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TłUSTY CZWARTEK // FAT THURSDAY // DONUT DAY // PąCZKI DAY ⎮African Queen in Poland🌍👸🏾🇵🇱

TłUSTY CZWARTEK // FAT THURSDAY // DONUT DAY // PąCZKI DAY ⎮African Queen in Poland🌍👸🏾🇵🇱

when coming to Poland make sure you try
punch key but don’t eat them a lot if not you will end up looking like a bunch
egg like me you see how because of this comeback my channel application yes my
daughter just wake up so now Misha do you know I am so happy because today is
twister Kartik yeah twist twist ridge vortac I hope that I
pronounced it well so Polish people watching let me know the comment if I
pronounced it well okay in English it’s called fat Thursday it’s the last
Thursday before Lent I will read some information about twisted heartache on
Google for you and I will try to share with you how I will spend this day at
work and at home with my colleague or with my husband :
Saturday’s called twisted far tech people are buying their favorite pass
tree from their local bakery it’s a traditional food called punch key they
are like donuts which are large deep fried pieces of specially right though
traditionally filled with plum or rose petal Jam you can also have inside
chocolates or cheese it depends on every place and they are topped with powdered
sugar icing or glaze are very consumed on this day here in Poland so everywhere
you will go you will see people eating paunchy very happy of this day because I
love point give so much you see I’m looking like a pooch what I will try to
show you how it went in my work of it how many contact I’d like to do she posted a message these are the key left we couldn’t
finish them I finished my day now I’m going back
home and also I’m sure that when my husband will come back today he will
bring a punt key factor de it’s a traditional Christian feast marking the
last Thursday before land and its associated with the celebration of
Carnaval additionally it’s a day dedicated to eating when people meet in
their homes or coffee or work with your friends and relatives they eat large
quantity of sweet cakes and other meals usually not eaten during Lent among the
most popular or national dishes served on that day our paunchy in Poland utters
make known locally as twisted fart egg it’s add a link to the church calendar
on this day for many Polish people it is the last day to eat a lot of fatty
sugary food and drink alcohol before Lent the Christian festival some Polish
people abstain from alcohol and meat completely during Lent order continue to
eat meat and alcohol during this six week period but almost every Polish
person celebrate fasters day as the final day of eating indulgent food ahead
of Easter Thursday is celebrated in Poland by almost everybody the death of
factors they chance every year because it depends on the Christian calendar and
its link to land and Easter however factors Day is always celebrated on the
last Thursday before Ash Wednesday and therefore just before the beginning of
Lent so it’s an ashen white festival all over
Poland however other country also celebrate fasters day or equivalent
including Germany Italy Spain and Greece the day is also celebrated by Polish
people living abroad in general all types of sweet and fatty foods are eaten
all over Poland on factors day but the two most popular upon turkey and faworki
they say that you will have bad luck for your entire year
do not eat at least one part key on this day league on factors there are many big
business in Warsaw and major Polish cities give ponky away as present to
staff meaning you will have no easy way to avoid seeing them
it’s a national phenomenon the second special treat of a typical of factors
they have worki these are sometimes referred to as angel wings make sure you
try these two typical polish treats issue in Poland on twisted Vortec I’m
going back home I will try to edit the video and post it today I want to say
thank you to Georgie who is helping me with Darnell her channel it’s messy
trouble so check it out our put a link on the description below and yeah let me
know the comment how many Portuguese do you think that tire I have eaten
because you know me and punch key we are so guys if you like my videos please
don’t forget to give me one thumbs up subscribe activate your notification and
share with your friends thank you for watching bye

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  1. Welcome back to all my supporters!
    Today, I am sharing with you few information about #TłUSTYCZWARTEK . How many Packi Do you think I have eaten?😆🍩

  2. Hi, you learn polish speak??? Oh fantastinc relly, im from poland, but i don't speak english and i don't know English speak XD

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