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Today we’re making a lamp or something like
that Boom I’m partening with Inventables and a few
other Makers to bring the Easel Power Hour challenge to life. Anyone in the world can
participate and the prizes are an X-Carve and a few coupons to spend on the Inventables
store. All the rules are in the link in the description but essentially all you have to
do is to create a free account on the software called Easel and design an amazing piece that
will carve in less than 1 hour. The best projects will be chosen by me and the other makers
involved. So to give you some inspiration I came up
with this two material project that will incorporate lighting to give you a good idea of what you
can accomplish in one hour carve. I took advantage of some tools and apps in
the software to easily design what I was looking for. For example, the inlay generator allows
me to create a perfect pocket to fit the keyhole piece in the back so I can later hang it to
wall with a screw. I wanted to design something cool in the acrylic
part and after a few tests with different shapes I decided to go with this small circle
that I made white by setting up the depth of cut to zero. I selected both shapes and
right clicked on the mouse to hit Combine, and what this will do is to merge them into
a single shape. Then I utilised the app called Offset to generate a bunch of parallel shapes
inside the outer lines and repeated that because it can only go to 10 lines at a time. As you can see it works a little bit like
an optical illusion and has a three dimensional appearance. Different starting shapes will
give you completely different results with the offset app so it’s quite fun mess around. Alright so now we can hit simulate to know
how many minutes the actual carve will be, so 16 minutes plus 13 plus 1 plus 16 plus
14 is actually bingo! Let’s finally start making dust! Here you can see how the keyhole will work
with the screw on the wall. You can find all these materials in the description,
the carving and engraving bits, the walnut plywood, birch plywood, the acrylic and you
can also open the project file on Easel if you’re interested. The cuts were super clean even on the walnut
veneered plywood. I carved all the wood pieces with this upcut
spiral bit which is one of my favourite and now I’m changing to a 60º v-bit to engrave
the offset lines. Once this was finished, I kept the machine
on and moved the Z axis on Easel up so I can change the bit again and place this one that
is really great to carve acrylics. But as it is so thin, I inserted a collet adapter
first. Now I can lower the Z axis and make sure I
don’t touch the other two axi s and mess up the alignment. Here’s a nice shot of a tab being created. It’s amazing how walnut looks so much better
with a finish on. Now I can get rid of the tabs and sand them
flush. I wanted to try heating the edges to make
them clear but I guess I needed a different type of torch so I gave up and sanded the
edges with several grits up to 15 hundred. When I was designing the project on Easel
I didn’t really think on how I was going to attach both halves of the circle and it
just seemed easy to drill some holes and screw them together. I got some super bright LEd’s strip that
also has a great amount led’s per meter and sticked it to the edge of the backer piece. It’s working and could be as it is but I
had in mind to have different lighting colors and I remembered a set of color gels the I
had forever and never really used so I went ahead and cut some thin strips and experimented
a little bit. I went for a deep yellow with two layers but
I can always swap the colors later if I decide to. I know you can get RGB Led strips but they
always have this color tint that I don’t really like too much. For now I’m leaving the color strips taped
until I decide the final color to go with and then I’ll use some super glue. I hope this gets you inspired to enter the
challenge! Good luck everyone and I can’t wait to see your projects!
Also throw me a like and subscribe if want to see what’s coming up next. I’ll catch
you later!

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  1. Love the way this one turned out! We’ve used vinyl stuck to a piece of clear acrylic before to change the colour of LEDs but like the way you used that thin strip of film. The orange makes this really stand out. Fantastic job!

  2. Really cool way to change the color of the lower leds that gives an interesting look to the piece 🙂

  3. Very nice looking lamp and great idea. I am not sure if its my imagination but it looks like death star 🙂

  4. Absolutely beautiful Cris! The mash-up design aesthetic is so successful — mid-century modern meets Art Deco! I wish I had one hanging on my wall. I’d better start saving up for an xcarve!

  5. I wonder how well different colors would follow the curved lines if you used a yellow at the circle and clanged the gels to fade to a deep blue? Sort of a sunset/sunrise.

  6. Making some thing with CNC is not an art. I would prefer watching Young Je, Mathias and John Peter’s videos. They have gotten he real artistic hands. There are many yo mention….

  7. Wow super nice lamp! Love the design, it reminds me somehow of a picture of the earth with night/day zone 😊✌️

  8. Wow! That is beautiful! I liked your use of the gels to get your desired color on the bottom lights. Probably also cheaper to use white LEDs than RGB lights

  9. i am unashamedly stealing this idea to be adapted for another home project that i have pending. Too cool! thanks!

  10. I love your creativity, I love your voice, I love your genius, I love your videos, I love the music you use and I love your channel !!

  11. Well done Chris! It was great to begin with but the yellow gel along the bottom lights really put it over the top!!

  12. I was JUST in Lisbon last month and OMG!!!! What a beautiful city!! Portugal is amazing! …ok I had to tell you right away… on to the video!

  13. That a really beautiful mood light! I think the gels are absolutely the way to go because you can easily swap them out!

  14. that was very cool 🙂 It looks like a rising sun or a rising moon, depending on the colour palette for the LED's

  15. You did such a beautiful job on this one! Great use of the software and materials, too. I really liked your in-depth instructions about your workflow – keep up the great work!
    Let's hope my entry to the Easel Power Hour challenge is worthy of winning an X-Carve so I can get making, too! Below is a link to to my project on the Inventables website, if you're interested:

    In other news – Portugal for the World Cup Champions 2018!

  16. thanks dear the project was great please let me know the name of the x-carve you use and how much it cost where can i find like it.

  17. If you don't like the color of the RGB LED strip lights, look for ones that are RGBW, adds a dedicated white LED and doesn't use the combination of the RGB to simulate the white color

  18. Arg ! Too late ! I have a big "lag" watching videos, a lot of thing to do this summer. Also, I suppose you have suffered that heat wave too. Heat is my kryptonite ! As always, Thanks for share your great work !

  19. **.. WOW .. inspiring alright .. !! [[ I really like yellow ]] thanks a lot Christiana 😘 .. 💕.. from Québec **

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