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The biggest mistake you can make in last shelter survival

The biggest mistake you can make in last shelter survival

Guys thank you so much I before we get
started guys I don’t want to make this as quick as I can thank you thank you so
so much to every viewer to every person that believes in my channel to every
person and is constantly contacted me please feel free to do so guys um look
at this man am I going to my back office analytics
and I mean obviously a lot of views in the last 28 days but more importantly
guys in the last year you guys have made it possible for my channel to hit 1
million views guys and for some of these large channels out there in the world
it’s nothing for them they get a million views video for me guys it is a
testimony and a testament to just how amazing you guys are and thank you let’s
go ahead and get started man thank you again all right all right all right guys
this is Acer spades team PLA state 268 we are number one and guys today this
video is for last shelter survival the biggest mistake you can make guys there
are a lot of mistakes you can make in this game but the biggest and most
egregious one is the one we’re gonna talk about today and the make it really
really clear guys make it really really clear those mistakes are actually what
inspired my channel the worst mistake you can make plagues every single player
throughout their entire journey to base 25 and I will give you several examples
in this video that take place so make sure you pay very close attention but
first let’s talk about the mistake itself the mistake guys is even
development it even development is the ultimate kryptonite of any player
especially free-to-play gamers so this game is especially designed to literally
make you stall and run into great frustrations so you spend a little more
money so the answer is actually specialization and here are the things
you need to stop doing right now today to grow much faster at any base level so
number one guys please do not level all for a PCS before I get started directly
on the APCs these things in the past before however
especially the last few out of the five I’m going to explain right now are
absolutely crucial and I don’t think I’ve ever actually said this to anyone
so I need you guys to pay close attention and let me get through this
I’m going as quick as I can so don’t level off for a PCS guys to
start especially before doomsday you only need one and that one is the class
a PC so especially as Raiders guys which hopefully all top players are you
shouldn’t max that tech out ASAP and stop prematurely working on a PC three
and four today and this way you can save our assess for things that are ten times
more important and believe me the tech on a PC three and a PC four is almost
twice as expensive as the Class A PC go class first number two even zone
development guys so I’ve gone over this in the zone commotion video I also
talked about the zone mistake that you should stop doing I’ll put those in the
description but even though I’ve explained this several times before I
won’t stay here and dwell on it guys regardless to what side you choose even
though the right side is way better finish that side entirely do not split
your medals impatiently with the other side of zone what players are doing
especially in this section here is they’re evenly doing the right and the
left side all the way down and their excuses they can start doing arm sexpert
the fact is guys it is slowing you down dramatically stop doing it focus on just
one and before you can start going even on the bottom of those finish that’s hop
ones one at a time okay you’re cutting all of your benefits in half when you
split the medals between multiple tech focus on one be a little patient maybe
do it the next tech day and succeed so let’s go right into number three even
building of training camps guys this is probably one of the worst one and here’s
the magic formula I’m just going to tell you exactly what to do leave your
fighter camp period before base level 20 don’t even touch it don’t even leave
don’t bring it to level two leave it alone leave shooters at level 13 before
base 20 you don’t need it stop it follow my guide to get to base
20 very quickly fine but go vehicles all the way and this will save you tons of
resources especially iron when it comes to those shooter camps and help you
finance and finish zone faster and give you the speed you need to succeed
follow that guys I promise you it’ll work out way better number 4
even hero development see guys please watch my hero best hero series I got the
best purple heroes the best orange heroes everything you need to know even
doomsday hero season euros it’s all gonna be the description below pick 3
though guys and focus no different than we were just talking about the AP season
step number 1 max out those three see guys what you need to do is stop trying
to line all four a PC with orange heroes a maxed purple hero will destroy an
unawakened orange hero let war hound go today and unlock the seventh skill of
the best orange hero that you have in your class a PC I mean that’s just as
that simple there are too many people that are trying to say I have nine or 12
orange heroes but if they’re all weak then what is the point now finally this
is the most egregious and probably the most important one so I did save it for
last even doomsday buildings guys the worst
thing you can do especially in season 1 of doomsday which a lot of people are
starting is level all production and virus buildings evenly guys the fact is
most of the honor that you need to get your specialties up is given by doomsday
tasks your doomsday tasks are complete by leveling a c1 virus and a c1
production centers the other Alliance Center buildings do not so don’t chase
small bits of production and a little 3% immunity increase while paying three
times more material cost to level up an AC for virus lab guys understand
especially if you’re AC one virus lab is at eight
you are leaving honor on the table you are leaving exp on the table and
therefore your specialty growth is stunted and if you do all of that
your entire seasons gonna be behind some of the top performers who are getting
their level one or AC one virus lab 215 who are getting their production centers
to twelve or fourteen before even touching a c3 or a c4 now I’m not saying
leave them at level one guys I need you to use a little common sense I am simply
stating to make sure you prioritize production and virus lab number one at
the ACS so that you can grow much much faster and that means yes you might have
to let your production mill out for a couple more hours before you can get to
that next AC one virus lab level but that does not mean below it on one level
for AC 4 guys this I can keep going on and I probably will in a part 2 of this
series but for now guys I just wanted to shed some light on these at least top 5
biggest mistakes all stemming from the biggest mistake any player can make this
is another one from a source base guys and I’m signing up

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  1. Congrats on all your success up to now and i know you will just keep growing.
    And thank you for the information if will really help.

  2. small correction: just finished S1, and while you're absolutely right about virals, processors are all the same. So for virals: look at all 4 virals and level whichever costs the least samples, with SOME priority given to #1. For processors, level them all 4 together for increased honour boost from ticket

  3. Haha, glad to see you're still making vids and crushing LSS, Ace. It's been a few months!

    Hope all things are going well for you and for BLA.

  4. You are a 100% correct already made this mistake & it is huge!
    I built everything evenly & now I'm stuck on base 20 needing massive RSS to upgrade my warehouses so I can upgrade my base so I can upgrade my Vehicles. Looking back at the wasted rss I spent on useless buildings is making me sick right now

  5. Congrats on our following and YouTube becoming bigger. Your advice is best and I pass it to my alliance members in which they watch and follow too. Great work.

  6. Well done. Good points mentioned out there. Gameplay is best when specialised. Thats seems to be the common denominator of every LSS element such as troops, tech, buildings, etc. Looking forward to part 2. Thank you.

  7. I upgraded all my baracks and and all troops factory hahahaha.. Im a free gamer zero money spend but i lvl to b25 very fast for a free gamer. I rank 15 on base rank, im the 15th base who lvl to 25 on our state. I got t9 vehicles today research day. 7 months of playing. I reach b25 without farm account. I max all research except shooter, fighter research and elite militart and city defender research. All my buildings are high level? I will share my strategy on how did i do this. JUST raid resources every kill event. After getting your coz box on ke try to focus on attacking farms. Most farms from other state does not uses 3days shield so better bookmark the hives and check it constantly. Thats my technique on growing very fast i also got 2 golden vehicle parts. Resources is not a problem for a plunderer during ke. So 9th chest on building and research day is very easy with lots of resources dont forget to always upgrade your warehouses speacialy iron so on next ke your warehouse can hold more resources. Imagine 7months of playing got t9 with 2 golden vehicle parts and zero real money spend! Hope this knowledge will help everyone. Kill event days will help you grow.

  8. We have this guy in our alliance and he‘s absolutely crushing it! He says that when he started watching your vids his gameplay changed dramatically and since then he‘s been succeeding.

    We make a little fun of him and call him your biggest fangirl but tbh we‘re all really grateful as your tricks and advices are super helpful. I wish I‘d started to watch your channel at the time my friend has but I was a little lazy… and zone com sucks big time -.-

  9. We get CoP against you ! You are in s93 right ! Lol you are strong for s93 😁 we will have fun in KE i guess ! Btw i am from s83 c20.

  10. I dont agree with your opinion about Fighters. I went Fighters first. Why? Shooters need Iron, Vehicles need Iron an Oil. Fighters? Food and wood. thats cheap. I allways miss Iron for Tech, even if i dont need Iron for troops at all. So no way i waste Iron when i attack tiles or zombies with shooters and need to repair them. Fighters also have most destruction Power, so u can easy reach 500 Power to take enemy tiles in DD with 1 attack. And even if shooters are better then fighters. I would prefer loose 10k Fighters over 5k shooters or 3k vehicles…. anytime.

  11. Is it base 19 to stick with or base 20 before maxing the 2nd arms expert? Im confused.
    By the way I almost watch all your videos. And advance thanks if you answer this one.

  12. About Virus labs: each virus lab level raise the poison defence for 100 points. so build all virus labs and just upgrade the one that is the cheapest for the moment.

  13. Hi Acer one question? Last building day i reached base lvl23 i am still the farmer from the start should i change my class. I only have 5 farms lvl 16 15 15 15 and 13. Please guide me. Thank you……

  14. Congratulations on the channel growth bro, you're doing great. We disagree in a few small areas from time to time but I love what you're doing to help the wider community grow.
    This is a perfect upload I've got no criticism today, this video will save me a lot of typing 🙂

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