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Top Furniture Picks & Decorating Trends For Fall

Top Furniture Picks & Decorating Trends For Fall

Lynda: We’re here to talk about some of our favourite furniture picks for this season. So what’s your favourite sofa for this fall? My favourite sofa is the Pierre because it mixes a modern style with that metal detail which adds a nice mix. I like the Innis 97″, and I like the tufting. It gives it some dressmaker detail. Let’s talk lighting. Brian: Well, I like the Sinclair floor lamp because it is a sculpture when it’s not on. Lynda: There’s the Gyoza, which has the triple heads. And there’s the Hopper. Which has two heads. I really like that one. And if they’re black, they seem to anchor a corner. Brian: And very flexible. Lynda: Favourite chair style this fall? I like the Ulrik. I think it’s light and airy. And it’s that Danish design. Brian: And the Hans chair is also that type of thing but in leather. Those chairs are great in small spaces or in front of windows because they’re not bulky. Lynda: It’s funny, my parents had chairs like that. My advice to young people: raid the attic, raid the basement and shop at Hudson’s Bay. Brian: Yes. Lynda: Mr. Ambassador.

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  1. I was soooo excited to watch this video when I saw two of my fav designers, but in my honest opinion the video was just too quick and short!! I would loved to hear and watch more about your favourite things!!

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