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Unique Home Decor products from #AliExpress | Aliholic

Unique Home Decor products from #AliExpress | Aliholic

Home Decor items from AliExpress, as pretty
much anything else, are reasonably inexpensive. A faux sheepskin is going to revolutionize
the room ambience, and add luxury to your life. It is soft and pleasant to the touch. Available in different color options. Wall decor transforms the perception of the
living space. To find interesting and unusual pieces
you can search for Banksy, or click the link in the description. Some of them have nothing to do
with Banksy’s works, but some do, and they look really cool. Another way to make the room more pretty and
cozy is string lights. Warm white lights are
easy one the eyes and are very relaxing, and even have a somewhat therapeutic effect. 3D hologram-style lamps were very popular
when they first became available. They are still
successfully sold on AliExpress, and now are much cheaper. The motorcycle one is what I have,
and there is a ton of other designs, some of which can switch between colors. A stylish minimalist alarm clock with a wooden
body. It shows time, date, and temperature,
and it must be noted that it uses Celsius, not Fahrenheit. Realistic (or rather the way we think they
used to be like) dinosaur hangers. The details on them
are just amazing, and pictures in the buyer feedback section look just as good as the
listing pictures. There are 4 different kinds, let us know in
the comments which one do you like the most, and we will order it to do
a close-up review. And if you like realistic animal things, please
enjoy the greatness of this English bulldog tissue paper roll holder. It’s a bit expensive though, but he looks
like a great listener. If you aren’t separating your lights and darks
before washing them, you may want to start doing so. It makes clothing keep the color better, and
it will look newer for longer. And instead of having two separate buckets,
you can use this dual kind that keeps them apart. Not everyone has a mirror where they want
it, and for such cases there is this mirror sticker. This one comes as 9 pieces, each 14.8 cm or
almost 6 in. This is not exactly a mirror replacement,
but rather a reflective surface. Look at the feedback to get the idea of what
it looks like. Back to the wall decor products. This store has inexpensive quality posters. I’ve bought from them
before, and they do a great job with packing. This store has a bunch of other cool home
stuff too, so check it out while you have a chance. There is another store that has artsy pictures,
with many geometric and hipster animals. They better fit for work dens and modern style
offices. This isn’t exactly a home decor item, but
these vacuum bags help with exponentially decreasing
the space that your clothing or bedding occupies. They are compatible with most standard vacuum
cleaners. Before the inflatable tent I’d like to
thank all of our viewers: the last video got 4700 views over 4 days,
which for us is a new record. 4 Products are given away to these winners. We will look at the stats next week, and will
continue giving more as more likes appear. Tell us which home decor product you liked
the most from to get a new chance to win something from the previous video. And the last product from the thumbnail is
this amazing inflatable tent. It is as close you can
be to staying outside while keeping the basic home comfort elements. I can only imagine how
amazing it is to be inside this thing during the rain. Having one as a permanent room would be amazing,
but I would probably prefer to have it as a temporary getaway in a summerhouse or
in the backyard, not that I have either…

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    P.S.: Yesterday we have finally received the last speaker that was needed to do the Bluetooth speakers review. I will do my best to film everything and have it ready for this weekend, or for the next Wednesday – just not quite sure how long it will take, as I want that one to be 100% gorgeous

  2. I like the hologram lamp. I've been trying to get one for quite a while. I really like the designs and that technology. Love your vids 👊

  3. Excellent video, as usual.

    I like the amazing transparent tent, but I have my concerns about using it in summer, with 35 degrees Celsius…

  4. I like wooden clock and I like your channel very much😄 keep more videos and I wish you to gain more subscribers and thank you

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