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What Does an Architectural Technologist Do?

What Does an Architectural Technologist Do?

MARIA PAVLOU: A lot of students
when I first started– the first year that I was
here at George Brown, I sort of thought that
architectural technology meant they were going to become
an architect but that’s not the case and the technology
part of that program is the main thing. So yes you’re working
with a team of architects. Absolutely you have a little bit
a choice and say in design but it’s mainly just you are the one
that’s in charge of figuring out how we’re putting this
building together and anything technical related. [music] PIETRO FERRARI: Technologist
primarily is a significantly involved support player in an
architectural, engineering, or construction capacity. JARED CARDIFF: What drew me to
the architectural field was my background in construction. I grew up working on
construction sites and doing everything from carpentry,
floor– flooring installation all through my teens. What I wanted to do is, you
know, get to the next level and learn about the design aspects
and the architectural technology program seemed like
the right option for me. ELLEN BENSKY: We’ve been hiring
George Brown grads for a very long time but in the last
few years as George Brown has integrated more of the Revit and
the BIM into their culture and their programs, their graduates
have become more valuable to us. PIETRO FERRARI: The first year
you learn the fundamental of how to use computer
drawing software; how a home comes together;
the components of a home. As they move forward they begin
to learn about larger scale buildings and as such they begin
to learn about more complex issues with larger
scale buildings. MARIA PAVLOU: The firm
I’m working at currently; they were looking for
employees who knew Revit. I was very proficient
when I left George Brown. Not too many people at the firm
know Revit and so they chose me to be part of their
team for that reason. You definitely need
to be a hard worker; you need to be a
team player as well. Creativity is also a necessity
and you just need to be willing to adjust to change because
this industry is just filled with change. There are actually a
lot more opportunities than people realize. You don’t just have to work
at an architectural firm. People have gone off and
become project managers. You can work for any of
the construction companies; you can be a
specifications writer; you can be a
building code consultant. It’s not just you
have to do drawings. JARED CARDIFF: It’s a very
experience based industry so a lot of your value is in your
experience but in order to get that, you need to have a good
base to– to get started with. And George Brown
was that base for me. [music]

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  1. i have done architecture diploma in india i got 60%, so now i want do my further education in this collage how can i get offer letter

  2. Hi
    I’m in the first semester of Architectural Technology program and I’m afraid that’s I can’t fund a job when I’m done cuz a lot of people say that it’s really hard to got a job as Architecture technology

    Please answer me

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