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What Is True Love? – Joyce Meyer // Enjoying Everyday Life

What Is True Love? – Joyce Meyer // Enjoying Everyday Life

you know we often think we need somebody
to love us but really what we need is somebody to love and everybody can find
them there’s nobody in the whole world that can’t find somebody to love because
the whole world is desperate to be loved now you’re looking at me kind of like
hmm wonder where this is going so let me just tell you something I wrote a book
two three years ago when it was called the love revolution and this is the
worst selling book I ever wrote I mean the sales were bad I mean really bad and
the most we’ve ever sold in any conference is 112 they told me tonight
and so when you have you know seven eight nine ten thousand people in a
building that’s just not really very impressive and you say well that must
really be a bad book why are you telling me about it well because it didn’t not
sell because it’s bad it didn’t sell because people frankly don’t think that
this is an important message are they think they already know all about love
but really if we did if we really if every believer if everyone who considers
himself to be a follower of Christ was really out in their part of the world
walking in love I would venture to say that most of the world would already be
saved and we absolutely would not have the mess in our society that we have
today many people they are interested in what the answer is to our dilemma in the
world and from a spiritual standpoint I believe that the answer to that dilemma
is really getting out in society and representing Christ not just having a
bunch of dead dry religion but really having the character of God developed in
our life walking in the fruit of the Spirit if the Bible says there’s no law
that can come against the fruit of the Spirit you see when we walk in love it’s
it’s impossible for people to really find anything wrong with you they may
try for a period of time but love will melt the hardest coldest part but it has
to be real love so I’m calling this tonight what is true love you know
there’s magazines true love true romance so I guess if there’s true love then
there must be an untrue love and if there’s true romance there must be an
untrue romance so the kind of love that is no good is the kind we talk about
that has no action to it at all it’s just a conversation it’s just a sermon
but when it comes down to really putting it to work in our daily lives then we
back off from that so you know what I’m just mad at the devil and so I’m just
gonna preach on love until people either get so tired of hearing me preach on it
but they will do it because you know it really is pitiful
how much we talk about love and church [Music]
and really how little of it there actually is I mean you know we may get
together in church and hug each other and say I love you with the love of the
Lord I tell you sister I just love you to
death like please don’t love me to death I’m trying to live thank you
I tell you sister I just love you to death we just say some of the goofiest
things well where were you when I needed a babysitter where were you when I
needed somebody to help me move where were you when somebody else was trying
to run my reputation and you could have talked up for me and said no you’re not
right about that come on I’m glad that you love me with the love of the Lord
but whatever that is you know I mean if we really loved each other with the love
of the Lord the kind of love that Jesus loved with oh my gosh I mean if the
church was that loving you couldn’t get all the people in and I have found out
and discovered that the only way that I can walk in love is to do it on purpose
I can’t wait to feel like it I can’t wait to want to I can’t wait to think
it’s fair and I have to study it study it study it study it keep it in front of
me all the time because our flesh is inherently selfish and self-centered and
we have to start a war with selfishness and say I am NOT gonna live a life where
I am the only person in it [Applause]
[Music] the Bible says that love is the most
excellent thing that we can do let’s look at first Corinthians 1231
I see I know a lot of it came tonight think I’m hoping I would solve your
problem well I am this is the answer to all of our problems because here’s what
happens let me tell you God’s formula for solving problems you have a problem
you can’t help yourself however at the same time you cannot help yourself God
will enable you to reach out and help somebody else now
when you reach out and help somebody else you’re sowing a seed now God can
bring a harvest in your life and you should just aggravate me that I couldn’t
help myself but I can help somebody else and then finally I saw it that’s what
God wants us to do we’re not called to inReach we’re called to outreach we’re
not supposed to reach in and fix ourselves or reach in and bless
ourselves we’re supposed to do what forget yourself lose sight of yourself
get yourself off your mind and live every day of your life
to make somebody else happy starting at home uh-oh
starting at home hallelujah you know if I if I drank all my water and said would
somebody here be willing to get me a glass of water I mean there would be 500
people both for the drinking fountain to bring me a glass of water you would
think that was the coolest thing ever I gave you some water
but if your husband asked you at home for a glass of water what do you think I
am the slave get your water [Applause]
why is it that we’re willing to do as a ministry well
[Music] [Applause]
I’m gonna tell you something I’m not saying anything to you
that God hasn’t made me eat I mean I didn’t go by sermon book and get my
messages I’ve had to live this and I don’t preach anything that I haven’t
lived and that I don’t know for sure works and I’m telling you if you want to
be happy forget about yourself and start living to make somebody else happy amen
so here’s my question tonight are we able are we willing to even ask God to
teach us how to love the way he loves because if we love the way God loves
that means that we’re gonna love when there’s nothing in it for us hi
everybody we’re gonna love when there’s nothing in it for us when it’s just an
all giving out and I can tell you from experience I know that it will win
people to Christ and it will win some of the hardest people to Christ that you
can imagine I’m sure if you watch my TV program much you’ve heard my story about
my dad sexually abused me for many many many
many years my mother knew what was happening she just was a very fearful
woman who didn’t know how to deal with him and so she just let it happen and so
I was abused and abandoned later on many years later after I thought that I had
totally forgiven God put it in my heart that as they were getting older that I
needed to buy them a better house to live in take really good care of them
until they died well that was the last thing in the world I wanted to do
because the first thing that I said to God is well what they ever do for me he
said well you’re breathing aren’t you so the point is is God wants us to be good
to people who haven’t done anything for us because that is the best way in the
world that you can do spiritual warfare and keep the devil under your feet love
is the highest form of spiritual warfare if we think that we’re doing something
smart to stay mad at somebody and try to get revenge on them it’s the absolute
worst thing that we can do for our own selves it poisons our lives when we do
that and it’s all based on feelings well I figured I figured I think you left yet
I feel I feel like I can tell you I didn’t feel like buying my mom and dad
house and I started out trying to buy a cheap house and God said no you’re gonna
buy a nice house and it’s not like we just had a bunch of
money laying around to go buy people houses it was gonna take everything that
we had and so I thought well surely Dave would tell me no that was gonna be my
out and he looked at me and said well do you think it’s God you better obey and I
was like I don’t want to obey it fast forward the story to the end took three
years taken into the doctors making sure the bills all got paid maybe sure the
grass got cut making sure somebody got the groceries taking him to the doctor
on and on and on finally one morning my dad my mother said your dad’s been
crying all week he wants you to come over and wants to tell you something all
these years my father had never apologized to me never even admitted
what he did and on that day with tears he said I’m so sorry for what I did to
you when you were kid he asked if we would pray with him he received Christ
we baptized him 10 days later and I always say this I thought I was
buying a house but actually I was buying a soul and I don’t mean that in the
wrong way we know that Christ paid for our salvation but you know sometimes
well let’s put it like this one of the main reasons why people don’t walk in
love is because love is an effort and it will always now get this it will always
cost you something if it’s real love it’s always gonna cost something it’s
gonna cost some time some effort even to not start a fight in your home it’s
gonna cost you some pride you’re gonna have to be willing to swallow your pride
and let somebody else think they’re right when you’re pretty sure you’re
right but you don’t think it’s worth starting a fight over because you know
that God has said to keep the peace and it’s not that you become a doormat love
doesn’t mean that you just let everybody walk all over you and you let everybody
push you around but here’s what it does mean you confront when God shows you to
confront and you wait on him when he tells you to wait on him

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