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What is composite decking? | Texas Best Fence And Patio

What is composite decking? | Texas Best Fence And Patio

(bright music) – So composite decking is
a mix of recycled plastic and also wood fibers. The advantages of a composite decking that will have a product
that will last a long time. So, there’s, you know,
of the different decking that’s available to you,
just like a gravel deck, you could do flagstone,
you could do cedar, pressure treat it and then also composite as far as if you want
to have the wood look. Another avenue that you can go down is stamped and stained concrete which is really cool as well because you could put a wood look out there. There’s two types of composite, one that has a nice cap around it that won’t fade and then
there’s an inexpensive entry level composite decking that doesn’t have that cap and that
will typically fade out over the next three to four years. It still looks good, it’s
still gonna last a long time, but it doesn’t look brand new. It doesn’t look as good as some of the superior composite
deckings out there. But honestly, that’s
our favorite thing to do is to go with the
composite deck, flagstone or stamped and stained. It’s going to last
longer, but it all depends on what your budget is.

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