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  1. If you need SEO tips and you are NOT reading and listening to Brian Dean and Backlinko, you are screwing up. I am just a small businessman and I am very, very appreciative for the dynamite content he puts out there for free.

  2. How does Google know if people are sticking on your site if you don't have Google Analytics installed? Is that an indirect penalty for people not have Google Analytics installed on their sites? Is that Google's way of forcing people to use Analytics?

  3. how can i search keywords on someone else’s video from my mobile?

    also, how can i have a color background?

  4. Honestly, I don't think, even a year ago, this was new. You should have simply proofed your keyword and copy to make sure there would be no double meanings to confuse Google. Like with my company, who supply construction fasteners: I have to be REALLY careful with the word "screw". Can you see where I'm going with that example?

  5. Great video! I use something like the APP formula for my seo content work, just to add to it a little with one thing which wasn't mentioned in the video and is probably obvious to most seo's, I'm always making sure to add my focus keyword in to my promise sentence near the beginning of the content, this is the same keyword used in my meta title & description to ensure the content is relevant to the query, (those first few sentences need to hook them in and if the keyword isn't there, they'll bounce thinking the content isn't relevant) It's all about the ux with a decent keyword strategy from serps through to cro.

  6. Think I'm gonna try the bucket brigade. Still not quite sure how it works? But I'm gonna try it and see.

  7. Thanks for the video! really nice information there…. I think I would use 'bucket brigades' and see how bounce rate performs.

  8. I don't think I'm alone in opening every page that interests me in a search result, all at once. After I open the all the pages in a new tab, it might be quite awhile before I look at any one page, depending on the richness of all the other results. Am I right to believe that Google's metrics count that time as actual viewing time? I imagine they must!

  9. Folks, part of the Google business model is to squelch independent sites and make it hard to find without going through some kind of directory page first. If you have a main stream business like a hair salon or an auto repair garage, business, Google will keep you out of sight no matter what you do,

  10. I just deleted a bunch of Zombie pages thanks to you, now I'm going to give the Bucket Brigade a try and see what happens. Thank you.

  11. can you please tell you video editor that he should stop moving you from one place to another. Its kinda feels bored when I was concentrating on your speech. Nice tips by the way

  12. Brian, I just published my new WordPress site (https:top-home-design.com) I am using the Yoast plugins and submitted my sitemaps to Google and Bing. I noticed in my search console that I rank high for EAN list products? What do you suggest I do next to get some traction?

  13. Hello, thanks for this video, please does using framworks( example wordpress, jomula …) boost seo over direct coding using html, css, php and jquery

  14. Thank you so much. I've never seen this information anywhere. You're a good man.

    Never heard of bucket brigades or APP before this video. Now, I actually understand more about what "great content" means.

  15. When are you finally gonna put those mentos in the coke?

    I wonder how much Google, in respect to Backlinko, appreciates us sitting on our butts for 10 minutes watching this.

    Enough to make it worthwhile for this guy, among others, to conduct these filler-stuffed videos.

    That's the real lesson here.

  16. I'm a musician and wanna reach more viewers but I don't really know how i can apply ur tips for my videos… Any Suggestions?

  17. As I gone through your site backlinko, there is no search option. So is there any benefit od no search box. is it ????? Please answer.

  18. I'm happy I discovered your channel. In 2010 I had a successful youtube channel, ( seo was for websites not for youtube 😉 ) then I popped out for six or seven years, now I want to jump back, but man the rules are changed. I hope implementing your advice will get me back on track. Thanks Brian Dean.

  19. I just want to ask a simple question: In my niche, and I beleve in lots of niches, people buy thosands of crep links, they do not have content, they do not pay for ads, they do not pay for qulity links, no content marketing, but hundreds thousands of shitty links from all over the world from unrelated places. BUT they are at the page 1 or they are at the place one. Just an example in my niche 1. one have 1000000(one million links) from 267 different ips. Have some high authority links but 99% is like crep. But still page is on number one earning thousands of dollars each month without effort. HOW CAN YOU EXPLAIN THIS?

  20. Brian, somewhat non-relays question but I notice you post long content.

    I have a 30 day guitar series on YouTube and I want to post a blog, which will basically structured like this:

    1 – Short write up about the lesson
    2 – Embedded video
    3 – The Guitar tabs followed by a few tips

    I’ll do this for each video but this will be a super looooong blog post (for 30 videos).

    Do you recommend this long of a post? Or should I have like tabs to where you can see one section (1 vid with content) and you can click a ‘next’ button?

    Hopefully this makes sense!

  21. Tried to download your PDF, but the email never arrived after 1/2 hour, the tried to re apply for it and it told me I had to click the link in the email. And Yes I checked the "Bulk" folder as well as the junk folder- nothing????

  22. Google – what about search engines? Google is not a search engine anymore as much as a corporate controller of people like yourself.

  23. Google is a joke – most people are wasting a lot of money on Google ads – they should be using other search engines (Bing, Yahoo, etc) and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc). The problem with Google is paying for clicks. Well, 50% of the clicks are other SEO analysts and webmasters looking at your site to spy on you – with no intention of buying or using your product. The world has changed. Google isn't the only game in town, and it's not the best for business anymore.

  24. Enjoyed your informative video Brian, thanks, and for your action item at the end…yes I possibly will adopt the Bucket Brigade and the APP formula first – I can see how they can be integrated into my posts easily! Great stuff! Thanks.

  25. it looks like this actual video was posted in 2016 and then you added the "(2019)" because it was still relevant. right?

  26. The SEO ranking factor you MUST master in 2019 …. And this video was uploaded 2016
    All I'm saying this video is time traveler, great stuff man

  27. Good information here. I really like how you recycled this three year old video just by changing the thumbnail.

  28. I am on my home page now editing it to use the APP Formula – and I wrote down the bucket brigades. I am going to use both instantly. Thanks

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