can change the intensity of the
lights if you stay with your finger on top of the screen you don’t change until
you take your finger out you don’t change when I take my finger from the
screen it goes up so the reaction is quite quite good so if you have changed
any settings of the team study or adults reading you will automatically change so
if I go to the phone’s computer is bringing down as it’s reading is bring
more down teen studying stays the same I can choose power off after one minute
power off after five minutes 10 minutes 20 minutes when you go to the settings
of this lamp you have the nightlight that people recognize that during the
night obviously you will need more light than during the night you will push up
your lights you have another one that is the eye fatigue reminder that is
basically if you are for more than 14 minutes you will stop flashing to let
you know that you are for example in the computer for 40 minutes so you do a
break the last option that you have available on the bottom is the
adjustment and give light so basically when you go here you can adjust in low
mode or high mode so it will adjust more or less depending on the option that you
choose here another thing that you can do with this lamp is basically putting
some schedules mention that you are like me you always forget the time to go to
sleep basically you want to put a reminder on your lamp so you turn off
when you are going to sleep imagine that one o’clock so you want that that lamp
will turn off and you will turn off at that specific time all will turn on in
the specific time so imagine that you this lamp next to your bed when you are
starting to wake up so you can do that option with the me home when we are
looking to this lamp basically like I said to you guys you have one lamp here
of 4.8 watts the one on the back that now it’s turned off that I’ll turn on
its 2.4 it’s just to give some background illumination so it’s
something that I like if you don’t want you obviously you can turn off you can
change directly here on the settings the intensity of the light or zero to 100%
you can change also the moves on the side so when we talk about luminosity if
you are in the area of 60 centimeters you have one thousand and two hundred
Lux if you go until 90 centimeters you have 300 Lux and until one point two
meters you have 200 lux so you have a lot a lot of power with these LEDs and
something that I really like the lamps don’t gets warm so I’m grabbing it you
can feel slightly warm but it don’t burn you so that is something cool the only
code that I can find with this lamp is basically imagine that you have some
wheel acts like I have there one and I will have to assemble in this room you
are not able to have all them in the same place and we app is much much
better than a me home if you want to control some RGB lamps so you can change
the mods and everything on that app and you are not able to do with a me home so
that is a bigger disadvantage but it’s just to let you know it works quite well
build quality is amazing but there is a con you are not able to put them all
together on the Wii light you are able to put them all together on the me home
but it’s just to let you know that I would like to have all of them on the we
light because the RGB is with the Wii light is amazing question of the day
what you think about this new lamp from Cheyenne do you think that was a good
buy that I’ve done let me know in the comments below before you go don’t
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and like I said in all my videos you already know the answer I see you in the
next one so like I said in the beginning so like I said in the beginning
beginning so is this thing come on

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