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wall hanging from waste cardboard 2015 (Redefine craft)

wall hanging from waste cardboard 2015 (Redefine craft)

Hi everyone and welcome to Redefine Craft!!
Today we will learn to make very easy and cheap wall decorative. So for this you will
need some colorful stripes from any paper bag, two square pieces of, some white sheets
of paper, a brush, an adhesive and a pair of scissors. Now first take the two cardboard
cuttings and with the help of a pencil make a square inside. Now cut out the inner squares
to get this shape. After this trace the inner and outer edges of the cuttings on a white
sheet and cut it and keep it aside. Now with the help of a pencil or anything sharp make
three holes in the first cardboard, two on the corners above and one below in the center.
Place the second cardboard just below and make one hole on the top and in the middle
lying in the same straight line as that of the upper piece. Use the small metal piece
to join the two cardboards. You can easily find it in chains or key rings. Now paste
the white sheet pieces on the cuttings. Make the holes appear by punching lightly on those
places with a pencil or scissor. Join them with the key ring piece. Use the thread handle
found in paper bag to pass through the top holes to help it in hanging. For the decoration
part cut small triangles from the colorful stripes of paper bag. One by one paste them
like mosaic art. This may take some time and patience, but trust me it’s worth the efforts.
When you are done with both of them, take any magazine or pamphlet with some interesting
images. For a trendy wall hanging cut the images into two halves or take two different
images and paste them from behind onto the cardboard pieces and you have your own wall
hanging. For those of you who want to use this as a calendar or note maker, paste some
plastic sheet behind and with a marker create your personalized calendar or note maker.
You can rub off the marker with a wet cloth. So make this easy and cheap DIY and bring
your boring dull walls to life.

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