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This Phone’s Fingerprint Sensor … Is Its Display

This Phone’s Fingerprint Sensor … Is Its Display

– Fingerprint sensors, they’re
the most convenient way to unlock your Smartphone,
tablet, or laptop, but they’ve always
required their own reserved bastion of space on your device. Always that is, until now. Here at CES, I just went hands-on with the first fingerprint sensor
that lives under your display. (upbeat music) Here it is, the magic
that makes it possible. It’s called the Clear ID Sensor from an industry veteran called Synaptics. At first I thought it must’ve
been an ultrasonic sensor in order to read your
fingerprint through a screen, but I was confusing it with the competing Qualcomm product due
out later in the year. This is actually an optical sensor. It sees your thumb or
finger through the spaces between the pixels of an OLED display and uses the display
itself for illumination. That fancy bit of
engineering lets the sensor hide beneath the glass and
the display layer itself. Which let’s manufactures build
a huge screen into a phone without saving bezel space
for a fingerprint sensor, or putting it around back and sacrificing battery
size or other components. Now because the sensor
is almost invisible, the software projects a graphical cue onto the area of the screen
where your finger goes. It’s smart about it too, it only offers the graphic
once you’ve picked up the phone or turned it over, or when
you need to reauthenticate. Otherwise the scanner area
is totally indistinguishable from any other part of the
screen when it’s turned on. When it’s turned off, and you get the angle
and lighting just right, you can catch a glimpse of
the sensor under the glass. You’ll notice it’s installed
at an angle on this device. Synaptics told me it was able to get faster and more reliable
fingerprint readings with an offset like this,
instead of mounting it plum. There is a speed sacrifice
that comes with this tech, Synaptics quoted a 0.7 second read time, which despite sounding fast, is actually about 75% slower
than the capacitive sensors on newer phones like the OnePlus
5T or Hauwei Mate 10 Pro. That delay makes this feel more like a phone from a few years ago. Also I didn’t have the opportunity to test it with wet fingers or dirty ones, so we’ll have to take it out
in the real world eventually and see how it does. But I’m confident the Clear
ID line will evolve rapidly, particularly once that Qualcomm
competition hits the market. And even if it’s forever
stuck at 0.7 seconds, honestly, I’ll take it. This is one of those rare
things you see at CES that really does change everything. Despite the speed difference, it immediately makes the
dedicated fingerprint sensors on my current phones
seem clunky and outdated. And it makes me excited
for a future when these will hit phones that come to the U.S., for now this particular Vivo handset looks to be the launch device and it’s expected to hit
shelves in Asia sometime in Q2. Mr. Mobile’s CES 2018 coverage is brought to you by Thrifter, a new way to save money on everything from gadgets to home goods by shopping based on value and not hype. Check out the latest deals at thrifter.com and tell them Mr. Mobile sent you. Folks, for all the new tech coming out of CES 2018 in Las Vegas, please subscribe to
theMrMobile on YouTube, and follow me at the
same handle on Instagram. Until next time, thanks for watching, and stay mobile my friends.

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  1. The amount of icrapsheeps retardation is too damn high… They even eat and spam/reproduce what their ceo/preacher tells… "Focus on perfection not innovation" If the world followed this idea since the beginning of time we would still be in caves waiting for someone to show us sth to improve it… The big thing and credits is to invent and create, all things will improve over time, thats not sth wow

  2. As much as I like the idea. I have a feeling sony wont use this kind of technology. They even refuse to go less bezel

  3. No need for it, just put it on the back, you don't sacrifice anything, Sony did it, they didn't sacrifice battery nor space…

  4. You're so dumb. You compare the speed to the two fastest finger print readers. That's like comparing a mini van to a Corvette

  5. Finally, it is a thing now. Ok, might not be perfect on a first attempt (and probably prototype), but I'm sure it is going to be very soon a fast and reliable solution. And, being a first time occurrence, it isn't dramatically bad.

  6. This will come to Apple in a couple of years and they'll say it's the first on-screen fingerprint sensor ever….. on an iPhone

  7. Did any not notice that the s8 pretty much has a button under display which you can use to unlock the device OK it doesn't have any security but it works

  8. Youre telling me that all this time, Samsung, Apple, Huawei and other giants have been unable to implement this and Vivo by way of Synaptics has successfully done it? 🤔

  9. It's a crazy innovation but in 2018 I still don't get that bezelles hype. I don't see the benefits of 18:9, I don't see the beauty in Samsung's new Galaxy phones, I don't see the bezels where I can hold onto. 18:9 I kinda get it (not really) but 18,5:9 like Samsung does? Sorry, but there are no benefits other than to put the fingerprint under the display.

  10. Hello, Mr.Mobile, I like your reviews, they are humorous and convey both good and the bad aspects of a product. I have a request, can you do Sony xperia xa2 review, especially about its camera.

  11. Since this is a first attempt, how accurate is this? I came to know that there is a camera underneath the display that takes a hi-res photo of the finger. Is it accurate enough?

  12. I really love the way you speak and present a video… Truly I am a kind of addicted to your videos keep up the good work and try to post more often 😘😘

  13. Lets since this idea makes a way for more screen, and could atleast include a headphone jack. Cause the jack module is bigger, it takes most of the lower part of the phons. Which the scanner module was smaller.

  14. .7sec! Honestly my life is not that busy 😳😉 I would take a bigger screen over a faster sensor any day. Love your reviews keep up the great work 👍

  15. Someone beat Apple to it us usual. Also as usual, Apple will eventually put it in one of their phones and claim they were they first to do this "innovative" new thing.

  16. Unlock time is a little bit slow as compare to a traditional fingerprint scanner…. But….does not required an extra step.. (🤔swipe) as compare to X phone to unlock your phone…this is future…. 👌👌👍👍


  18. @1:41 The sensor takes up about the same space as a physical one, so claiming it would consume less space is none-sense and there is more than enough space at the back of the phone. Physical sensors are more rugged and faster in general.

  19. Re-subscribed!
    I don’t know why I subscribed before but I checked the subscribe button to see how many subscriber does mr. Mobile have this 2018 and discovered that I am not currently subscribed!? Os thos youtube error?

  20. I believe the only reason why your cell phone have a finger print scanner on it just in case your phone gets stolen no one would be able to use your phone.

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