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Virtual Environment for Architecture Students

Virtual Environment for Architecture Students

We have two customers. One is the students and
other is the industry, right? so we are training and educating the students so that they can be successful professionals and then take the industry forward. It is a challenge for us. As a faculty member, to provide the capability of visualizing the three-dimensional object
of the space based upon the drawings. We have started complementing that by utilizing this immersive navigation- so the 3D environment. Now the students can go into those
scans of the 3D environment so it’s not that I’m taking time out of our classroom and at the same time it is always available to the students. So we have posted those on our website. The future plan is to create an entire library with a lot of more stuff than what we have currently. Now, we cannot operate in a vacuum. The industry is adopting innovative technologies, so we have to be if not ahead of the curve but at least at par with the curve. And I believe that is the service we have to do in order to prepare our graduates
to be effective in the industry.

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