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The Movado Connect Is So Beautiful I Never Want To Take It Off

The Movado Connect Is So Beautiful I Never Want To Take It Off

– [Mr. Mobile] For most of 2017, I’ve been wearing the same smart watch. And truth be told, it’s getting a little tired. So as a New Year’s gift to myself, I finally gave into the Instagram ads that have been crowding my feed and picked up the Movado Connect. It’s a fetching little smart watch that does it’s 136 year
old brand name proud. But for two big reasons, I might just have to return it. I’m Mr. Mobile and this is a first look. Yeah I’m not calling this a review because I’ve only had the
watch for a day at this point. So longer term insights about
battery life and durability will have to wait for the
possible future review. Subscribe to the channel on YouTube and leave a comment if
you’d want to see that. So the packaging here is pretty typical, which disappointed me because the Movado Connect is the most expensive Android wear device I’ve ever purchased. It’s over $200 more expensive than the first Huawei watch was at release. And the reason I’m
reaching all the way back to 2015 for that reference is because that one still holds the crown for best presentation. Given how much more the
Movado Connect costs, and the additional prestige of coming from a storied watchmaker, I expected a lot more
than just a cardboard box. Thankfully, Movado does deliver where it counts. The watch itself has a graceful simplicity that I just adore. That spartan look carries
over to the default face, which evokes of Movado’s
museum watch design from 1947. Another preloaded face
called day into night suddenly changes color to follow the sun from rise to set. And of course you can download any other watch face
through the Playstore. The display is AMOLED with good color and excellent pixel density, and the case and buckle
are stainless steel with the band between them a very soft, comfortable black silicone. Even on the charger, the details have been observed. The magnets that clip the
ring to the watch are strong and lock it tight every time, which is actually pretty rare. Oh and pro tip if you buy this, there are actually two
protective film layers on the back of the watch out of the box. Be sure to remove them both
or it won’t take a charge. It only took a few minutes
wearing the connect for me to decide it’s the
best looking smart watch I’ve ever worn. The proportions of black
to silver screamed bezel. Casing to band are just perfect. Some folks might chafe at the fact that you can’t change these bands, but I would never want to ’cause it’s gorgeous just the way it is. So why might I be boxing it back up? Well with a product as expensive as this, I can’t help but look at every
short coming more harshly. And there’s a lot that the Connect lacks. There’s no GPS, LTE, or heart rate sensor. I can forgive those because I personally
don’t care about them. I mean this isn’t a
fitness watch after all. But it’s less easy for me to overlook the old gorilla glass display covering. A wearable in this class
really merits sapphire. And while I like the charger, I wish Movado had made it a dock so the watch can be used as an alarm clock as many other manufactures do. The principle killer
for me is Android wear. Some day I might make a video detailing all of my complaints about
Google’s smart watch platform, but for now, I’ll just say it’s a confused and inconsistent system. The only thing that’s made
version two enjoyable to me is the rotating side button
on my LG watch sport. A feature that I thought
the Connect shared because I misread the spec
sheet on Movado’s website. Yeah that’s on me, but alas this is just a button. And it’s the only button. So you’re stuck using the touch screen for almost everything else. On a watch, that’s uncomfortable. And as you’ve no doubt noticed, it means the screen
gets smudgy more quickly than it otherwise would. And on top of that, recent developments at Google haven’t exactly been
encouraging with regard to Android wear as a whole. That executive departure caps
a long year of uncertainty that hasn’t been good for
the platform’s growth. Yet the fact remains. If you want a smart watch
for your Android phone, your two main choices are
Android wear or Samsung gear. And Android still has the
bigger app ecosystem by far. If you go that route and
looks are your top priority, you won’t find many with the quiet class of the Movado Connect. Certainly not from Mont
Blanc or Louis Vuitton who’s flamboyant show
pieces range from 900 all the way up to nearly $3,000. That might make Movado’s pricing a bit easier to swallow. Yes the diesels and fossils of the world are less expensive, but it wasn’t made to do battle with them. The connect is playing
in the luxury space, and doing it very well. Seeing it through that lens
makes me almost understand how people could drop
600 bucks on this thing. Almost. If you too keep a close eye on how much you get for your dollar, pay a visit to my sponsor Thrifter. Thrifter is a new way to save money on everything from gadgets to tech to home goods to fashion by shopping based on value and not hype. Hit em up for all the latest deals including some smart
watches at thrifter.com. Until next time. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe and
stay mobile my friends. (upbeat music)

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  1. I just bought my movado connect watch two days ago. I completely love it. Considering I only paid $350 and not $600. I definitely got my money’s worth. I won’t be putting mines back in the box. Awesome review though Sir.

  2. This BIG black bezel around the display is a no go. For me the best looking Smartwatch was the Fossil Gen 3 Q Explorist. But, there is no sense in these watches at all …

  3. Asus zenwatch 3 looks quite good, it also lacks GPS heart rate monitor and LTE like this one does but it's significantly cheaper. I've had no problems out of mine for the past year.

  4. The LG watch style seriously kicks ass. My Apple-only fanboy sister likes it more than her Apple watch gen 2 😂 and she's starting to like my Pixel 2 more than her iphone. Lolllll

  5. Do you think you could do a review on the Tag Heuer smart watch sometime!!!??? https://www.tagheuer.com/en-us/watches/tag-heuer-connected

  6. If you make the video review for this watch then I will watch it like I've watched all your videos since Pocketnow

  7. I can't believe they are selling such a nice watch with a silicone band. Doesn't scream luxury to me, at least not for a watch that isn't meant to be a sports watch.

  8. The bezel on the watch is so ugly though.
    I'll stick with my Asus Zenwatch 3 even though it's future is uncertain since Asus seems to be backing out of the low sales smartwatch game

  9. I'll have that face on my Huawei watch with the black stainless case and band and it will look 100x better. And function better lol.

  10. I have the movado bold black and green and I see one of the presets mimics my watch so that was pretty cool to see. But its a shame that for the price you pay it lacks in many aspects

  11. You saying $600 is rough which, which it is, but people out here dropping hundreds of dollars for Apple watches.

  12. Ok…so basically it's a much more expensive, much thicker and bulkier, LG watch-sport-sized LG Watch Style. People give the watch style so much hate, but it's the thinnest android wear watch, and the bezels are so much smaller than those huge, ugly, black bezels on the Connect. The Style lacks the same features as the connect, so I really don't get why so many people are rating the Connect so well while hating on the style. It's a smaller and slimmer package with basically the exact same specs…

  13. Try diesel proguard Android watch. I have tried almost all popular Android smart watches, and loved deisel's

  14. You said that the magnets for the charger are strong and lock it in place real well, but I've had mine for a couple of days now and it's actually really hard to connect the charger and it come loose without hardly any force at all. Do you think mine might be defected and should contact movado?

  15. Just bought a Xiaomi Amazfit Pace, is it possible for you to review one? or even the Pace 2. Would love to know what you think

  16. I actually don't see the aesthetics. It looks too simplistic to me and also a little plasticky with the band

  17. Luxury class… sure. It has fuckin plastic straps, gorilla glass screen and android wear (or wear OS whatevs google). Luxury watches are expensive because they are treated like pieces of jewelry with exquisite fit and finish and attention to detail. Disregarding design because that's subjective this has the fit and finish of a 20$ piece. And android wear has the refinement to match, just look at 0:40 how the whole watch face shifts to the left. Disgusting! I've been having the same problem on my Huawei watch for months and it's driving me crazy. I only wear it because the notifications on the wrist are very convenient to me and I'm not an Apple guy, but damn I wish there were better choices out there.

  18. so if you never want to take it off …. but think its an old fashioned featureless overpriced thing with no gps, heartrate or anything much at all? and you took it off?

  19. looks at video title oh right, for a second there I thought this was an "wearos review" video, what happened to the movado connect? does it's band hold up? how heavy/light is it? how is the screen outside? how well does it hold up in rainy weather? is it comfortable to wear all day? is it comfortable enough to wear to bed? how is the battery life compared to other similar watches (i.e. wearos with NFC and no LTE)?

    anyone who has worn enough watches will know, rubber bands are a bit tricky. G shock is a heavy as hell watch, but you never FEEL that because the band is well made. OTOH, g watch sport has a really badly done rubber/silicone band, where you actually start to FEEL the weight of the watch (and at times it feels like the watch face is just going to tear right out and drop off).

    how is this a reivew of a WATCH? you know you're reviewing a WATCH right, not a phone.

  20. I have the Movado Connect and the LG Sport. I wear the Sport most often but love them both.
    I also love Wear 2.0. I done get your issue with Wear. 2.0.

  21. Having a clue what you mean by aesthetically attractive that watch looks like something out of the eighties and not the attractive side of the 80s more like the Kitsch girls want to have a fun era.

  22. Bruh, the Wear24 costs like, less then 1/10th of this one, and it has a better battery, more ram and for the rest basically the same specs!

  23. Design opinions are like bungholes, everyone has one.
    For me it looks like a hockeypuck with a 60 dollar Casio watchband.

  24. Even though I love android tech, I'm just going to say stick with an apple watch bc they look so sleek, simple, and elegant. The display is visually much more appealing on the apple watch than most android watches. It offers much productivity such as quick access to music, see your texts, and other apps. Even though they cost $300, they're an actual product from apple that is worth the money.

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