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Tome文芸館 セクシー家電

Tome文芸館 セクシー家電

Sexy Appliances The video
“Amazing washing machine with gasping voice”
once became a hot topic. A story about a washing machine
that makes a noise similar to a woman’s panting voice
because it rubs when the washing tub rotates. It will be the last resort in recession. A home appliance manufacturer mass produced
sexy home appliances for single men that applied this. In the case of a washing machine,
the voice quality can be selected,
and the voice changes slightly depending
on the amount of water. In the case of a refrigerator,
the motor sound resembles a panting voice,
and if you open the door,
you will hear annoying voice “Ohh!” The operating sound of air conditioners
and air purifiers is the same. These became a hot topic in the media
and word-of-mouth
and became an unexpected hit product. Along with the tone, rice cookers, jar pots, computers,
and even male-voiced products for fujoshis appeared. Then, a certain gas appliance manufacturer
took a piggyback on it,
and they pant even a bath pot and a water heater. A kitchenware manufacturer also sold
a whistling kettle “Sexy Blow.” Furthermore,
it entered even a certain automobile manufacturer. Although it is not possible
to make an explicit pant voice,
it was sold as
a catch phrase of “Sexual 1 / f fluctuation.” It seems to be popular
not only in Japan but also overseas.
It seems to be popular not only in Japan but also overseas. It’s a story like a lie. There is nothing to do. In other words, it is a sad and painful fact that
“Erotics can be sold even in recession.”

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  1. まさかここまできちんと紹介して下さってるとは思いませんでした!思わず笑ってしまいました(笑)迫真のあえぎを使って下さり、とうふさんにもTome館長さんにも感謝です!映像がとてもマッチしていて、昭和の懐かしさとエロスな香り漂う素敵な作品でした♪

  2. 迫真過ぎて、通報されるかもしれないけど、この面白さを公表しないのは、文化や娯楽に対して誠意が足りない気がした。

  3. とうふ嬢の痴れ具合に対抗するのは並大抵ではありませんね。

  4. これは作品として素晴らしいと思いますもの。


  5. ある割合で、どうしても野暮を含めた変な人はいるよね。

  6. とても良い作品でした!

  7. ありがとうございます。

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