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Trillest Home Goods Episode 1 – Olympia, Greece Jewelry Case

Trillest Home Goods Episode 1 – Olympia, Greece Jewelry Case

what’s up world my name is Frank Islands
not Frank Ocean I am the founder CEO owner visionary of trillest home goods.
The one stop shop for all of your dopest home good needs. One-of-a-kind home goods that I found at thrift shops and Goodwill’s…I think that might be
classified as a thrift shop or or or handmade goods by yours truly with these
two hands slash Manos one of the few words I remember from my six years of
Spanish hopefully that’s correct. But anyways, I’m excited to show you this
first product that I found all the way from Greece, Trey Songz said it best,
that foreign. Look at this marvelous thing. Olympia, Greece from Olympia With
Love. Yeah I have a second grade reading level.
I could read that, look at this hand-painted. Hand-painted from Greece
literally it says in the bottom too. I don’t know if you can read it but it is and this is
all gold, all gold everything. Trinidad James where you at? Look at all this gold. Anyways the craftsmanship, the paint look at it, one-of-a-kind piece. A little backstory about it really quick, I was in the
foreign land of Boise, Idaho at a Goodwill perusing the aisles and this
shined in my eyes, bright! I had to put sunglasses on like a douche bag because
it was so bright. Next thing you know Rihanna comes on, “shine bright like a
diamond.” I was like girl hit that note! So I had to buy it… right after all that.
Anyways, now I’m selling it to you guys to have and to cherish so I’ll show you
some of the functionalities of this you know some of the features other than it
just looking aesthetically pleasing and being super fucking dope. It opens up, oh
oh oh, it’s a whole new world! There’s a lot of things you can do with this. First
thing DJ Khaled taught me this, “I got the keys,
keys, keys.” Keys inside, gone. You know put your keys in here, you never
have to lose them every time to come home throw them in. I know a lot of
people lose shit all the time or misplace it. My brother used to do that.
You need to have one spot we put all your shit that you have to carry around all
your important shit when you get inside your apartment, your house then when you
leave you pull it out again. It’s perfect for this. Also, you can go more
conventional route and make it like… I don’t know does anyone collect coins
anymore and go to Coinstar? I found a penny on the street. Like people just throw coins out. Like I don’t need it. So, I picked that up off
the ground probably really dirty. You can’t even see it yeah just one penny, you know, say hi to
Abe. What’s up Abe? Anyways, Abe Lincoln, for
those who we’re trying to see why I’m saying abe for no reason.
Also, you can do another conventional route by making a jewelry place…
jewelry case, sorry I can’t speak. You know some of that bling-bling. I don’t
have that much, so I need step my, my game up when it comes to jewelry. Otherwise
I’m never gonna make it in the rap game! I feel like I need to have jewelry for that.
Another thing you can do with this you know you can hide your weed in here. Your parents will never know.. condoms, tampons Anything! The possibilities are endless
this thing is amazing you can do so much with this! Just a heads up though, one of
the downfalls about this is that it’s extremely fragile. Extra fragile! So be
careful with this, you know if you have kids that run around. Dogs that jump up and down. If you’re showing this off to your friends while sippin some wine.. you know some of that Pinot, Vino. Is Pinot one too? I’m not sure but anyways be careful with it. If
it falls, it will shatter. Unless, unless a miracle happens, hallelujah! And it’s
somehow saved and you have like a mini net or trampoline underneath something
like that…but yeah this piece is amazing. You can show this off to your friends they’ll be impressed. You know if you have a girl come over or a guy, if the girls are
watching the guys come over…whatever. They see this, and are like fuck! You’re classy as fuck! This is fucking a fine piece of artwork. You know, like if my mother came over to visit me and she saw this on my coffee table,
she’d be like Frank, wow! You really matured, that’s a fine
piece of China. I’d be like, “thanks mother I know, I’m classy now!” You know, so don’t
miss out on this. Retail I don’t know it’s a one-of-a-kind piece but I would
say if this is was at an auction it would sell from upwards of $300, $400, $500… dare I say $600..but I’m selling it to you for $24.99! Free shipping! All my products are free
shipping cuz everybody fucking hates paying for shipping. So only $24.99 and
you can even like I said this is gold paint….. at least I think it is? I don’t
know, it looks gold, so you can maybe melt this down for a thousand, $2,000. I don’t know, whatever the gold is being traded at right now… Upwards of a million!!.. Perhaps, I don’t
know, but order now operators are standing by! You do not want to miss out
on this deal! Anyways, I’ll leave the link to my store for this exact product down
below in the description. So like, subscribe, comment, share with Alexa, Siri, your parents, friends, fam, dog, strangers, anybody who will listen and all the other
cliche, cliche shit. I don’t know if I’m missing anything else that people say
after a YouTube video. Anyways, thank you! Have a great rest of your day I love you.
Much love, may the force be with you namaste. Bye! šŸ™‚

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