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The Best Knife Sets

The Best Knife Sets

Hi I’m Michael and I’m a writer at The Sweethome. I’m Leslie and I’m also a writer at The Sweethome and we’re in the Test Kitchen today and we’re going to talk about knife sets. Over the last couple of years we’ve researched over a hundred different knife sets. We narrowed it down to about 11 sets that we tested for this guide. So what knives should be included in a set? The three most important ones are going to be the chef’s knife, a serrated bread knife, and a paring knife. These are going to allow you to do most of the cooking tasks in your kitchen. The other things to look for according to our pros are pull apart kitchen shears. Pull apart is important so that you can wash them easily and it’s not harboring bacteria — and also a honing steel which is not a sharpener it just hones the blade’s edge so after sharpening it can take off that any debris that’s on your blade — and other things to keep in mind are the weight of the knives you know and how balanced they are and so the the only way you’re going to be able to tell how comfortable the knife is for you personally is by going in person if you can so you get a feel for how they fit in your hand. So let’s talk about our main pick. All right our main pick is the Wüsthof Classic Ikon 7-Piece Knife Block Set. And we love this set because it has all the most necessary knives without a lot of filler which was very hard to find. Another reason we really like this set is because the blades are very sharp they’re durable they can really take a beating the handles are ergonomically shaped so they’re really comfortable to hold and they don’t slip you know when they’re slightly wet or they’re little greasy we found that you can still get a really nice grip on them. That’s a nice pairing knife — yeah it’s a nice it’s a great length too — so that is some good action — and it also comes with pull-apart kitchen shears and a honing steel as well and there’s room in the block to grow your collection so in case you want to you know add maybe a second chef’s knife down the road there’s room there’s slots in the block for that. I guess the only drawback to this set would be the length of the bread knife which is a little short it’s eight inches but this was something that was typical of all the knife sets that we looked at generally. What if $380 is too much to spend what do we have? Well we actually looked at a wide range of knife sets some that were just over a hundred dollars and we actually found a great budget set for $120 and that is the Victorinox 4-Piece Knife Set with Fibrox Handles. Now this set does not come with a block and that’s part of the reason why it is a lot cheaper but it comes with the most necessary knives that you would need it comes with the chef’s knife, a serrated bread knife, a utility knife, and a paring knife. They’re really durable they’re very sharp the handles are nice and wide so you can get a good grip on them but they’re very lightweight and this also has the best bread knife of all the sets we looked at it was that 10 and a quarter inches — I love that bread knife so much. Yeah we’ve actually recommended it in another guide so we really love that. It’s great for someone who’s starting out or someone who’s in a college you know in their first apartment maybe you know because it’s so affordable that if they get destroyed in two years time you know it’s not it’s not a big loss there and honestly real talk this is gonna be the knife that gets a lot, probably most of the action in the kitchen because it can go through anything — right — and it never has to be sharpened. I think the only drawback would be that the handles maybe are little chunky and they’re not as attractive and say you know the Wüsthof or some of the other sets that we looked at. So what about our high-end luxe knife set pick? We found that the Messermeister Royale Elité 10-Piece Knife Block Set was really the best of all that we tested and it’s a really beautiful set you know just looking at it the walnut handles american walnut handles are really beautiful — but we found that this set had really sharp knives. We love the shape of the handle the Messermeister set has the most well-balanced knives you have so much control but it’s it really is just perfectly balanced there. Stop it with your acrobatics. And though this set a little bit larger it has 10 pieces we found about the other knives included in it are actually very very useful there’s a honing steel a carving fork and a slicing knife. The other really big advantage to this set is the santoku which is really nice to have on hand especially if you’re gonna have a partner in crime in the kitchen. Good for Thanksgiving holiday cooking when there are other people around — Right I think one of the main drawbacks is that the handles though they are beautiful they do require a little bit more maintenance you really want to dry the handles off on these after you’re done using them. So the other drawback to this set is that the knife block is a little crowded as you can see you know when all the knives are in here it’s it can be a little tight but that said it is very narrow it’s actually one of the most narrow knife blocks that we looked at it. It is available with different handles which is a little bit cheaper if you didn’t want to pay for the wood handles. So that’s it — That’s it these are all of our knife set picks if you want to learn more about each of these sets you can check out our full guide at thesweethome.com

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  1. Great picks! However I would mention Zwilling as an alternative (not instead) to Wusthof. In addition, I find that most people work dirty and lazy when it comes to taking care of their knives in the kitchen. Hence, wooden handles e.g. The Messermiester, Blackwood Ikon… ect) and top quality knives are not recommended if you work a lot in the kitchen, and the majority will be more than overwhelmed with the Wusthof Classic Ikon.

  2. I am a professional chef i liked this video very informative to the amateur cook. I have used owned and loved the victorinox chef knife. They are great easy to clean and maintain and they hold an edge nicely. My only issue with this video is when he talks about how to use the honing steel. He got it right by first saying it is not a sharpener is is used for honing the edge. Butt then he makes it sound as if its used to clean food particles from the edge of the knife. Unless i herd him wrongly. Im sure that was not his intent to say it is used to ckean your knife. Always use antibacterial soap and hot water between uses. To prevent cross contamination.

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  4. I was thinking about getting a new knife set. I looked at a lot of them. But the sets with a knife block were HUGE!!! Way to big for my counter top . So for now I'll stay with my Cutco vintage 1940's knife set. Cost about $35.00 a year to get them sharpened by Cutco. I have two complete sets.

  5. More expensive but need to represent the Japanese companies! Shun, Miyabi, Yaxell, Tojiro, all make awesome knife sets! I love my Shun set and my buddy just bought a Miyabi Birchwood set that’s beautiful!

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