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  1. What if instead of her place being haunted the spirit or demon is with her ? So when ryan and shane were there nothing happened but when she is there she can communicate with it !

  2. plzzzz investigate kathleen lights' house. I've been dreaming about this collab since her "there's a ghost in my house" video.

  3. ryan and shane should sleep in loey’s apartment. afterall they really riled the place up and shook her. maybe you'll also get more evidence. #postmortem

  4. Shane looks like he walked out of Tucker & Dale but got distracted on the way out and walked into Scooby Doo. #roastmortem

  5. "Demons prey on vulnerability, and nothing is more vulnerable than a person alone"

    Me, watching alone in an empty house: sweats nervously

  6. So not really a #postmortem question more of a give you an insight of what you horrors you just did hahaha
    Im from Philipines and you already know how whack our spiritual beliefs are.

    What Loey has in her apartment is indeed a clear sign of a demonic pressence. Based on all the things she felt and saw also maybe you can ask her if she smelled somthing that smells like decaying meat or similiar to that because that would be another sign also when she has house flies for no aparent reason. I've actually seen and felt this personally everytime we would go and exorcise people and clense their house right after (thats actual sh*t you dont wanna see personally coz it f*cks u up).

    You may have pissed it off even more by messing around with it and yes Ryan you indeed opened that methaporical "pickle jar". This is probably one of the most dangerous things you guys have done hahaha so thats cool but please please get someone to actually clense and bless that apartment because its jot going to get better it will get worst trust me.

    Ps. Huge fan of your show and you guys love from all your fans here in th PH ♡

  7. My personal opinion : I think loey has a tendency to exaggerate every little experience she can't explain as paranormal because she's a believer. Her YouTube channel is full of storytime/horror videos about paranormal experiences that just could be a mistake on her part. Plus we all know storytime Youtubers exaggerate everything. I think both Ryan and Shane realised that which is why they weren't taking the investigation seriously.

  8. Summary of comments (lit these are the only comments) for those scrolling
    -loey dying whilst they floss
    -shane looks like shaggy
    -lmao stay hydrated

  9. Shane: turn the left flashlight off and turn the right flashlight on
    Proceeds to count to ten
    Demon: no
    Shane: you didn't do i—–
    Demon: did it
    Shane: not bad

  10. #postmortem: has she ever made an appointment to a psychiatrist??? No offense but she may be suffering from some mental illness like schizophernia or something.. ! I really recommend her this option❤

  11. I don't believe her story's I've seen glasses slide of my kitchen side's many of time's but every time it has happened the side has been wet.

  12. Shane.. I don't think you acting like you are possessed will actually get you possessed because.. if i was a ghost I'd probably laughing at you :))))))))

  13. I really shouldn't be watching this right now… I live alone and there's a thunderstorm, and there's an intermittent loss of power due to ongoing electrical repairs near my block.

  14. I’m today’s episode of buzzfeed unsolved we see Shaggy teaching a mere mortal to dance in the presence of a demon

  15. #postmortem I wonder if there is a maintenance person at her apartment, who might come in and move things and leave cabinets open. A lot of the things she describe can be sleep apnea or hyperrealistic dreams or various medical issues which cause bruising, or maybe her apartment is over a metro line which causes uneasy vibrations. I am not necessarily a skeptic myself, and she is clearly totally freaked out which is upsetting to see. But the things moving and cabinets… that apartment is too recently built to have really crooked cabinets. I suppose there could be minor earthquakes shaking things and opening cabinets.

    Anyway, I once came home to an open cabinet and a stack of bowls on my kitchen counter. Turns out the maintenance guy who came to unclog my bathroom sink was looking for a bowl to catch water when he undid the trap in the sink pipe, and he just neglected to put things back.

  16. #postmortem Shane: can you give me a scientific explanation of how those flashlights turned on and off after you asking them to? And Ryan, what do you truly think is in that room, if anything? – I love you guys so much! But sorry Shane, #boogara

  17. Ryan why aren't you scared? The flash light DID turn on no? 😍 at least you look cute when your laughing at the face of the demon #postmortem

  18. Hjahsndngngn Loey doing her solo investigation, possibly making more contact than both Ryan and Shane combined and then Shane teaching Ryan how to floss literally meters away I,,,,,

  19. #postmortem PLEASE can ryan do an episode alone i feel like shane scares the ghosts 😂😂 might be why ryan acc has experiences and they tend to only talk to those open to it

  20. #PostMortem 100% a shaniac here but was that moment at 7:57 possible ghoul activity or just Shane not understanding how a flashlight works?

  21. Can't Sleep Explained: She is morbidly obese and probably should see a doctor about sleep apnea. She could really be sick with diabetes or something and should see a doctor so it doesn't get worse.

  22. Shane: If you're a demon, turn both the flashlights off

    both turns off


  23. shane: turn the left flashlight off and the right flashlight on
    demon: puny human you can't tell me what to do
    shane: you didn't do it >:(
    demon: i'm sorry sir i'll do it right away

  24. Whoa.. this is definitely the most convincing episode. I wish Shane played back the footage/audio and said his thoughts on it because that was way more than they've gotten from every other episode put together. I feel bad for Loey and how they just dismissed and left her so fast.

  25. well nothing happened to them since the annabelle investigation so.. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♂️

  26. The woman asked to if she could come in now before and then when Loey did the spirit box session she asked to come in again… seems like a pattern. Maybe it's an entity wanting to help since it was a female voice. The male voices was way more intimidating laughing at her and playing with Loey. #postmortem

  27. #POSTMORTEM The voice at 26:01 sounds like "yo tambien" or "you wanna come in?", a female voice compared to the male voice that she was talking to initially. So either a Spanish speaking spook agreeing that it ALSO feels chills, or I wonder if that female voice is the same that knocked on her door asking to come in before? Not sure why it would ask again, unless that spirit or whatever claimed the apartment as its own and now is asking Loey if she wants to be there. Who knows!
    If there's something there, it's attached to Loey, not the apartment, considering neither of you got anything on the spirit box, on EVP or much flashlight evidence (except Shane who endlessly taunts the spirits). Love you guys! Hope Loey is alright. If she moves out and experiences the same things, she's definitely the one haunted 🙁

  28. I love Loey and I remember her making these paranormal updates from that place. But BuzzFeed, please get rid of douchebag Shaggy. This is real, have respect going into this. It's terrifying for those of us who are living with these experiences every day.

  29. Many of us seem to hear quite different words/phrases from the spirit box. Do you guys remember the yanny/laurel challenge, which showed that our ears are wired to either higher or lower pitch levels, and perceive sounds differently? Since the spirit box is an electronic device, it seems like a prime candidate for producing sounds that can be interpreted in multiple ways. Even though I'm a shaniac, it's interesting to think… What if a spirit were communicating at a frequency we have difficulty understanding? #postmortem

    (This is in regard to some hearing "__ come in" and others hearing "listen to me" – two very dissimilar phrases)

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