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USB Portable LED Light  Bendable Mini Lamp (USB-LED-GC-83649-3)

USB Portable LED Light Bendable Mini Lamp (USB-LED-GC-83649-3)

USB Portable LED Light Bendable Mini Lamp
(USB-LED-GC-83649-3) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBldtKse7ms
Hello. Welcome to Gadget Guide USA. Thanks for tuning in. I’m Stephen Kowalski and
I’ll be your gadget guide today as we explore the USB Portable Bendable Mini Lamp. Let’s
go ahead and get started shall we? As you can see I’m starting this one off
in the dark and that’s just to display how bright the light is. I have it plugged into
a USB extension here so I just wanted to show you how bright it was. As you can see I mean
it’s bright enough to definitely do reading. You have to remember this is a really small
pen so the amount of light is completely respectable. It definitely has plenty of light to read.
It would make an excellent say a backup for keyboard backlight or you know typing in the
dark or basically any time you need a little bit of light and you have some free USB ports
available. So as you can see it’s definitely bright enough to read and see what’s going
on. I’m going to go ahead and turn the lights
back on here so we can actually see exactly what’s going on here. As you can see I’ve
already removed it from the retail packaging which pretty much consisted of this LED pen
light slid into the plastic sleeve which was slid into the box and put into a shipping
container. There was no instructions but it’s a pretty simple device so instructions aren’t
really necessary. The back of the box does give you some ideas and give you some basic
information about it but it’s not really necessary.
As you can see I just have a USB extension here. This is not included of course. The
only thing that’s included in that and I think we’ve all been at a point where we
needed some light. I’m getting a little bit older and sometimes like my eReader isn’t
quite bright enough for me so I’ll plug this right into my eReader which happens to
have a free USB port and it provides all the light I need to read comfortably for long
trips or when I’m travelling or whatever else.
It is handy. You could plug it in and you could bend it like this if you wanted to use
it as say a laptop backlight because you have difficulty seeing the keys or whatever else.
Or if you’re using it…that’s how I bend it when I’m using it to add additional light
to my eReader. There’s all kinds of situations where this would be handy. You might want
to stick it in your car and just have it available. I also have a USB power block that I use to
charge my phones. I can plug this lamp right into it and that makes my portable power bricks
into a light source as well. So it can be handy.
It is bendable. You can remember it. It’s made out of a soft silicone so it’s pretty
soft. This little metal thing on the back is a heat sync for the light and that’s
to make sure it doesn’t get too hot. I ran this for hours and hours and I mean it did
get warm. You definitely felt the warmth but it’s nowhere near starting a fire or anything
like that. And that’s after 3,4,5 hours of it running. So maybe…I don’t think
there’s lots of danger. Like I said I ran it for 4 or 5 hours and didn’t have any
issues but maybe if it ran for 50 hours it might get a little bit hotter than that but
I don’t think that it’s that much of an issue at all.
Overall I didn’t spend very much for this at all and I felt like it was a good deal.
LED lights last a long time as far as light hours so I don’t really have any danger
of it running out. I did spill a couple things on it and it didn’t explode or light on
fire so that was a good thing. It doesn’t say anywhere on the box that it’s actually
water resistant or spill resistant but I did find in my own actual use to be quite spill
resistant. As you can see it’s a pretty solid silicone all the way around. It doesn’t
look like there’s a lot of room for stuff to get in there. Of course I wouldn’t submerge
it. I wouldn’t try to use this in the bathtub or anything and expect it to work. That USB
port definitely isn’t water resistant but from that part up, like I said it took a Dr.
Pepper spill and still worked fine afterwards. So of course that always makes me happy.
Overall I mean for the price I paid I definitely couldn’t argue. I felt like I’ve gotten
every penny out of it and when I do need a light source I can plug it into my laptop,
my computer, I have USB ports in my car, I can plug it into my USB power bank so it gives
you a lot of options. I plug it into my eReader regularly so it gives us a lot of options.
It’s pretty well made. Pretty durable. I like the fact that it has that memory where
you can stretch it and put it pretty much any direction you want and it will memorize
that so of course we like that. I do hope you enjoyed my product review today.
Comments are always welcome at the bottom of the page. Subscribers are always appreciated.
Thank you. If you have any specific questions, comments or suggestions you can always email
me at [email protected] Thank you for your time.

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  1. I have a question.
    I see that it is bendable easily, but can I rotate it a good 180°? I'm planning to plug it to my monitor's USB connection, but that way, it would face my wall, and I'd need to face to where I sit.

  2. does it heat up? Trouble with other 3 LED devices of slightly higher charge is they get warm and waste charge from a power pack in a blackout by doing so

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