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Top 3 Bedroom Makeover Ideas: Home Décor Trends 2019 | JCPenney

Top 3 Bedroom Makeover Ideas: Home Décor Trends 2019 | JCPenney

Hey everyone! I’m going to give you a guide for how to achieve
3 top trending decor styles: The Minimalist, The Casual Modern & The Farmhouse. And, make sure you subscribe to the JCPenney
Channel for all kinds of other makeover tips. First up, the farmhouse. There are a few statement pieces that no farmhouse
is complete without. A quilt and some floral accents! Layer these into a casual color scheme like
lilac, or white linen, and balance mixed materials. This style is where rustic and modern meet,
so there’s lots of room to play around with the pieces and textures you like best. Next up: casual modern. Be sure to start with a neutral color palette,
such as clean white or grey. Decorate your room with classic, natural-based
furniture, adding in modern accents that will pop and add personality. Finally, the minimalist. The key to this look is keeping things simple. Stick with your monochromatic or simplistic
color scheme for your bedding and walls. Keep decor pieces to a minimum, as anything
added will need to feel special. Keep everything clean and simple, from the
lighting to the furniture, to the curtains. Three completely different looks, all in one
bedroom! For more tips on how to transform your home,
keep watching!

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