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TWICE Goods Haul // the last ones for 2018

TWICE Goods Haul // the last ones for 2018

Hello Everyone Today is Dec 31th 2018 I will unbox all these goods that I have received but didn’t unpack today at one time I think this was released at the beginning of 2017 This is the Super Event DVD Back then I haven’t started to buy all the goods they released So I didn’t buy this one I just bought this one recently but I have actually watched the content of this DVD online This set of photocard is one of the reason that I bought this And this is the ONCE 2nd membership gifts I have 2 ONCE 2nd accounts, one CANDY and one JELLY This is the gift for the Jelly account with my own name on it that’s why it’s shipped directly to my home my name here I won’t show the details so much as I have done so in the previous video This bigger one should be the Oh Boy magazine I ordered only one with the Chaeyoung cover Some of you may know that the publisher suddenly raised the price for no reason which was not good and it was between the release of the two albums I was quite poor at the time With all these reasons I bought only one magazine This page has all the covers TWICE content should start from this page This page is about the 9th anniversary of this mgazine and actually this 7th anniversary magazine the one Chaeyoung is holding It also has TWICE content it’s not cheap to buy it right now and I just found another one The back cover of this magazine is TWICE as well It says on here that the dog name is Momo as well This biggest box is the goods of the Fan meeting some of the smaller goods were shipped to my dorm in the states The rest of them were shipped to my home I just unpacked all of them This is a hoodie 2 T-shirts here That one is a blanket I didn’t recognize them at first I was thinking why I bought this many slogans then I saw that this is the fabric posters (translating in Chinese) like a blanket can be hang up I will unbox this power bank first This can be attached to the Candy Bong I didn’t bring my Candy Bong home so I can’t demonstrate that This cable looks good This actually has some weight This functions just like a normal power bank and this is how you attach it to the Candy Bong This little hole is for the cord(?) The next one the photo binder This may be used to store the post cards 2 photos inside already It’s larger that the trade card binder in Japan This should be the slogan and then the T-shirts with a small Twiceland logo on the back The rest is the larger stuff I will show them in another way The hoodie with a small pumpkin at the sleeve the fabric poster It has two hang up thing The texture is quite good I’d say the second fabric poster, it looks smaller than the previous one 3rd one This is the blanket It feels thinner that the M&H blanket but softer and more furry That’s it for today’s video. Thank You!

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  1. hello 🙂 Co-once here ! And I am planning to make my channel a video about TWICE too ♡ Can you give me some tips 😊

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