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The Book of John (Introduction) | Spoken Word

The Book of John (Introduction) | Spoken Word

In the beginning, Jesus
created the heavens and the earth. In the beginning, he
was with God and was God. In the beginning,
Jesus was the Word. And it is this Word who made
men that men wrote about in words. For when women and men encountered
him giving them bread in the wilderness, or shepherding them through brokenness,
or bringing light into a world of darkness, they would write of this Word using words which forms
what we know in the present as the Old Testament. And the one word they would write again and
again was the Word’s name, which was I Am. And this Word, this I Am, would be encountered
afresh, not as an invisible Word but in visible flesh. So, people began again
combining paper and pen to tell the story of this Word
named Jesus they had come upon. And one of those people
was a man named John. John says he wrote these
things so that you might believe. Believe that Jesus is the
Word of God from eternity past, and that this eternal God has
come to dwell with us at last. But that is a lot to believe, and for
many, it just crosses too many lines. Which is why John records Jesus saying, “If
you don’t believe me, at least believe the signs.” For these signs are the things
Jesus did which pointed to who he is. Some of them were miraculous like what
Jesus did at a wedding that had run out of wine, or what happened at his
friend Lazarus’ grave plot site. But miracles are not his only signs. He also did symbolic works like what happened
with the merchants at the temple who sell and buy, or what he said to a woman
at a well who was tired and dry. And through all of it, whether
miraculous works or symbolic guides, what these signs point to is what Jesus is
heard teaching in nearly every one of John’s lines. It’s that he is divine. He is the very same God seen
throughout the Old Testament. All of Jesus’ signs, every one of them, points
to the fact that he is God who was called “I Am.” Which is why Jesus says, “I Am,”
all throughout John’s account. He says, “I Am the bread of life,” that
fed God’s people in the wilderness. He says, “I Am the shepherd,” that
led you through your brokenness. He says, “I Am the light,” that
first shone into darkness. He says all of this, “I Am the resurrection;
I Am the vine; I Am the way, the truth, the life.” And he does this to show that he is God, the
Word, who was before the beginning of time. Which is a lot to believe,
and it’s why Jesus said, “If you don’t believe me,
at least believe the signs.” For these signs not only pointed
back to prove who Jesus is, they also pointed forward to
prepare us for what he ultimately did. And whether the sign was the water he turned
into wine at a wedding that pointed to the blood he would be shedding, so that he may provide for
his bride, the church, a marriage that is never ending. Whether the sign was raising Lazarus from
the dead that pointed to what he would do from his own deathbed to earn for all
who believe in him a final resurrection. Whether the sign was turning over tables in
the temple to show that his sacrificial death would fulfill that of which
animals were only a symbol. Whether the sign was offering eternal
water to an outcasted Samaritan to show that he would be struck to provide
living streams of life for every nation. Whatever the sign may be, the message
it would tell is that this Jesus who is God, the I Am, was going to accomplish
his plans through death and burial. That is what the signs pointed to. On the cross is where
their meaning was unfurled. That the I Am would be the lamb who
dies to take away the sin of the world. But Jesus would perform a final sign
that would prove he is the I Am, the Word, who in the beginning spoke and the universe was
made, and that sign is that Jesus rose from the grave. That is why John wrote his book to give
us the signs that point to who Jesus was, what Jesus did, how
Jesus died and rose to life. And now, John’s Gospel comes to
each of us and asks the same thing. To please look at these pages,
see the signs of Jesus, and believe. Thank you for watching our
introduction to the book of John. We are Spoken Gospel, and
we are a nonprofit dedicated to speaking the gospel out of
every single corner of scripture. We’re making video introductions
to every book of the Bible showing that book’s main theme and how
that theme is fulfilled in Jesus and his gospel. And we’re able to make these videos along
with our video devotionals and our podcasts all because of the generous
support of people like you. We give all of our resources
away for free because we have a group of monthly and one-time
donors that help make all this a reality. So, if you want to be a part of that
group or view the rest of our free resources, we invite you to go over to

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  1. Hello. I've been looking through the website trying to figure out how to cancel a recurring subscription. I've changed my primary card and need to sort out recurring charges before the next billing cycle. Love the videos, btw. If anyone can help me figure this out, that would be great!

  2. I love the acting of the word of God through this ministry. It comes alive in my Spirit and mind. Its reality. Anyone can understand the word of of God this way.

  3. Well done! You guys are doing a great job! May God continue to use you in your ministry to both encourage believers and to point seekers to Jesus!

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