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Very Easy Diwali Decor Idea | Budget diwali decoration ideas in hindi (with english subtitles)

Very Easy Diwali Decor Idea | Budget diwali decoration ideas in hindi (with english subtitles)

I try to use things which are easily available at home for decoration I Have used an old Pooja Ka kalash for keeping plants in it and becomes a great decor as well. So this is how I have decorated this corner of my living for this diwali so this is my almirah and as I said so to give this whole look a little color of diwali This is an old pottery ganesh to give it a look of brass I spray painted it in golden color so this is a glass Vase and I dropped My bamboo sticks in it Here I placed this vase at the back of ganesha idol This looks very beautiful This whole thing got a height and greenery as well This is an old coffee mug and I choose to put money plant in it. So this is an old pooja kalash I choose it keep some more money plants sticks in it I keep it at the other side of ganesha’s idol At the right side for some more decoration I placed this artifact you can use anything which is available at your home to give it an vintage look At this plate I’m going to keep some natural plants Just plant your plants it in a beautiful pot At other side also I’m going keep some more natural plants here I choose Yellow pot for it just play with clours And than to finish this look I’m placing some more artifacts at last its diwali so an old vintage Candle holder is must have Here as you can see this heighted bamboo sticks give a great look to this whole place and adds some greenery as well as I said this time I’m gonna use more natural plants so here as you can see I have used original plants and try to play to with more colours This was an idea for you guys like how you can decorate your home this diwali I really hope whatever ideas you will like please do adapt it for decorating your home

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  1. Your videos are good. This Idea is really nice. But overall its a cluttered look. Of course decor varies and depends on personal taste, I agree. Usage of less items in this case would have given a nice appeal. 'Less is more' you see 🙂

  2. Not practical. Plants are not healthy at all. Croton needs a bit sunlight or else it will slowly shred it's leaves. Decor could b good in balcony..

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