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The World’s Smallest Drone!

The World’s Smallest Drone!

A while ago I did a video on a little
miniature drone; it was orange. It was a lot like this one. At the time,
they were calling it “the world’s smallest drone”. Today I’ve got the new
“world’s smallest drone”: CX-Stars. You can see it’s 14 plus, you know there are moving parts, with propellers, don’t slice your eyeball. It is available in a couple
different colors. A big drone is pretty smart, you know
with the sensors and what not, but these guys here, this is a good way to train.
Because if you crash this little thing, well, what’s the consequence really? You’re not going to take out a power line, ruin a family’s barbeque, if you know what I’m saying. Look you can see a reflection of Jack there. Whoo ho ho! That is tiny. This little thing fits
inside, gives you a place to store it so that these two components aren’t left
apart, but when you want to charge this up you’re looking at this little USB
connector. HOLY that’s tiny. Got a couple of analog thumbsticks here. Oh yeah, also drone people are freaking
out in the comments right now going, “IT’S NOT A DRONE, IT’S NOT A DRONE, LEW.” Ok, fine, yeah cool it’s a quadcopter, alright, fine. The world seems to refer to anything with
four rotors as a drone, alright, so let’s just chill out with our terminology here.
Drone sounds a million times better alright? There’s my rant on drones and
droning. You don’t want to run it into your TV. Can you see that, Jack? That’s not what
you want to do, unless you’re one of these destruction people and that
somehow gets you off. Okay so that has juice, look, blinking juice.
This guy does not because this guy requires AAA’s. Duracell! You’re not sponsoring me yet, it’s a gadget channel. Wouldn’t it make sense? Listen, you guys need the market share.
Everything is rechargeable these days. This is your big opportunity, Duracell. Whoa, did Duracell just get a bunny as
well? That was an Energizer thing! Did they rip off the bunny? They got their own
weird-looking bunny! The Energizer Bunny and Elmo had a child, you got the
Duracell bunny! This surgeon is using a flashlight inside the flashlight of
batteries from Duracell. [Ding Ding Ding] Got some juice here… [Loud beeping] Whoa! Eeeeyeah… Whoa! Easy boy! Whop… yes! Come on hover… WHOO! BAH! BAH! Inevitable. Yea ok. NO! WHOA, I HIT IT! I HIT THAT LENS! THAT WAS UNINTENTIONAL! Let me get a shot of the [inaudible] over there. Come on, you can do this. Find that hover zone. There you go. There you go! Gonna go on a trip and it’s gonna come back home. I did a land… [gibberish] did it! What can I say? Look how cute that is. How can you not
like that? If you have no experience at all with quadcopters, you get one of these
little things I don’t even know how much it costs. I’ll put the link in the
description, but it’s like 30 bucks? Something in that neighborhood? And all
of a sudden you’re flying! Know what I mean? Take a look at it. I think you’re
not going to regret it. It’s a lot of fun. These things are fun, that’s the bottom line.

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  1. Plz read this comment;)

    At the time I posted this comment,4 hours ago, I flew my 30$ drone that was supposed to be shipped to my little cousin back in Honduras .when I finished cutting the grass with my Tio,I decided to test the drone out to see if everything was fine and that it wasn’t one of those faulty drones.everything seemed fine until mid flight when I brought it down to take a break.after the break I turned on the control and drone.when I was ready to take off,the drone wasn’t responding. I tried turning the control and drone on and off so I could get it running.then all of sudden,the drone started blinking rapidly,and took off so fast,that it was already 15ft in the air when I just noticed.(I was outside.)at that point,I lost total control of the drone because the controller didn’t connect.all I could do now was watch helplessly from the ground,watching and acknowledging the disappointment that I felt when I last saw it blinking in the distance.when I told my parents,(am 13,)about what happened I knew that I was never going to hear the end of it.and I don’t think my poor cousin would get his drone anytime soon.

  2. The small ones will always be too unstable as a law of dynamics but they could be real fun if you join them together and build a bigger one with a single control system for all. Cost effective too.

  3. Actually the Duracell bunny was theirs but in 1998 energizer parodied it and they kinda took it over

  4. None of those is smallest. Drop battery and use wireless power. Remove controlls so it has only two states (fly/fall) small and very light motor powered by induction of radio waves converted to electricity. Light plastic rotor blade. Done. Size? Fingernail.

  5. Should be called "The World's Smallest Drone for Consumers". In some lab, these are being planned at the nano scale. Imagine a swarm of these, resembling smoke. They can be controlled, powered by solar, and aimed at someone miles away, only to enter the person's nose, where it would then explode in the bloodstream…Or something like that. Nobody would be safe and there'd be no need for bullets anymore.

  6. From my experience , the smaller the "drone" the harder to control. Tiny "drones" usually does not break easily compared to the Big one

  7. Haha some kid brought that to school a den started flying it around me I didn’t know what it was think it was a fly so I smack it down, the kid flying the drone is like nooooo y did u do that? 😂

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