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Why Lamps!?

Why Lamps!?

Hey guys So let me start of this video by
saying we recently reached a goal that seven years ago I never even thought was
possible (for me, at least) and this goal just so happens to be- Drum roll please Hello? I can’t give you a drum roll if you have the drumsticks Yeah but that’s for dessert I want the drumroll I only have the sticks for the drum; you have the drumroll sticks Taste like bad pun We just reached 10 million subscribers!
(Party horns) What? No Well who’s going to clean this up? Oh, it was just editing Anyway on a serious
note, thank you guys so much I know I used to make a thank you video after every
one million subscribers and I haven’t made one since the six million subscriber video But the reason for that is because those videos never get many views, so I figured
you guys don’t like to watch them because they’re not that interesting, but it doesn’t mean that I’m any less grateful for all the love and support that you guys show me And I know I always say I have the best fans
in the world but the more I think about it, you guys are more than just fans to me, you’re- you’re lamps Don’t get me wrong having
fans are awesome they make you feel like you’re well, cool The thing is fans come and go When you’re
the new hottest thing, they’re fanning all over you But once you go cold they find the next hot thing to fan Lamp are more than that, they’re like friends Even when you’re not the hot topic and you go completely cold, lamps never leave you In fact, when you’re cold, they actually give you warmth And no matter what shape or size, I don’t need to know what they look like, I know that when I hit
that switch, lamps are gonna be there for me in my
darkest times (High pitched voice)
Amen to that Ryan! (Gasps, shrieks) (Lamp crashes to the floor)
Oh my God, Little Lamp! (Little Lamp groans) Little Lamp, I didn’t know it was you, I didn’t know (Weakly)
I landed… right on my bulbs You- your what? My bulbs Wha- balls? My bulb! Oh, your bulb! Listen to me, Ryan What is it, Little Lamp? I want you to forget about me, move on find another lamp I can’t do that Little Lamp, you- you’ve always been my Little Lamp There’s a lot of other lamps in the sea They won’t work they’re gonna be all wet Just remember one thing What is it? Fi- five Five what? Five- five second rule What? The drumstick, it’s stil good… (Faded)
No, no! Little Lamp, Little Lamp! (Dinging noise, uplifting music plays) (Coins bleeping) (Bird tweeting, squawks) (Fireworks whistling) (Unicorn twinkling) (Little Lamp, quietly)
Hi! (Unicorn neighs) (Ryan moans in pain, Lamp cries) (Mouthing)
“Little Lamp! (Mouthing)
Bad lamp! (Little Lamp inhales sharply) (Whispering)
Little Lamp Am- am I burnt out? No, you’re fine, everything’s gonna be all light now Oh, wow Yeah, apparently I just have to change your bulb every now and then I didn’t- I mean who woulda… (Little Lamp)
Hey Do you- do you still have that drumstick from earlier? (Laughing)
We can get all the drumsticks you want, buddy I haven’t a drumstick in so long, the chocolate (With the scone)
Come on, let’s get outta here so much sprinkles- (Little Lamp breaks, Ryan gasps)

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  1. i cried for the lamp .. its just a lamp, but "You're not just fans, you're lamps!" <3 we love you ryan!

  2. he's now reached double that amount. thanks for all the laughs ryan. you mean a lot to each and every one of us <3

  3. Im rewatching all his videos because it's been awhile since i have seen the old ones and they are all still amazing and so creative. still one of my favorite youtubers ever. <3

  4. Remember that one smosh christmas special video where ryan legalized lamp marriage and they were all humping lamps……?

  5. The reason why he didn't think he would ever hit 10mil subs when he started is because there weren't even 10mil people watching YouTube.

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