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The Halogen Tungsten Lamp

The Halogen Tungsten Lamp

The Halogen Lamp what we have here is a halogen lamp properly known as tungsten halogen or quartz halogen lamp and this lamp is actually an incandescent source which a lot of people may or may not be aware of It works on the same principle as an ordinary incandescent bulb current passes through a high resistance filament heats it to a high degree of incandescence and it produces bright white light The difference with halogen is number 1: the outer envelope is made out of quartz instead of glass and it’s much smaller for the same voltage and that’s one reason for quartz, to withstand the higher heat because of the smaller bulb Secondly the bulb is filled with a halogen gas which is unique in that it causes what’s known as the halogen regenerative cycle when the filament operates, tungsten atoms will evaporate off of the filament and deposit on the inside of the bulb and it will cause the bulb to blacken over time which is familiar with ordinary incandescent halogens don’t usually blacken much, if at all because when the atoms come off of the filament they unite chemically with the halogen and when the halogen cools the chemical compound changes yet again and actually redeposits the tungsten atoms right back on the filament again and that prevents the filament from thinning down quickly and evaporating so you can run it at a higher temperature and produce more light at greater efficiency with no loss of lamp life, as a matter of fact you can increase the efficiency over an incandescent quit a bit and actually get a longer lamp life from a halogen. Which is a great advantage to it The only main disadvantage of this lamp is that they run so extremely hot and they better off to be put in outer envelope like these types are for household use And also you can’t touch the bulbs with your fingers because if your skin oil gets on the quartz and it gets hot it goes through whats known as denitrification which is what happened to this lamp you see the quartz is all discolored and messed up the filament is actually still intact but the reason this why the bulb looks like it does is because somebody touched it with their bare hands and then put it in use and the heat of the lamp actually damages the quartz if this lamp would be put in service it wouldn’t last very long and it might even explode. so, when you install a quartz lamp that has no outer bulb, no outer envelope always hold it with a piece of tissue or like I’m doing it, hold it by the base and don’t touch the quartz. if you do touch the quartz use rubbing alcohol and tissue paper to clean it up before you put it in service and you don’t have a problem. these are known as double ended halogen lamps because the current is fed in from the both ends of the lamp almost like a fluorescent tube and of course there’s single ended format lamps as well which, again the automotive lamp the headlight bulb is a single ended halogen type bulb and this one’s for overhead projector single ended type and theres smaller versions of these that you find in under-cabinet lighting 12 volt ones and line voltage ones for a variety of applications. other single ended lamps are the ones that have an outer envelope like this small floodlight bulb that’s screws directly into a socket this are for track lighting and accent lighting in a home and in business you got you’re single ended bulbs for general lighting and this are coming out in different types now this is an older version but they are still popular today in a BT 50 outer envelope it’s a standard socket and these are actually a great alternative to compact florescent bulbs they are still considered energy efficient yet they don’t have the quirks that CFL bulbs do and they have the same color quality as a standard incandescent plus they are dimmable which most CFL’s are not. For chandelier lighting now they have halogen bulbs, which are a little more energy efficient what we have here is a 500 watt T3 halogen bulb, which is probably the most familiar type of halogen beside of the automotive type ones. this particular format is actually the original format of halogen bulb, which came out back around 1962 here’s a pretty nifty halogen lamp it’s made by Eye Iwasaki electric company in Japan end what this is it’s what they call a double envelope halogen lamp this bulb was probably used for general lighting, maybe in factories in a high bay fixtures

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  1. @BabyIYours Thanks, some projects are funded better than others per minute, and the volume of raw media that has to be processed varies, long videos (like oral history interviews) have less intensive editing and less time allocated for thoughtful post production.

  2. Rubbing alcohol has adulterants added. What will these do to the lamp? It would be safer to use 91% isopropyl alcohol and it's not that much more costly.

  3. Does that "Double Envelope Halogen Lamp" emit high level of radiation? 
    I live in Vancouver, Do you know which store I can buy it from? Thanks

  4. Rubbing alcohol has adulterants added. What will these do to the lamp? It would be safer to use 91% isopropyl alcohol and it's not that much more costly.

  5. I bought a home which had several nice looking tungsten halogen fixtures. I refurbed them all with LED bulbs. Halogen lights are passed it. It's basically a heating element that incidentally provides some light.

  6. Not "when it cooles": the tungsten halogen salt is split (thermolysis) by the heat of the glowing tungsten filament. That way the tungsten is deposited back to the filament.

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