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Valentine’s Day Wall Hanging

Valentine’s Day Wall Hanging

Hi it’s Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt
Company. We have a really fun tutorial planned for
you today. I love the holidays and Valentine’s Day
is coming up. And I thought we would make a really fun wall
hanging, quick and easy, for you to enjoy. This is it right here behind me. It’s a darling little heart, its, you use
2 charm packs for it. We’re going to use the Bella Solid Cherry
Red charm pack, and we’re going to use the Giddy from Moda that’s by Sandy Gervais. Darling little wall hanging and so quick and
easy. So let’s get to that over here. Now you can see from the wall hanging behind
me that we’ve used the whole first row is red, so let’s go ahead and set that out. So well have the full first, now there’s
8 squares in a row for this, so we will go ahead and line those up. For this, for this wall hanging you’re also
going to need 8 half square triangles, and we’re going to go ahead, 12345678, and I
am going to go ahead and show you how I am going to do that. You are going to take a square just like this
and draw a line right down the center. You’re going to put it on top of a red charm,
and you’re going to sew directly on that line. Then you will just cut it right on one side
and press it open. You can see I have one here. I’ve cut this. See we drew the line, sewed it, cut it, and
pressed it open gives us the big half square triangle. Remember now you want to sew directly on that
line. So let’s get ahead, go ahead and get doing
that. So the next row you start and every row with
the red charm pack, because what you’re looking for, is you’re looking for, it’ll
make a border when you’re finished. So that’s what we’re setting it up so
that it will be a border. So let’s go ahead and put a whole roll of
giddy. You can see on the wall hanging behind me
that the whole first row is the giddy. So let’s go ahead and put that along there. We will choose some of these ones, there,
there just so cute. We will just choose some of our favorites. And go along here. Let’s see, there’s lots to choose from. One of the things that you can do, is to,
separate your charm packs by color. Kind of makes it easy to go along and, and
pick different ones. There’s not a whole lot of blues in here,
so you want to make sure that those are evenly spaced. The next row you start with the red again. You’re going to add your giddy square and
end with a red, and end with a giddy square, and what your going want to do is you’re
going to want to, this is where your half square triangles start coming in. So what we are going to make with these remember
is were going, this is going to be the very top of our heart. And so that makes the one peak of the heart,
and then we’re going to make the other peak of the heart right here. I’ve got this one. Oh, that one has a dot right above it. So we will move that one over there and we’ll
put this one here. Now always while you are doing this, take
a look and if you’ve got two pinks together and you don’t want those pinks right next
to each other you can just move them around. It will, it will be good for you to adjust
them. You can always use the, the picture of the
wall hanging as an example. So again we are going to start with the red,
we will put a giddy down here. Maybe it’s time for a little blue one down
there. And then this whole middle part is going to
be red, because we are now making the body of our heart. Oh, a giddy. There we go. And then a red. And see you’ll be sewing these together
row by row, so that they, they come all together. OK next. See how we’re, this border is coming together
too. You can see how that is all working. So then we’re going to get, let’s see,
maybe this one. And then on that next row, we start right
off with a square and a half square triangle. There we go. And then this one will go here. And then we’ve got another giddy over here. There we go this one. And then the red. So see how quickly this is coming together. This is really a fun little project. Very quick and very festive I might add. Just something really fun to do for Valentine’s
Day. Ok, so then what we’ve got going here, we’ve
got oh, a cherry right there. So let’s put a cherry over there and put
this one right here. Now see what we have is our last two half
square triangles. There’s the point of our heart. And here will be the other. It’s easy to get a little confused. Well it’s easy for me to get confused all
the time. Ok so here’s this one. So there’s the body of the heart. One more of these. So now you have the second to the last row
on, and now we just need to add the last row of red. Let me see if I can get these apart, there
we go. And that makes your final border. And frames in your heart wall hanging. Isn’t that so cute? Let’s see, we should have just enough of
these reds. Yep. You use the exact amount of reds that’s
in here. There we go. So what do you think? Hope you enjoyed this tutorial from the Missouri
Star Quilt Company. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. i was so glad to see you on a tutorial again i've missed you. I am going to order the charm packs and make this darling project. thanks jenny. chris

  2. This wall hanging is so cute! I love watching your tutorials. I am a novice quilter. I am presently making my second rag quilt. They are fun, but I am ready to get into some cute quilts!

  3. I made this for a friend as a going away gift. I then taught a 7 year old boy how to sew using this design. He was awesome. He made it for his grandmother. I only cut the fabric. He is entering it into our local quilt show. This video is a winner in my book.

  4. It is definitly your fault, ladies, than I really want to learn quilting! It´s just so difficult to find a workshop here in Denmark! So, i´ll just keep on watching and learning…
    Please keep on teaching and shining!
    Love, Jennifer

  5. I like Jenny's voice, she has a lovely personality, and I love all of her videos. I learn so many quick tips to help me with my patchwork. And best of all, she gives us so many videos to view – I appreciate the time she gives to teach us all. Thanks Jenny!

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