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This Is A Butt Lamp — LÜT #39

This Is A Butt Lamp — LÜT #39

Dry off tears of laughter on a doggy derriere
with one of these animal butt towel holders. After frightening the whole neighborhood with
your over-sized life-like David Hasselhoff model. Because it’s episode 39 of LÜT! Illuminate your world by grabbing a butt….lamp.
Slap It is a series of tushy-touching lights for your wall that come in a variety of colors
but they’re currently only available in 50 limited editions. The first meal of the day is important so
put it on your face using the breakfast face care pack. They’re Powder masks that will
leave you skin smooth thanks to Oatbrasion, Yogurt, and Cafe Mocha. Then stuff your face with adorable zombie
bunny chocolate that will hop along great with goat brain beer created by Dock Street
Brewery in honor of The Walking Dead. For something undead that’s a little more
personal keep your very own zombie in a necklace. That will hang around in style on this Sloth
Kong sweater. Now that you’re dressed, it’s time to play
so open up your ping pong table door and slam dunk in your kitchen thanks to the basketball
fridge magnet. But if you’re dunkin’ with a cup of coffee
in your hand use the incredible spill not so you don’t lose a drop thanks to physics. For the hungry business professional on the
go cook using the portable briefcase grill designed to look like a vintage brifedcase
and then have dessert in this shake n make ice cream device that makes delicious creations
in around 3 minutes using the impressive power of your hands. Impress your friends with these mystery box
cards designed with the help of JJ Abrahms. The box is made from 100-year-old reclaimed
wood and contains 12 decks of mystery playing cards locked with an alphanumeric combination.
And they donate $1 per pack sold to a non profit that promotes creative writing in schools. You must be exhausted from all that awesome
so take a nap in your personal bunkie. These are 106 sq foot pre assembled mini houses
are made to go anywhere and don’t require a building permit. They can be customized
to include a fireplace, queen-size murphy bed, and modular cabinetry. But unfortunately
there’s no running water. Or just go live under a banana…. umbrella,
like the one you ride around with thanks to this convenient bike banana holder. Then take a chance and gamble with dinner
using food dice that offer 186,000 recipe combinations but be sure to keep supper super
classy using these wooden wine glasses or just keep it simple AND have some cheese ampersand
crackers. Make a one-of-a-kind statement with your custom
phone or tablet skin from creative skin dot com that lets you choose from one of their
many handpainted designs or upload a picture yourself. Maybe you can get one designed that looks
like a fire breathing dragon. A remote-controlled jet-powered fire breathing dragon to be precise.
That can help you rule the skies for $60,000. Let me plug that in to charge “oh no…se
you didn’t” just insult me with the shakespeare insult generator – like a some kind of obscene
rump-fed hornbeast. Figure out what time it is mathematically
by solving some clock problems. Then determine what bull penis cane you want
– wait what? Nevermind that! Just put your favorite picture in this pixel
frame. Finally, relax your head on a chicken drumstick
pillow because you probably need some space…. tee shirt The folks at Beardo were so happy to be featured
in the previous episode of LÜT they said, “Hey we wanna give a few lucky fans some stuff!”
To which I said,”Let’s give everyone some stuff!” And they said, “That sounds awesome!” So for the rest of April get 15% off at beardowear.com
using the code “Vsauce2” So you can finally have your hat and beard
it too. And as always…. thanks for watching

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  1. So i saw the ice thingy uses salt, it it does not use the incredible power of your hands but the fact that you generate minus 18°C by melting ice with salt, since its an endotherm reaction and drains the energy  from the surroundings ( lowering temperature)

  2. Omg that face care powder pack at the beginning, is my aunts store rinse, like show owns it. And I get a bunch of stuff for free, it's awesome.

  3. I called the fact the David Hasselhoff model was from the spongebob movie instantly as I saw it, and sure enough the description said so.  Am I good or what.

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  5. 3:11 I've seen that in real life (a teacher in my high school has it in her classroom) and I honestly would just recommend a regular clock

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    O O

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