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Tj maxx  shopping with Korean!!  Clearance big sale on January

Tj maxx shopping with Korean!! Clearance big sale on January

Hello, this is worldstore look around the world of store Today, They sell brand products with cheap price One of the department store in the United States Let’s go to TJ maxx Then let’s go TJ maxx right now I’m in front of TJ maxx Then let’s go inside Because we sell American branded goods at low prices You can get the product at a really cheap price 29 dollars and 99 It’s polo padding. It’s clearance sale now, so It is $149 bench parka It is really warm and nice This is Tailor brand $16 99 I tried on my pants. Black color. I think the length and it’s cool as well Jeans This jeans is $19.99 montfort brand products The original price is $72 but it’s $19,99 now It is POLO brand denim style is $19.99 I wore jeans Jeans is wider than i thougt The bottom is wide and passes. If you see the price is on sale You might not find clothes on your fit Then go to your mobile or site You can also find the size You can also place an order online Here, see the maxx lens you click it and take pictures Now it comes out whether it’s online or not I don’t think they have it It’s Calvin klein clothes. $29 99. Look at the sign of Clearance The clearance section is cheaper than others The clearance section is cheaper than others Look, Original price is $32 $7.99 on sale now Puma brand is $14.99 Adidas brand is $14.99 The shirt is now $12.99. TOMMY brand is $39.99 now Calvin Klein is $24.99. POLO brand is $99.99 now, originally price is $150 Hello. This is tj maxx employee i’m let them know where did you get this camera? the Christmas season is over now It is on clearance sale You can see now 12 dollars and 50 10 dollars here. Oh This is cool This is cute, too. $2.99 This is furniture section It is $99.99 nourish, grow, love It is on sale with $13 Well the scent is really good. $5.99 $12 99 $4.99 You can do it like this This is also $5.99 It’s a candle holder but it’s really beautiful. It is $12.99 You can put candles in here So pretty Stone is selling too stone $14. 99 I wear 8.5 so Let me see 8.5 size, adidas shoes It is $32 Wine glass The glass set is $6.99. forks sell like this The one set has 96 forks $9.99 This cup is nice. The cup is $5.99 Or this is looks like classy for $2.99 It’s cute with a puppy picture There’s a puppy inside. This is $4.99 It is christmas season over All of them are clearance sale products. Look at it, the tree is on sale for 6 dollars and 50. The ball is on sale now and it’s $6.50 It is made from glass It is pretty So It is on sale for $8 Microphone is $19.99 The cup can be heated like this and It is $14.99 It is Sony brand… what is it Oh it’s a speaker It is on sale for $120 Wireless Bluetooth It is done TJ Maxx shopping Sorry about that there are not much stuff After Christmas and the New Year Many products is on sale but they don’t have a lot of products, like shoes and accessories. Because they don’t have many products. It’s a lot of new stuff coming next week. I’m thinking about going to TJ Maxx next week. And Marshall is almost same store with TJ Maxx. I’ll introduce Marshall too Please thumb up and subscribe Please look forward to the next video Thank you

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