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The Car Of Tomorrow? My Ride In The Mercedes Concept EQ

The Car Of Tomorrow? My Ride In The Mercedes Concept EQ

– I saw a lot at South by
Southwest: augmented reality headphones hidden in Bose
sunglasses, a popstar singing on a smart car in a big
plastic bubble, I even got to pay a visit to Westworld. And to cap off this week of
wonderful weirdness, I got a peek at the future of electric cars. At least, the ones from Mercedes-Benz. I was just tapping stuff til it happened. I’m Mr. Mobile and this is
the Mercedes Concept EQ. Okay, so, if you’re one of
my fellow smartphone lovers, you’ll know that the word
concept in a product name means two things: one, it’s
going to be packed with some awesome or insane features,
and two, it’s probably never going to be released. Well, if you’re captivated
by this concept, good news, it’s got all the futuristic
flare you’d expect, and a lot of it is actually
coming to a car you can buy. The EQC, expected later this year. The Concept EQ packs all the
basics you’d expect from an electric car that first
broke cover in 2016. Two electric motors with
a combined 300 kilowatts, powered by a floor mounted
battery rated at roughly 70 kilowatt hours, which
Mercedes says can drive the car a max of 310 miles between charges. We didn’t get that far in
our 500 feet of test asphalt in Austin, but I did get a
feel for the zero to sixty time of five seconds thanks to my
driver, Udo, who was adept at feathering the stop and
go pedals to keep us pinned to our seats without
crashing us into Coyote Ugly at the end of the road. – By the way, some of this
footage comes courtesy of Mark, over at Mobile Geeks,
my ride partner for this test drive. I’ll link to his video
down in the comments. Adding to the sense of speed
and spaciousness, a glass roof running nearly the full
length of the car, bisected by a spine ending in an overhead
monitor that replaces a rear view mirror. The side mirrors have also
been retired in favor of bullet-shaped, rear facing
cameras that feed screens embedded in the doors. Looks great, right? – That doesn’t look like anything to me. – Yeah, sadly those monitors
weren’t working at the time of my ride along, which of
course, begs the question, how much innovation is too much? Are a few percentage points
of aerodynamic efficiency worth sacrificing the
reliability of a dumb mirror? I don’t know. Elsewhere, the Concept EQ
makes more practical use of display technology. The dashboard is dominated
by a 24 inch screen that overlays things like the
speedometer, atop a high def map of your surroundings. You control that display
with a pair of touchpads on the steering wheel and a
trackpad on the armrest, one which gave me no small amount of joy when I discovered it. Oh that’s wild, oh and I
can do pinch to zoom, too. – [Passenger] No way. – Oh, this is cool as hell. Generally speaking, I’m not
a huge fan of touch sensitive controls in cars. I prefer the knobs and switches
still favored by auto makers like Chevy. But remember, back at TES,
when I was learning all about Mercedes’ ambitions
for autonomous driving? Yeah, it’s pretty clear the
company is planning for a future where the driver is a thing of the past. The people in the car, just passengers. Speaking of, riders in
the two back seats here, don’t get left out of
the computerized fun, with oversized displays
taking up the entirety of the seat backs in front of them. When you want to get out,
you can slide to unlock, like an iPhone or just
lightly squeeze the handle to open the door. Lastly, you’ve probably
noticed that the Concept EQ is an SUV that loves it’s lights. Personally, I dig them too,
because I like all my cars to look like Starfleet shuttlecraft. You can adjust the lighting
color yourself, and the intensity of those lights
changes automatically, depending on how fast the car is going. That seems unlikely to
make it to production, along with the lit Mercedes
star and LED faux radiator. Not that it doesn’t look
cool, just that it may not be quite kosher with your
local law enforcement. Recently released photos of
what might be the production version, the EQC, back that up. But one thing I hope does
stick around is the lighting on the climate control
vents, which changes color, depending on whether you’re
using the A/C or heat. At the end of my ride along
I asked how much of this future tech would make it to
the EQC, coming later this year and Mercedes answer was
more than I might expect. Exact timing has yet to be
pinned down, but if the range and power promises pan out,
the EQC looks likely to be an alluring competitor, at it’s expected entry price of $45,000. And if even half of these
creature comforts make it to the end product, well I’ll
be very excited to take it for a full review ride. Be sure to subscribe to
the Mr. Mobile on YouTube, so you don’t miss it. This video was brought to you by thrifter. Thrifter is a new way to
save money on everything from gadgets to home goods by
shopping based on value, and not on hype. Check out the latest deals
at thrifter.com and tell them Mr. Mobile sent you. That’s it for this one, folks. For more of my adventures
at South by Southwest, check out my Instagram
channel at The Mr. Mobile and be sure to check out my
other electric car test drives here on YouTube at the same channel name. Until next time, thanks for
watching, and stay mobile, my friends.

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  1. Mike – been digging your throw backs lately. As a longtime PDA, PPC, Smartphone user would like to see more 👍🏻

  2. Nice video. But I think I do not like the concept of riding basically a smart phone. I think too much tech, monitors, sensors, cameras are cancelling the original fun of riding a car.

  3. I dig the cameras as side-view mirrors, but yeah, I agree with the touchpads/touchscreens in vehicles. There's a reason why I connect my phone to my car's bluetooth stereo and use its buttons to control the music and volume: it's tactile and I get a better control with buttons instead of a touch-whatever.

  4. As a concept, it looks very cool. However, it seems almost too futuristic. I want a rear camera and standard side mirrors. And the back of the front seats needs to protect heads in the event of a crash, not just to be a HUD. And most people will still probably just use their phones instead. I prefer Tesla's simplicity to this somewhat over-designed car, but I appreciate Mercedes putting this out to show it off.

  5. At first this cars looks amazing then I started to realise the concept behind this concept car which is of course is cleaner and greener car but in reality a car like concept eq is more harmful to our mother nature. I'm not saying cars like these shouldnt be developed but I believe that these cars should to priced much higher to prevent it to become commodity.

  6. After following you by almost 4 years by now, let me tell you some words i have for you Michael.
    Firstly i appreciate your acting skills "i know you love that" and you are good at that.
    Secondly, your content & materials, may be getting ready for every new video quickly however i appreciate your homework.
    Thirdly diversified choice of subject you select. I personally enjoy and thank you.
    Keep going up, i wish to meet you one day, let me know if you have plan to come-down to India. Welcome.

  7. These all look hella cool but just the thought of being unable to repair the car myself if it breaks down in the middle of nowhere is creeping me out. I'm all for future tech in my cars but more so if I can hack into its insides

  8. Great video as always. Interesting car and a taste of the future. Call me old school, but I still prefer a big powerful petrol engine!

  9. I‘m a German myself and I see the future of „electric cars“ in the US. Not sure it’s Tesla or not – but I see that the US Americas are leading with digital things and have the imagination to bring it down to nice things. Germany was good with „classical engineering“. But there is a lack of creativity and „thinking out of the box“. They are just good with putting existing things together.

  10. The bullit shape camera's are Nice looking, but extremly dangerous for kids, if You hit them,
    Keep them on the roof
    The rest is futa- ris -stick-👽

  11. Looking at those rear TV sets, looks like Ingress OTG. Imagine that! Your team in the car, cruising from portal to portal, in style.

  12. I'm not an engineer by any means, but why not throw a Dynamo that charges up the car batteries using the wheels movement?

  13. Call me old fashion but I hate it when cars are being turned into iPhones. Electronics are always less reliable. Good luck having the swipe to unlock gesture open the door after an accident.
    I get the necessity of self driving cars and that they are the future (even if I hate it). But putting so many needless electronics is asking for trouble.then again, it's turning into an extreme consumersitic culture where everything needs to be replaced and updated each year.

  14. I absolutely love tech in all forms…but this is just too much. I want mirrors and some knobs AND I want to drive myself not a passenger. I'm a driver not a passenger since getting license over 20,years ago.

  15. another SUV, where are the smaller cars for the people and not for the rich men. And all this glossy screens are not really clever, there is no need for high resolution in a car.

  16. I'll be a sad man if that blue glowing grille doesn't make it to production. ☹ It's one of the things I liked most about this crossover. Oh well. At least there's the Tesla Model X, Jaugar I-pace and electric Audi crossover (soon).

  17. sorry but those rgb lights everywhere and the screens for the rear seats are too gimmicky for me, but the 45k (probably for the base model) price point is something nice considering Tesla 3's prices even if the latter isn't a SUV

  18. Funnily enough, the wing mirrors add a lot to the drag coefficient of a car but regulations of many countries demand a physical mirror.

  19. Everytime you film yourself looking into the camera I get a Zoolander vibe 😂 You guys have the same look!
    Also great video and a awsome channel you got!

  20. I like your videos but i think you shouldn't review cars even if it just a concept. you are not a petrolhead or person who drove many cars .we all know that the monitors are just to impress people its illegal to drive without mirrors now or in the futur and interior lights are not new thing actually the present are better if you drove S500 you know what i mean.the whole idea of this car is show the world that MER know how to make E-cars not only tesla like what Renault did with SYMBIOZ.

  21. I wonder how much battery you would save for additional miles if they got rid of all the unnecessary tech. Like if they used mirrors, manual door handles, manual adjustable climate controls and smaller screens? Hell, I wonder how much more you'd save by taking out the self driving tech most of these have; it might actually be an electric car most people could afford. When diesel came out in a big way, it didn't feel the need to reinvent the wheel, it just improved fuel economy which is what people cared about. Maybe an EV that focuses on range and zero emissions would do well, as opposed to something costly that will reek of buyers remorse when it brakes.

  22. as interesting as it is when companies talk of the 'future' with all these potential automated features, I completely disagree with where companies are wanting to take the world of transportation and employment.

    with the direction that these technologies are headed, it will eliminate BILLIONS of jobs and would never create enough technological careers to compensate for those lost jobs. an economical horror story.

  23. Mark (of MobileGeeks) and I chat about the Concept EQ for a bit longer in his video. Check it out if you want an interview-style take! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Zx_CB7R_q4

  24. keep in mind they need lot of stuff to stop working for the shops to make money off fixing things .. many car markers have found out alot of stuff does not need fixing in a EV

  25. Give me regular mirrors. That is a tad over the top. Also, those seats look cheap and uncomfortable as hell!

  26. If you need to conserve energy (which you really need to do in an electric car of today,) why waste energy on fucking rear-view mirrors!?

  27. Even though I'm not a massive fan of most EV vehicles' standoutish aesthetic, I actually like this one.

    What I'm not a fan of however is the idea of a future where cars are no longer controlled by us and we're relegated to passenger status.

  28. Side mirrors being replaced I'm not to keen on but the worth the limited back visibility of so many cars I would be interested in A centre mirror camera

  29. Piece of shit digital mirrors already not working. If you think this is not a money pit you're wrong. 21st centurt Mercedes are made to break… Sadly. People will be queueing to get these shits fixed. Touchscreen door locks? Good luck getting out after car crash. Hackers will sure have lots of fun

  30. Dude I totally want that lighting and interior design. That is hella cooler than Tesla interiors haha. Quite a nice work of art.

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