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What to look for in patio stone work | Texas Best Fence and Stain

What to look for in patio stone work | Texas Best Fence and Stain

(upbeat instrumental music) – I like to see structure. Structure doesn’t always
have to be the stone cut with straight lines, it
can be still more natural with curves and everything
but I like to see the mortar joints to be consistent at you know say a half inch to one inch. You see a lot of these guys
that are wanting to go fast, they get jobs done in two or three days and it looks like somebody
had taken a giant thing of caulking or toothpaste and
put all the stone together. Where you’ve got three to four inch gaps of mortar and then you have your stone. The stones should be the highlight and the mortar should just be an accent, a border, it shouldn’t
take over the stone project so that’s probably the number one thing cosmetically that I see. Structurally I see a lot of folks that aren’t putting in rebar
in concrete underneath it and so structurally you’ll
have problems over time with ground movement in Texas. We have caliche soil, we have clay, we have in some areas silt, sandy loam. You really have to know the soil to know what you’re able to do and as far as drainage
and if it’s gonna swell, is it going to contract and so it’s, to me it’s important to make sure that on a lot of these
patios that you have a very nice rebar and concrete base. (upbeat instrumental music)

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