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Use Household Objects to Make Special Effects!

Use Household Objects to Make Special Effects!

This episode of Film Riot is brought to you
by Domain.com. Today on film riot we do some pressure cleaning and some ironing too. Hi there. Welcome. Come a little close. Hey,
how you doing? Yeah? You are looking right. Glad you came. Look at this. I had to buy a pressure cleaner to do a little
back porch maintenance, which sounds like an innuendo but it’s not. Anyway I went
to rent one, but then found I could buy one for cheaper so I was like sure I’ll buy
this baby for 80 bucks. So I bought said cleaner with pressure home and did my previously mentioned
sort-of-sound-like an-innuendo work on the back yard. Where’s this going Ryan? Hang
in there. Whilst I was cleaning and listening to the sultry sounds of the Jonas Brothers…That
was a lie I (bleep) hate Jonas Brothers. That was a lie too I’m sure they’re nice boys
I just don’t like their music. But while I was pressuring the patio into looking cleaner
I remembered this email, “Hey Ryan and the rest of the Film Riot crew. I really love
the show! Keep doing what you’re doing!” which made me feel warm and fuzzy inside,
but has nothing to do with what we’re talking about today, but while I was forcing water
upon my back porch I though you know I could probably use this thing for some film making
goodness. Of course the first thought in my head was blood.
Maybe some kind of oh god this guy fell into
a lawn mower blade blood splatter. Obviously it’s over the top and would be best for
laughs, but it worked really well. I just took some blood I have lying around since
I always keep a healthy supply then poured it into the extra attachment that came with
the pressure cleaner, which I assume is for people like me to pour blood in, right? So
once the blood is in it’ll mix with the water as it’s shot out giving you the gross
effect like… But then I was like hey we could do more with
this thing even still like maybe make it look like steam from a train leaving the station
or perhaps a terrible hurricane storm of some kind or just regular rain. The point is some
regular house maintenance tool can be used for some pretty cool special effects and we
were just testing these quickly. Imagine if you really spent time and set it up. So after
that I started thinking what else I do could do with household objects and it was just
so happen that my lovely wife Jess bought an iron because she said she’s sick and
tired of watching me in wrinkled shirts on the internet. Anyways said iron shoots out
steam like most irons do, which immediately I turned into a fart joke of course. So once
I saw how this thing actually shot out its steam I thought I could make some of my own
assets for muzzle flares with this little angel. Now you’re like, “What? Flash of
muzzle? What does steam have to do with that?” Well one of the key ingredients to a good
muzzle flash is smoke and so far I haven’t been able to find too many smoke assets that
I really like very much so making my own has become a must so here we go. All I did was set up a black sheet in a dark
room then I backlit the smoke so it showed up really well on camera then fired away.
Now I take that footage of the iron shooting its steam in After Effects and desaturated,
added the contrast to make the background completely black and now go through and pick
out the best ones and mask out the edges and the iron so it works smoothly. And that’s
it now I can take the footage in, put it over my clip, change the blending mode to the screen
or add and then position it where I need it and ta da! Barrel smoke from an iron. Now
we’re going to get into advanced muzzle flashes soon once we’ve released my short
film ‘Losses’, but just to show you how important smoke is to a muzzle flash here’s
a got gunshot without smoke and now one with my iron steam asset. As you can see it adds
a lot of realism and as another freebie, since I love hooking you guys up, I put the asset
up for you to download from this link so go crazy, baby. My main point here is that you
don’t need to spend tons of cash to get creative and do cool stuff. There’s so much
you could do with things that you can just find around your house. So you have an idea
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are thinking domain names, think Domain.com. If you have a great idea, it all starts with
a great domain. So we have reached the end, but before we
go some delightful announcements, oh yeah. First is that ‘Losses’ will be released
online to the Film Riot YouTube channel only on Wednesday September 14th, which is next
week. So excited for you guys to see this one. It’s a nine minute long short action
film, which we all worked very hard on over the last few weeks. Shot in a crazy short
amount of time and very limited resources, but on the Red Epic and we’ll be releasing
it in glorious 2K resolution on YouTube so you’ll be able to watch it in full screen
and it’ll look friggin great. Second thing you might want to know is the promo poster
for the short film was posted on Triune’s Facebook page so if you want to take a gander
at the ‘Losses’ poster head on over there and you know, look at it. But that’s it
my friends and I’ll see you again on Monday when we find out that the universe is on Orion’s

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  1. thank god almighty for the smoke asset, i couldnt find anything and im filming my new short with in the next 2 weeks! long live film riot

  2. @FluffyBoy32 youtube does the 'rendering', which they call processing. That has nothing to do with Ryan's computer 😉

    Probably he uploaded it as a private video and then made it public when it was 720p.

  3. You tried effects with a pressure washer and an iron, but what about particle effects with flour and a Kleenex?

  4. Hey Ryan… Can I use The "action essentials" pack with Adobe Premiere and how?…Because if I could, it would be AWESOME!!! Thanks

  5. @AmtrakBoy42 That kind of goes without saying. The whole point is to make things people perceive as real, whether it is real world accurate or not.

  6. I would realy like it if we could get a 1080p uncompressed downloadable version of Losses. Please, please, please. I want to se the pure quality of the EPIC:)

  7. Hey Ryan, I really like the show and all, but it's been a long time since you've done a custom ad. I usually just end up skipping the ad all together, but if you would do a comedy skit about it then it would be more entertaining. And I might actually finally get my own Domain name. 😉

  8. I have real muzzle flashes in the dark if you are interested, i shot them on 1080P while shooting my .40 calibur Smith & Wesson Semi automatic and 6mm sniper rifle both clips were taken at night and both in clear view of the end of the barrell of each weapon, i don't mind sharing specially since it's real and not just an effect

  9. @filmriot hmm.. yea.. but i know that its a lot of great channels around here that have been on for years and only have about 3000+ subscribers and maybe 5000 views on their videos and i cant see what they are doing wrong.. I'm about to make a channel my own and i'm hoping not to do the same mistake

  10. I know this is a really SUPER MINOR detail but, during the first few minutes up until where the scene cuts to the question, I can slightly green around Ryan. I guess that's from the green screen.

    Yeah, It's 3 am and that's the first thing I realized. And that he's using Premiere now.

  11. I hit puberty and became a man and realized all was truly aligned with the universe the day i fell onto your youtube channel. thank you. Sincerely, God.

  12. Ryan: Of course, the fist though in my head was blood
    Me: yeah… ok… well, yeah, that actually makes sense for ryan
    Also Me: 'when you realize how much higher you creepy level is compared to ryan'

  13. Guys I need some help. I am working on a short film and we need light bulbs to expload. Can anyone give some tips? I can't find anything online. In the scene a demonic entity has entered a home and lights are going insane. We need 1-2 of them to blow and glass and few Sparks to fly.

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