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What Does Frugal Look Like?  Original 1963 Old MOBILE HOME TOUR

What Does Frugal Look Like? Original 1963 Old MOBILE HOME TOUR

hi everybody and welcome to my home come
on in and I’m gonna share with you a Christmas tour welcome everyone welcome
to my 1963 double-wide Ridgway mobile home and today I’m gonna share with you
all of the things about my mobile home and why I love it so much
today is a Christmas tour I’m finally finished with all of my Christmas
decorations and I thought you would enjoy seeing what all I’ve done but
first let me show you a little bit about my mobile home as you see my kitchen all
of my cupboards are original these are original 1963 cupboards everything in my
kitchen is original except for the refrigerator and the stove but all the
parts of my mobile home are original even the windows most of my windows are
original except for two so here you go everyone is my home I’ve been here nine
years then when we first bought this place it was almost condemned no one had
lived in it for quite a while let me tell you it was a mess but we saw
potential in this place and I’m so happy that we bought it because I found my
home here we cook on a propane stove and yes we do
have electricity but I choose not to use that much of it to save on our electric
bill this little bar area this is also
original I cannot believe it lasted this long the walls in our home are original
as well it’s the original paneling and it is made with real wood nowadays they
don’t use the real wood but this paneling is real wood so let’s walk into
my little living room I’m not sure what you want to call it but this is where we
have our kitchen table you’re gonna find that 99% of everything in my home was
other people’s castaways or family heirlooms table here is an heirloom it’s
been in my husband’s family for many generations the chairs were given to me
by a neighbor but the table is beautiful it can seat up to 40 people and have
lots of the eaves that can be put into this table this table was homemade at
one time by an Amish man but it’s been in our family for so long now i’ma show
what else I had as if you watch my videos and listen to grandma Fanny’s
diary this was grandma Fanny’s rocking chair and many many days I sat in this
rocking chair when I was pregnant with my children I would sit in this rocking
chair while Fanny would read me stories and tell me about her life as a young
mother I loved Fanny’s cookbooks and I would sit for days on end and I would
read her cookbooks like a novel while she told me stories about her life this
rocking chair will stay in our family forever
because I grew up with family that was very plain I didn’t have a whole lot
from my side of the family as you know I’m adopted but my adopted side of the
family there really wasn’t a whole lot as far as the generations before me but
as you looking right here on this chest it was my grandpa’s and that was my
adopted mom’s father this was at an estate sale and I was so happy to be
able to get it the story of this little chest is
something quite unique for you see I was so looking forward to
going to the family estate but that was the day I went into labor
with my middle child I couldn’t go money was tight and so I told my mama if she
could find me something that was relatively cheap to get it for me
my grandma Brubaker cell went really high priced everything was so expensive
but at the very end of the sale there was this chest and it only brought
ten dollars and I knew that this little chest was made just for me one thing I
love about mobile home living it’s it’s a very cheap way of living a very frugal
way of living and did my videos I want to share with you how you can have a
home that’s really old a home that’s not have much worth in value but yet you can
turn it into something that you can just find so much joy and happiness and
contentment with I love my home my home reflects me no matter if it’s a mobile
home or a home make your home reflect you you and here’s our family room this is where
we spend our evenings we have a cathedral ceiling in our double-wide and
so this one big room and what you see is half of it the other half is this the
other half is where I have my computer desk and my husband has his and then we
have an old sofa in the center I’m not working at my computer desk and when I’m
not working on homestead chores this is where you’ll find me this is my little
sofa and this is where I like to do all of my reading and I like to do all of my
commenting on my videos I spent a lot of my time sitting here because this is
where it’s most comfortable and commenting all of you back sometimes it
takes me three hours to comment everybody and I just enjoy it so much
because I get to look into your life while you look into mine and I just am
so thankful for it so this is our family room when we don’t need a lot of heat in
our house we don’t run or pellet stove so we just run this little heater here
and I just love it it does look like a real flame but behind us is our pellet
stove and that can make our house really nice and warm and so we run that in the
dead of winter when it’s just so cold out it is my china closet and this is
where I hold all of my family heirlooms everything inside it is a family
heirloom from my family from my husband’s family these are things that I
cherish everything is in there everything that you could think of as to
my adoption records and all kinds of things that really are sentimental to me
in my home is sentimental value to me everything you see I can tell you the
story about it all of the pictures that you find on the walls they were actually
puzzles that my mom and my dad put together for many years and they have
given it to me everything you see has a memory poem is one big memory and I
enjoy it because I’m a very sentimental person and so as you look around
everything that I have is a story is a memory of my life you all right so this is pantry number one a
lot of people ask me why is it so dark well it’s supposed to be dark it’s a
pantry pantries aren’t supposed to be kept dark that is some homemade soap
which you’re going to see this week this is an unheated pantry but it does not
freeze because we do have a very old oil furnace and the oil furnace heats our
bath water or bathroom but the rest of the water we heat on the stove the dry
cupboard that you’re seeing right there is also a family heirloom that’s been in
my husband’s family for generations the baskets are all given to me or I
found free or I got in for like 25 cents or 30 cents nothing in my home is
expensive everything was given to me or things that I found it so there is my
cupboard so there is pantry number one pantry number two is my main pantry this
is where all of the food that I home can are year around and so this is a
rotating grocery store for us this is what we live off of all of the comforts that you see were
given to me converted this old bedroom into this pantry I have lots of dried
goods and also canned goods in there a little bit of everything as you can see
I also like to keep a stock of all kinds of herbs and all kinds of essential oils
and things that can be used for medicine and here is our bedroom and let me tell
you a little bit about a bed and furniture our bedroom furniture is also
airing from the family and this was the furniture of grandma Fanny’s parents so
I treasure this furniture the clock and everything came from Grandma Fanny’s
parents I’m sure I cherish so much this was grandma Fanny’s husband’s
parents this was their wedding gift and it was from 1892 this is authentic
there is nothing changed with it there is it hasn’t even been resurfaced or
anything this is their furniture that was given to them with that came these
two chairs and the end table in the center was my mother-in-law’s but I
cherish this bedroom furniture as you can tell what the furniture came the
Bible and this Bible is also from the 1800s and there that’s me that’s a
picture of me I’ll Pan the camera back and show you the last piece of furniture
in this set so there it is and here’s your tiny little bathroom
it’s just perfect for two people and like always it is the original in 1963
little modular bathroom thank you guys so much for watching this video I hope I
brought a little happiness into your home and I also hope that you enjoyed
seeing a little more about me and a little more about my home and why I love
it so much all the inside of my house but what about the outside now I’m going
to share with you a tour of the outside of my property

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  1. Tessie I stumbled across this video tonight and I’m so tickled that I did!!! Your home is lovely, so warm and inviting, I love it!! If I may caution you Honey about stacking your canning jars on top on another, that’s a big no no. If the seal breaks having another jar on top can cause it to reseal and you won’t know. Also you should remove your canning rings before storing for the same reason. Of course this doesn’t apply to dry goods stored in jars. When I saw your pantry, I thought oh my this young lady has been busy and her family will eat well this winter. I can’t wait to watch the rest of your videos, thank you so much for posting them!! This is going to be so much fun!!

  2. Absolutely beautiful. You’ve made your home so cozy and relaxing and full of treasures. It’s shows love. I love heirloom as well. I too have many. They bring back memories that warm the heart. Have a very Merry Christmas to you and your family 🎄. Thank you for sharing

  3. So is it cheaper to cook with propane rather than with electricity, because it seems like you're just swapping the money you would be spending on electricity and spending it on propane instead.

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  5. I enjoy watching your videos, and your home is lovely….so inviting and cozy! I also live in a mobile home. While strolling through your bedroom and looking at the picture of you in that frame, it was the first time I'd ever seen another frame like mine. Our shoes were the same except, mine had been passed down from my two older sisters, so the were all crinkly and had seen much use…just gave them so much character lol!

  6. Anyone can have a house but you have a home and it seems like it is filled with so much love. Ya'll have done a beautiful job working on it. You have everything placed so beautifully. God Bless you and your family 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  7. You have a very pretty and warm looking home.I live in a double wide noble home and I love it.I have lived in it for 23 years.

  8. What a wonderful house! I hope you live farther south than I do (Minnesota). I can't believe how strong of a structure your house is…Did you ever think maybe the Lord has you putting this video out to teach others how to get thru the economic downturn just ahead?!!

  9. Thank you for sharing your cozy home. I am like you in that I treasure things that are passed on by family. My husband and I lived in a mobile home for a couple of years and I loved it. Your home is who you share your life with not about the new and latest designs. Thanks again.


  11. It’s nice to see your beautiful home and you. A lot of people have to have the big fancy homes and cars and live in debt up over their heads. I surely appreciate your decor. I have to say I am scared of the open flame candles and lamps. I fear fire 🔥 worse then anything. I was staying the night at my friends home when we were 13, the house caught fire in the middle of the night. I was woke up by hearing sirens! I jumped up and flames were coming from the kitchen, I ran and was screaming to get people up and out of the house. We barely made it out, but we did….😢

  12. "Nothing in my home is expensive". You are right my friend, everything in your home is priceless. What a beautiful, comfy home you have made. Absolutely beautiful!

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  21. You are such a humble and grateful person 😊 if you would like to see into my world, feel free to visit my Instagram @ Simply_Patti I don’t have content on my YouTube channel yet; it’s my New Year’s Resolution!

  22. Obviously you're not afraid of work!! Love your home, pantry, and property! We owned a 50's Flamingo 8 x 48 trailer in the early 70's. I loved that trailer. I often say I wish we had just lived in it all these years. 😀. It was really all we needed.

  23. Yes a beautiful low cost home… everyone should do this… then most people would be out of debt… just a cute cozy warm house… yes I have a mobile home also and I love the savings…😊

  24. Your home looks so cozy. It reminds me of my Aunt Muriel and Uncle Leonard's trailer back in the 60s. They used to decorate it from one end to the other with Christmas decorations!

  25. Who are the 49 people that gave this a thumbs down? What a beautiful and dignified lady with a beautiful heart-filled home. And I feel very humbled, thinking about how I should be more grateful and happy with the wonderful home I have.

  26. I had no idea that mobile homes came in a double wide in the sixties. I don't remember seeing one until the mid seventies when a family member bought one.

  27. Hello from San Antonio,Texas! What a comfortable home! I was raised in a 1958 8'X45' "American" mobile home 1958 until 1967. Our mobile home was moved all over the U.S.(dad was USCG)and our home ended up remaining on Annette Island in Alaska.We loved our mobile home & what was great ….. we had our home that we were familiar with in many different states.Today I enjoying looking at old photographs of my childhood home.

  28. Wow. Amazing what love does. I can tell you love your dwelling space. This is a warm, organized, homey, inviting home. What a gift you have. I would feel comfortable and nurtured in your home.😻

  29. I love older mobile homes, they just don't make them like that anymore. Enjoyed your video and antique heirlooms. I have a double wide
    and a single wide for a family member, just can't get enough of them…

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    Happy Holiday's and may you enjoy the fruits of your labor for many year's to come.

  34. Miss Tessie, you said nothing in your home is expensive, well, my eyes see that it is filled with treasure. I love that you love your belongings and they obviously bring you so much pride and happiness. Thanks for sharing!

  35. Love your cozy home. Nice pieces of furniture, decorating too. Thank you for this video, will be watching more of them.❤❤❤

  36. Everything in your home is so beautiful and homey, I can tell you really cherish and love this home and the things in it, if everyone would be so appreciative of their homes and care for them it would be great!, its just lovely!

  37. My pantry is our grocery store. I loved that comment. It is wonderful that you are able to see the potential of older furniture,baskets,etc. It is lovely to see how proud you are of your home. Thank you for the tour.

  38. I have a 95% all original early 60s mobile home even with the original doors that open I do have a little kitchen island that separates the living room and kitchen my home is only a 12 by 35 ft mobile home I even had the original hand crank windows and the original bubblegum pink sinks and bathtub LOL I have built-in dresser drawers and sliding wood closet doors in the bedroom the original desk still has the gold trim edging my kitchens all original including the counter and the back boards and the pink sink all original 1960s only thing that ain't original is my refrigerator in my oven I to have a little kitchen island that separates the living room and kitchen I love these old mobile homes they're so well-built and if you get one that's in good shape they last forever

  39. Fabulous. I love it when people reuse, refurbish, recycle, and rethink new ways of using older things. Sometimes the old ways are best. They got to be old because they work!!!! Great job in reminding us you don’t have to have a ton of money to be rich. 😉

  40. Cute country home! Warm and cozy. Just be careful with all those oil lamps and candles I have seen so many mobile homes go up in flames in a matter of seconds. I hope you have updated smoke detectors and corbon monoxide detectors. Sorry to put the scary comments in there I feel like Debbie Downer. I did enjoy the home tour I love the land the home sits on not in some over crowded mobile home park. Nice channel by the way.

  41. Very nice Home! My husband is nearing retirement age, we have decided that once he retires that we most likely will buy a Mobile Home.

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