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  1. at 0:43 I don't follow you anymore because then you start to mix tiers and layers. Layers describe logical groupings in a static view while tiers describe physical groupings in a runtime view – or physical distribution of various software packages. So layers is logical separation and tiers physical separations. This means that a 5 layer software package can end up as one tier.

  2. There are more tiers.

    For example, in JEE there is a presentation tier (for servlets and JSP), and client tier is the browser(and JSP as well I think)

  3. I have a question my existing project is about ordering and delivery management. The system combines w/ customer app for ordering, driver app for delivery task, GPS tracking using arduino that sends data to main server (SMS/Web control), and the main website that monitors the order, delivery and tracking. What is the best n-tier architecture setup for this?

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