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The Levitating Lamp

The Levitating Lamp

Can I call you Brent? Great. Well your resume
looks fantastic. And I see that you’ve
got a lot of– Brent? Marketing experience. I also see that you’ve got some
customer service experience. But what we really want to
see is– we’ll let you know. Lamps really haven’t changed
much since Edison’s time. Until now. The Levitating Lamp is a
revolutionary accent light. The remarkably cool lamp
shade floats three centimeters above the base. And unlike the Great Zombardi’s
questionable magic tricks– And now. For my greatest trick. Levitating man. Boo. The Levitating Lamp
is not an illusion. The only thing between the
shade and the base is air. The lamp works by floating
a magnetic disc that supports the shade
on a magnetic field. Both the disc and
the base contain powerful opposing magnets. And four electromagnetic
coils in the base compensate for minor
bumps and disturbances by adjusting the magnetic field
over 1,000 times per second. Six white LEDs
illuminate the shade and provide soft light
that complements the lamp’s high-tech design while
three downward facing lights cast a glow on the
brushed metal base. Touch sensitive
switches separately control the upper and
lower illuminating LEDs. For truly distinctive
mood lighting, buy the Levitating
Lamp now at Vat19.com Vat19.com. [LAUGHTER] It’s so disconcerting.

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  1. what's the point in buying it for 200 or 100 dollars if it does the same thing as a normal lamp ya it levitates so what it doesn't move by its self or does stuff for u still have to click the buttons and all that hey google is better then this

  2. $150????

    Reasons why this is not a fair price:
    1.That line that goes through the middle just ruins the look
    2.It should levitate higher like 6 cm
    3.The light needs to be brighter(the guys book at the end can be barely seen)

    Me:*shows mom the video*
    Mom:*grabs purse and kicks door down and drives to store passing red lights and going 100 speed per minute*
    Me:Dad Mom’s passing the red lights again for a levitating lamp*
    Dad:*does the same thing Mom did*
    Me:Should I show my brother who can drive and will do the same thing hmmmmm
    Me:YEAH shows brother as he does the same thing
    Me:*sings* I’M ALL BY MY SEEEEEELF

  4. You people are liars it's not Edison's it's Tesla's work all thanks to you people that are idiots Tesla Is It Real Genius behind it

  5. I'd go for this but the touch sensitive ruins it for me. I hate anything touch sensitive……. especially in the dark.

  6. That lamp looks sooo freaking cool😎 by levitating. I could use that as gift🎁 or use for my office.

  7. Man I want stuff from this channel so bad but then my parents would think it’s weird as hell for me to be watching this channel 🤣

  8. ok diy levitating lamp
    Step 1: cut ur lamp horizontally
    Step 2: glue a string to the lamp
    Step 3: attach the string to something

  9. Kinda expensive for a cool looking lamp that looks like it barely gives off light (what it’s SUPPOSED to do) and has an annoying line through it

  10. I could probably make a BETTER version of that for cheaper. I thought it would be maybe… $50 at most, but NOPE! $150. VAT19 has overpriced products but their challenge videos and things are good so yeah

  11. me: sees its $150 well looks like I am not buying it or my wallet will hurt.

    Rich me : ahh I dont want to buy it

    Rich me's wallet: am I a joke to you

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