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Veriscape Symphonia Solution Demo Video

Veriscape Symphonia Solution Demo Video

Veriscape and IBM have teamed up to
deliver a high-performing, user-friendly end-to-end procurement solution. By pairing Veriscape’s Symphonia Solution with the IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business
Network we can help you take your supply chain ordering to the next level of
automation and visibility. Meet Maria. Her workplace, like every organization, needs to make purchases. She works in manufacturing and only places a handful of orders per year. With Symphonia’s streamlined interface,
Maria can create a purchase requisition for the chemical compound she needs with just a few clicks. With Veriscape’s solution she could browse the catalog of
her company’s preferred suppliers, but since she knows exactly what she needs
she’s going to search for that one item. Maria simply looks up the item and adds
it to her cart same as she would if she were shopping online at home. The chemical compound that Maria needs, which price and supplier are all preapproved by her company’s responsible buyers, is classified as a hazardous material. With Symphonia, Maria doesn’t
need to separately contact a hazmat approver. By creating a purchase
request that requires one, Symphonia will automatically add a hazmat approver, in
this case Diana, to the approval workflow. The workflow has been pre-configured by
the tools administrator’s and can easily be modified as business rules change.
Jenny is one of the approvers on this order and she was busy traveling all day.
When she notices that Maria’s requisition needs her approval she’s
able to see it, verify it, and approve it, right from her mobile device. Now that
the final approval was granted Maria’s purchase request is turned into a
purchase order. This is where Symphonia automatically transmits the order to the
IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network. Key order milestones are
highlighted in SCBN, and Maria as well as her colleagues, can quickly and
easily check on the order’s progress. Anthony works with Maria at the
manufacturing facility. While looking over inventory, he notices the plant is
low on the item Maria ordered. With SCBN Anthony can search for the item himself
and make sure that it has been ordered and is on the way. He finds Maria’s order
for the needed compound and he can immediately see the status. It looks like
it has already shipped and the order should be at the plant and plenty of
time — and if a team member ever gets stuck or has a question,
Watson is always there to help. Meanwhile, Charles in procurement can
get a big-picture view of the transactions flowing with trading
partners and through the whole procurement system. When Charles needs spending data compiled for a report that includes Maria’s order, all it takes is a few
keystrokes in Symphonia to get what he needs. He has suppliers all across the
globe, and even those that aren’t technologically advanced can be
integrated to this combined solution. SCBN can enable orders to be sent in a
fully automated manner even if suppliers do not support EDI. This gives him time
to concentrate on the planning and people focused parts of his job rather
than spending his time tediously wrangling data from all his suppliers.
With the increased visibility available for the entire team enabled by our joint
solutions everyone has worked together efficiently and in harmony to keep their
production on track. Next time Maria needs to order this
product, it likely will be from a new version of the supplier’s catalog. The new
catalog data is available and ready to go after being pushed automatically by
the supplier and approved by her company’s responsible buyer. This means
that she doesn’t need to check and make sure she’s ordering from the latest
available and company-approved supplier data. It’s not just catalog items and
goods that Maria can order. She can also order services and non-catalog items
quickly and easily. Symphonia makes purchasing of more complex requirements simple with a few guided clicks. With Symphonia and SCBN you can gain higher visibility in your supply chain, reduce friction with trading partners, and gain an easy-to-use, flexible solution with a low total cost
of ownership. Contact Veriscape today to find out how Veriscape and IBM’s
team of experts can help with your company’s next transformation journey to

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