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Wish List Items for House & Garden, Appliances, Tech, Food Prep etc.. Men & Women, Awesome over 50

Wish List Items for House & Garden, Appliances, Tech, Food Prep etc.. Men & Women, Awesome over 50

Hey awesome ones, Heather here. Today this
is part two of our Home Show, well we’ve got the bucket list and part one if
you saw it…that was on gizmos and gadgets…this is on the bucket list. And
as you can see right here I’m in front of patio furniture which really isn’t
like patio furniture anymore it’s more like living room furniture. So let’s get
going in the bucket list and wishlist part of this Home Show and it all starts
in just a few seconds. So they even built a home within the
home show. Here I am at this…now if you’re downsizing and you’re coming from
a big home this would be an amazing sort of thing to get some inspiration. As you
can see the little outdoor area and also the fake grass. Some of us don’t
want to mow grass anymore. So talking about fake grass. What do you
want? You want putting grass…you want grass that looks like it’s a little
bit longer and no watering no sunlight and no burnt areas. And here’s the ultimate for
this small space and the fake grass what about your own little putting green. So
here I go. Yeah!!!! Oh I’m here with James. Hi James.
I found the Vitamix booth. I just love my Vitamix and you’re gonna show us
how to do some ice cream in a minute. I just found this sign here and
it’s a whole food juicer, peanut butter maker, ice cream maker, hot soup maker,
a food processor, stick blender, blender, ice crusher, meat grinder, hand mixer
cheese grater and a chopper. I just have to tell you it’s absolutely
fabulous. So if you don’t have this on your wish list or your bucket list you
might want to get it because it’s a lifetime guarantee too right? Ten years. Yes and I
think I’ve had mine for five years and it’s just fabulous. You don’t smell that
burning out and even if you do it automatically shuts off. Correct. It’s
okay let’s see James make some ice cream for us. I’m gonna make a strawberry
banana ice cream for you and there’s so many different ways, just like using your
Vitamix for green smoothies or fruit smoothies, the ice cream you could make
it as healthy as you want or as rich and decadent as you want. So all you have to
have to make any frozen dessert in your Vitamix blender is three parts anything
frozen and one part anything non frozen. So that could be as simple as a cup of
yogurt and three cups of your favorite frozen fruit. It could be a cup of juice
and three cups of ice. If you like to drink, a cup of Baileys Irish cream and
three cups of frozen bananas. Ooh I like the sound of that one. Exactly… what did you put in first?
Agave syrup. I use agave syrup as a natural sweetener because I’m gonna use
ice as my frozen portion for demonstration, but I like to throw
vegetables in here. We talked about eating healthy all throughout life.
Everyone loves eating ice cream, not so much on the vegetables, but if I can make
vegetables tastes like ice cream, you’d be more willing to have them right? What I’m
gonna do…I’m gonna blend this part for you first just cuz you’re asking about
learning how to do this. You don’t have to do this step at home but it does help
with the teaching process. See the liquid portion right and now
we’re gonna add in our frozen. Some frozen strawberries here. That’s
what I do I used my frozen fruit. Frozen fruit works absolutely amazing with this.
So we load this up. Top that off. Pop the lid on so you can see that ratio right.
So mostly a little bit of liquid or your fresh. Mostly frozen. Now on the new
Vitamix machine we have here this is our A-3500 model. It’s got an all digital
touch screen that has five presets on it. So I don’t even have to learn how to
make the ice cream. I just push the frozen dessert timer and it moves the
setting there and all we’re gonna do is use the tamper tool. Always use this with
the lid on…it’ll never touch the blades. If you have an air pocket just keep damping. So that’s where you see these little
four formed items. Yes so what I hear is what you’re supposed to be listening for
is the Gir? Correct. and also if Bill can see at the top here there’s like four
formed frozen…I don’t know what you call… the mountains. When you see those four
mounds it lets you know that it’s not just the smoothie and you can impress
your friends because you’ve made ice cream in under a minute.
I’m impressed. And also remember in these beautiful ice creams that James has made,
there’s tomatoes and carrots in this. So let me check it out. He doesn’t
have a spoon so I’ve got to lick it like an ice cream cone. So all right. Oh my goodness that’s
really good. It’s lovely. Well James thank you so much. I
really appreciate it. I’m glad we found him here at the Home Show because this
is one that I really wanted to promote to you guys. I’m here with John. John is from
CAS…Canadian Appliance Source and I have found a great wishlist…bucket list item
and it is it’s a refrigerator. Come on Heather it’s a refrigerator. No it’s way
more than a refrigerator and right now will you show me how we can get
recipes on a refrigerator. This is the Samsung called the family hub. Features
multiple different applications and categories and one of them is called…the
application it’s called…All Recipes. So in here known as a website
it’s a mobile app version of the website you have more than 10,000 different
recipes that you can follow straight from your fridge. So you know don’t
use a cooking book on your counter, just go straight to it. You can do
advanced search. So specific ingredients you want or you don’t want. You might be
allergic or have food restrictions and when you hit…go…you can have your
personalized recipes that you want and you also said that Spotify works with
this. Spotify you’ve got to use either your phone or a tablet to
sign in and then you can send your playlist on the fridge. The fridge also
has built-in speakers as well. Wow, alright and so can you show us what
this fridge has inside it. Yeah so the fridge has two doors on the top. This is
your fridge section. Bottom right is a convertible segment so you can either
choose it to be a fridge or a freezer. And the bottom left is a freezer. So as you
know most Canadian will have the secondary freezer somewhere so
you can have it 75 % fridge if you want. Okay so close up the fridge and
show me what’s on the inside of this fridge. So you can understand what’s
gonna happen here. On the flap there’s actually three built-in cameras so every
single time you pull the door it takes a picture. And when you click on view
inside you can see what is inside without having to open the doors. And also from
your phone even if you’re outside of your house. You can do shopping lists and
everything. Really right now it’s taking away from all those magnets
where you have your shopping list and this and that
and you could even sinc it. I can even sink it with Bill so I can sort of say
here’s the grocery list. Your agenda, your calendars your
appointments you name it. You can share pictures you can share drawings, you
could use a whiteboard app kind of similar to what we had back in the day.
Yah yeah its digitized. All right so definitely on your bucket
list. Thank you so much John. I’m so glad we found this because I’ve been
wondering about these as well. So the one thing I do miss from our old
home is that we had a pool but you can get these mini
kind of Hot Tub pools. I really think that…I don’t know Bill, maybe we need a
bigger home and I want to get one of these babies because I love them. So as you can see you can also get the
rushing water and swim against it. You don’t need the length of a pool you just
need something like this. Isn’t that awesome. Wish list time! Okay so I got really really tired and
I’m gonna go to sleep now. No just kidding. I have found the tempur-pedic
beds and this is one of the king-size ones and as you can see both sides go up
and down. And even your feet go up and down. It’s just absolutely incredible and
something like this is definitely bucket list and there goes my
feet, I’m loving it. Something like this is definitely wishlist bucket list. It’s
probably gonna run you about ten thousand dollars but hey you sleep a
third of your life away. And as you get older…I guess I know myself I have
heartburn, sometimes I want to watch some TV, maybe a Late Show or something like
that and back problems it helps and this being the tempur-pedic you know that
it’s kind of got that memory foam that really helps. And if I want to be up like
this and Bill wants to be down like that it’s fantastic. So just wanted to show
this to you guys. It’s a tempur-pedic and you get the little remote. I can’t go
to sleep right now I got more wish lists to show you so let’s go. All right so if you saw the video with
Bill…what I’m gonna do is put it up there…where he is charcoal barbecuing
and teaching everybody how to charcoal barbecue. This is on our wish list, our
bucket list and it’s called the green egg. I’m here with Tim. Tim’s going to
tell you a little bit about this…now you cannot buy this online you actually have
to go to a Big Green Egg authorized dealer, but let’s just show them what we
have here. Thank you very much. This is an extra-large big green egg. The big green
egg is available in seven sizes so it can be purchased to augment anybody’s leisure
living lifestyle. If you’re cooking for one or you’re cooking for twenty there’s
a big green egg to match your lifestyle. This is the extra-large big green egg.
Big Green Egg is a ceramic kimono style cooker. I can bake in here. I can grill in
here. I can roast in here. It’s like built-in convection, built in
rotisserie. It’s an amazing cooker to augment your leisure living lifestyle.
You spend all this money on your backyard. If you’re into patio furniture
enjoying your leisure living this just takes it to the whole next level. The
moisture retention in your food is absolutely spectacular because the
charcoal is heating a ceramic object, it’s pushing and radiating all those heat
waves back into your food. No need to spin i,t no need to turn it. It works 365
days a year in any weather. You control the air flow on the top and the bottom
and that’ll control my cooking temperature from 200 to 700 degrees. I
can go low and slow with with some wood chips and smoke for up to 24 hours on
one little load of charcoal or I can sear you a steak in four minutes at 700
degrees. It’s really easy to work with. It works on natural
lump charcoal. You light it with a compressed paper fire stick or an
electric lighter. You’ll be cooking in eight to ten minutes. When you’re all
done you shut the top and bottom vents the fire goes out. That’s gonna save your
charcoal for the next cook. No need to clean it. It’s self cleaning. Clean the
outside with a gentle cleaner. It’s all ceramic. It can never wear out. Comes to the
original consumer with a lifetime guarantee. Available in 47 countries
around the world. Bill guess what? This has already been on our wish list but I
think it’s getting closer to the top now. So what about cook tops and stoves?
I’m absolutely digging this retro one. Isn’t that awesome! So Bill and I used to have a pool table
before we downsize and Bill here’s the answer to all of our problems. It’s a
pool table with a dining room table on top of it. So yeah that’s an awesome find.
I like that one. And Bill, another wish list. We better get out of here fast. Look at these wine fridges and they’re
just absolutely beautiful. Separate degrees for white wine or also
red wine and who needs a wine cellar when you have something as beautiful as
this. Bill we’ve got to buy more wine! So what’s going to a Home Show without
looking at the brand-new TVs right Bill. Bills favorite place. I usually lose him
for about an hour, but take a look I don’t know if you can tell with our
video but take a look at the quality of these TV’s. Now believe it or not in our old house
we had a pool with a rock fountain waterfall. Just like this and I just
wanted to show it on this video as well because absolutely beautiful and very
tranquil. If you want to put it on your wish list. So you can see it’s really
dark outside. So let’s head home and let’s go see little Hurricane. So here I
am back at home with little Hurricane. Hurricane really really missed us. Yes I
know you did. I know now. Okay okay you can stop right now…..oh my gosh that home show…
My feet hurt. Alright but you know whether we’re gone for two
minutes or two hours or whatever, this dog is just like full of so many
kisses. So but anyway yeah I should have got one of those feet massager things,
but oh and by the way if you missed part one…where I did have like you know a
neck massager and a lot of gizmos and gadgets. I’m gonna put the link up there
for you. Hurricane’s still giving us kisses. It’s okay I’m home. I’ll be home for a while, but yeah so I’ll put
that up there and weren’t there a lot of interesting like wish list and bucket
list items? We will put links to some of the stores below us. So if you’re
interested in that big green egg or some of the technology items that we saw
you’ll see some links for them right down there. Now
when Hurricane comes on the scene we’re usually talking about what’s coming up
on new videos. And so what’s coming up in new videos is I’m going to do Olay
Covergirl……… Simply Ageless makeup review. And do you
think that’ll be good Hurricane? I think it will. And they say simply
ageless but are they simply ageless? Also I’m gonna have another
giveaway draw in that one. So that’s going to be exciting. I have
a little surprise in that video on Friday. I did an Oil of Olay video back
in 1984. I’ll tell you all about it. I’ll also tell you where you can find it
on YouTube and you can take a look at me. Go back a little bit in memory lane and
take a look at that. In some of the beauty videos coming up I’m going to
do a beauty video on waterproof makeup and sunscreen makeup. And so that’s great
for fun in the sun. So until we meet again….you know keep on dreaming. It’s so
important whether it’s for a materialistic type of thing or even just
for a new endeavor. You know you’re never too old to dream. So keep dreaming, keep
it awesome and we’ll see you later.

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