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Wemo now works with HomeKit

Wemo now works with HomeKit

if you’ve got Wemo devices in your smart
home when you want to use them with apple homekit this device makes it
possible if you have Wemo based smart home devices things like these
electrical sockets they work fine with Google assistant and with Amazon Alexa
but they don’t work with apple homekit that’s because they’re not using their
special Apple chips of the company desires that’s where this little box
comes in from Wemo it’s a bridge short Ethernet cable plugs into the back of
your router and it will interface with all of your Wemo devices and it has the
magic apple sauce that the company demands so it will allow you to use all
of these devices with home kit it’s thirty nine dollars and it’s available

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  1. 0:19 Apple doesn't ""desire" any special chip anymore 😄 Apple has updated its HomeKit specification so that compatible smart products no longer have to include a hardware authentication chip. The update means authentication will go through software instead, with a firmware update allowing existing or future products to go through the same software-based authorization. So this Wemo hub is IMO a just unnecessary $39 piece of equipment. #badUX

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