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Tutorial 15 – Twisted Column Paper Lamp Fold

The preview of the fold pattern at the end of the video (25:36). It includes measures. There may be a pdf version of fold pattern, check cards youtube. The measures that I used are not as important. The important thing is to maintain the proportion and scale of pattern fold that I show. The measures you can choose according to their materials or requirements. Draw the pattern of fold, in the paper They can be done in different ways: Drawing the grid on paper based on the size of the fold pattern. (This option is more traditional) Print fold pattern in the paper. (This is the option that saves time) Leaving a flap at one side to facilitate folding and to facilitate attaching the cylinder. Draw or delineate the pattern fold with a pen without ink to facilitate the folds. You can see other examples of my videos. (In this video I could not record it) Fold the accordion. Make pleats in V to obtain the rectangular accordion. Unfold Make diagonal cuts. Use reference the crease pattern. I do not use reference angles for these cuts. If you want you can count the number of upper and lower sections in the fold pattern to calculate the diagonal line. Close the cylinder with glue. Help with masking tape to hold the shape of a cylinder. Recommendation wear the glue on the masking tape to make it easier to remove. Fold or collapse the cylinder, following the folds made and marked. You can collapse the bottom and top first and then go to the center. This requires patience, do not try to force the paper. Extend the spiral cylinder.

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