Hambone Blues Jam

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  1. Amazing! Thank you for sharing! 💚 Could you do a How to Clean fish odor from the grill or oven? Thnx

  2. So what happens if you are poor and can’t afford fresh fish. And have accidentally bought from Walmart frozen fish with bones and scales in, yuck. I just keep it in the freezer because I don’t know what else to do with it , I’m grossed out and disgusted !!
    Can you answer this question for the rest of the third of the world please

  3. is there any one instead ofe listen to her voice when he wants to sleep .. her voice is incridable 😊😊😊😂😂

  4. Your salmon is just a little bit overcooked. slight flakiness is ok, but once your salmon is actually flaky, it's overcooked.

  5. Very good video
    How can we cook the side dishes simultaneously? It would be so nice if you make another video showing how to prepare everything at the same time!

  6. I have tried grilling salmon on my weber kettle. I followed the same lemon method. But instead of lemon I used slices of pineapple it was on point.

  7. I love these kind of videos so much more than the ADHD inducing short ones were you barely have time to read the instructions on the screen.

  8. Don't put them in separate containers before adding them together. You're wasting water and using soap to clean it. Why don't you care about the Earth?

  9. When grilling the whole fish it would be advisable to remove the fins. As an option to using whole stuffing, we can also make a pesto to be applied inside the fish.

  10. Secret to Grilling..
    Don't close the lid, your just making an OVEN.
    Closing the lid means you're Baking something or smoking it.
    Grilling means to cook with heat from below.
    In USA Broiling is grilling with heat from above.

    Closing the lid to create radiant heat is baking or smoking on a Grill.

    I love how Tasty producer's don't know this piece of common knowledge.

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  12. Cutthe head of andclean the inside and then evenly season with your spices of choice. Wrap it in aluminium foil then grill. Check ever few minutes to see if its done then take the foil off and the skin should come right off

    Sorry for bad english

  13. 좋은 음식 잘보고 갑니다 korea food ^^

  14. Please make sure that the fish you use is sustainably sourced! I can't stress this enough. Over fishing and drifting longlines that ruins the sea bed is a horrible way to disrupt the planets eco system.

  15. If anyone still hasn’t bought metal straws yet you should check out sunnystraw.com ! They’re high quality stainless steel straws that come in silver or gold. Each order comes with 2 bendy, 2 straight, one cleaner, and one pouch. BPA-free, Phthalate-free, Lead & Toxin-free 👌

  16. Before watching this video, I tried grilling fish over lemon and orange slices. One of the worst flavours, the fish was extremely bitter from what I believe was the lemon and orange slices. I couldn't understand why because Fish is known to be grilled with citrusy fruits.

  17. I try this,and taste sooooo good ist salty, smoky,delicioso….. And whole my family love it
    But because ist summer can you make the tastiest ice cream or the 101 ice cream

  18. Wonderful. A marinade of lemon is popular but if you use lemon and orange mix the sweet flavour of orange makes the fish delicious, especially Snapper.

  19. So I don’t know/haven’t found a 101 to just plain grilling and I’m trying to do more than just simple steak and burgers blah blah on the grill but the preheat and indirect heat thing is there still a burner on for the indirect heat or….sorry maybe a stupid question but I don’t have anyone else to ask

  20. The tail is the best part of the fish. 🤤 U might think I’m weird but surely my fellow Caribbean ppl will understand. 😋

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