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The Best Brownies You’ll Ever Eat

The Best Brownies You’ll Ever Eat

– [Claire] We always say this, I know, but these are actually the best brownies you’re ever going to have. They’re gooey, they’re
chocolatey, they’re fudgy. Oh, they live up to every expectation you think a brownie should be. (lively music) We took all the tips and the
tricks from the internet, from our old gramma’s recipes, from places we’d worked, to find the best recipe that we could. Throw out every other recipe
that you have for brownies. This is the one you will use going forward for the rest of your life. (lively music) I’m not trying to toot our own horn, but beep beep, you know. (lively music) All right, guys, as always, prep your tin. You know what to do, butter and parchment. So the first cooking job
that I ever had was working for a pastry chef and he made
these incredible brownies. When you start working in kitchens, they always say write down the recipes ’cause you’re gonna forget them later. And of course, I did not do that, but there are a few things that I remember from his recipe that I really wanted to incorporate into our brownie recipe. Obviously, good brownies
need good chocolate, and the chocolate bar you
wanna use is dealer’s choice. You can go for something really mellow like a milk chocolate bar
or go into something really, really dark, like an 80% dark chocolate would work really well in here. We’re gonna double up on
the chocolate so we’re gonna use cocoa powder as well. Because we wanted a really
rich, dark flavor and color, we went with the dutch processed. You can use regular cocoa powder here, but we’re always looking
for that intense flavor, that intense color. The one on the left used
regular cocoa powder. It’s kind of drier on
top and almost too dense and fudgy on the bottom. We’re adding a little
bit of cocoa powder here. We’re gonna add even more later. Espresso powder just
does a really great job of enhancing any chocolate
flavor in a recipe. If you’re worried about the caffeine, you can get a decaf powder as well. It’s not gonna taste
like coffee or espresso, it’s really just another flavor enhancer. When we add the hot, melted
butter to the chocolate, cocoa powder and espresso powder, it’s gonna help melt
everything down and dissolve, which is gonna help keep our brownies really fudgy later on. (lively music) Sugars, we have granulated
sugar, and then when deciding between light brown and dark brown, the real difference
here is that dark brown has more molasses, ergo more flavor. I don’t even know what ergo means. Again, just wanted to knock your socks off with the flavor here and dark brown was the right one for the job. And we’re also gonna add a bit of salt as it brings out the
flavor in any baked good. (lively music) So we’re gonna have six eggs. Always crack your eggs
into a separate bowl in case you get any shell. Best way to remedy that
is to use the egg shell. It breaks the surface tension
and is the easiest way to get eggshell out of your eggs. You can start by adding
one egg to the sugar just so you don’t make a huge mess. Once you get it going though,
you can add the rest of ’em, no big deal. You don’t have to be super
careful like you would for a cake for instance. So working for that pastry chef, one thing that he did with
his brownies is he would beat the living crap out of the
eggs and sugar and really, really incorporate tons of air, so much so that it would look like a super thick pancake batter almost. This is what happens when you
don’t beat the sugar and eggs, kind of just falls really flat, right. The great thing about beating
the eggs and the sugar is you create a really solid foundation and you don’t have to
use a chemical leavener. Then you’re gonna pour
in that beautiful ganache that we made. Oh my God. Actually, when we were shooting this, there is a crowd of
people around us ’cause we couldn’t get over how
insanely delicious this looked. Oh God, I just, I can’t
believed we baked these. Honestly, I could’ve just
eaten the batter myself. (lively music) I’m really upset that America can’t get on the metric system, but like fine. If we’re gonna use cups,
always scoop and level, to make sure we have the
right amount of flour. If you just take the cup
straight into the flour, it’s gonna be denser
than you need it to be. And you’re going to sift the
flour and the cocoa powder into the mixture to make
sure we have no lumps and just make sure that we’re really quickly incorporating it
into the rest of the batter. (lively music) And fold. Because we beat all that
air in with the eggs, we don’t wanna totally deflate that, so just get the dry
ingredients incorporated as quickly as you can. (lively music) Pour the completed batter
into your prepped tin, smooth it out to make sure
everything’s pretty level. (lively music) And into the oven it goes. So these are gonna rise quite a bit. After about 20 minutes,
we’re gonna take them out. This is my favorite tip
of the whole recipe. Take the brownies out and slam
them on your kitchen counter. It’s gonna crack the top as
well as evens out everything and you get a much more
consistent texture. These are the same recipe. The one on the left is not
whacked, right whacked. At this point, we’re also
going to add a bit of sea salt, optional but highly recommended. Adds a little salty bite,
sweet and salty, always good. With a lot of baked goods,
you’ll stick a toothpick in and no batter remains, then you’re good. It’s kind of not the
case with these brownies. You will have a good amount
of fudginess that comes out on the toothpick. Trust us, they’ve been in
there for like 45 minutes. They’re definitely cooked through. They’re just fudgy. When they do cool down, they
also will deflate quite a bit. It results in a really even
texture all throughout. Again, I can’t say fudgy enough. I don’t even like fudge,
little known thing about me, but these brownies are insane. I need to cut these nice. They need to be a good, perfect square. It’s so satisfying to see a perfectly cut batch of brownies, obviously. (lively music) Oh my gosh, a little tip too, is to clean your knife after each cut. You’ll see a little bit of
that fudginess comes off. They’re fudgy but they’re not dense. (lively music) And that is it. I mean, look at that texture. Look at it! This is like your go to brownie batter. It’s amazing as is, but you can also mix in
anything that you want, more chocolate chunks,
potato chips, pretzels. This is like a phenomenal
standard brownie recipe but feel free to go crazy
and mix in whatever you want. Making brownies from scratch, you know, there’s other options out
there that are easier, but it’s one of those
fundamental baked goods that doesn’t take a ton of technique, but they also go with
everything and every event. You know what I mean? Like you have a break up, brownies. Birthday, brownies. Like, they kind of work for anything. Just one of those feel good,
crowd pleasing deserts, that’s just always a win. Okay, that’s fine. I’m just gonna keep
talking and we’re leave it and it’s gonna be fine. – [Male] You’re funny, Claire. – [Claire] (laughing) Stop. – [Male] You’re so funny. – [Claire] You’re so funny. – [Male] You’re funny. – [Claire] Beep, beep. – [Male] You’re slacking. – [Claire] I guess. (camera clicking)

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  1. Just made these and I can definitely confirm these are AMAZING! I left out the espresso, salt topping and used milk chocolate. People if you are looking for the perfect brownie recipe this is it!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏

  2. These brownies are AMAZING!! I made them to bring to a work meeting and it was a huge hit. If you plan on making them, regular chocolate chips work instead of expensive dark chocolate. Also, if you don't have espresso powder, I just added about 1/4 cup of regular fresh coffee to my chocolate chip and butter mix.

  3. These suck, just saying. They're too salty, not sweet, not gooey, just gross. They're like (literal) mud cake but waaaaaaaaaaaaaay worse.

  4. had to use a mix of semisweet and unsweetened chocolate instead of bittersweet; and also golden brown sugar instead of dark. but still turned out great. quite possibly the best dessert I've ever eaten. I'll definitely make again with the right ingreds. awesome brownies! wow!

  5. I'm on a diet currently and have been for awhile (lost 15 lbs so far) but I have a bit of a sweet tooth. How many grams of sugar in these?

  6. Prep your tin with butter and parchment paper

    Preheat your oven to 350

    240 gr chocolate
    1/4 cup cocoa powder
    1 1/4cups melted butter (can be salted as long as you don't add any extra salt but if you want can be unsalted and then add 1tsp of salt I find 2 tsp
    to be too salty)


    Into a bowl
    2 cups white granulated sugar
    1/2 cup dark brown sugar
    2 tsp vanilla extract
    Set aside

    Into a separate bowl 
    6 eggs

    Start with one egg into the sugar, once incorporated add the rest of the eggs. With a hand mixer mix for ten mins to incorporate a lot of air.

    After mixing for ten min add the chocolate mixture

    Sift in, make sure to scoop and level
    1 cup all purpose flour
    1/2 cup cocoa powder 
    Fold together
    Put the mixture into the prepped tin

    Bake for 20 min

    Take out and slam it on your kitchen counter

    Put back in the oven for 25 more min
    Take out and let them cool down

    Then cut cut to your liking

  7. Slightly off topic narrator sounds like she just had the best sex of her life. And to quote a movie " i'll have what she's having".

  8. Should they be baked on the convection non-convection setting? I feel like every recipe should specify this since convection ovens are so widely available today.

  9. Love your recipe.But one thing it’s really too sweet.So next time I’m going to put sugar half of yours.Fir the rest it’s all the best.

  10. My brownies are better 200 g pure chocolate 200g melted butter, 65 flour, 250g dark sugar, 25g cacao powder, 4 eggs, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 1 teaspoon vanilla powder, a little bit of salt and voila best I've ever baked

  11. For someone that complains about not being on the metric system, you didn't actually bother to add any metric measurements for the rest of us in the world that ARE. I mean… come on.

  12. I love the familiar friendly style of the voice-over. It sounds like a friend is teaching me how to cook.

  13. i don’t need the best brownies, i just need good brownies. i don’t want it to take 4 hours. i’ll make the batter in 10 minutes and we’re good. i don’t care about whipping the batter or slamming the brownies or fancy chocolate. i will make brownies and i will shove them into my body as fast as possible.

  14. I finally made this recipe. These are so good. The extra work was all worth it. I think this is the way brownies are meant to be: chewy on the outside and gooey on the inside. This is definitely the highest rising brownie batter I have ever made. Whipping the eggs for a long time really does make a difference. This is the best brownie recipe I have triedamazing video on how to cook brownies.
    Check this link on how to cook brownies

    this link video is awesome too. HEHEHHE

  15. I did it well, very tasty mashaAllah 👍👍my husband and kids enjoy it so much Alhamdullilah😘👌Thanks for sharing🧕🏻🌷

  16. My brother made me these when I came home from a week long competition. We got 3rd in the world in the competition and he wanted to do something special, and they were delicious!

  17. Hey, thanks a lot for sharing meaningful tips and a delicious recipe. Could you please confirm me about the usage of plain flour instead of all-purpose flour. I live in Pakistan and our local market doesn't yet produces all-purpose flour at the moment plus not much research has been done on the gluten content added to our plain flour that is available in the market. Where as, we do have imported ones available in the market, but the price difference is huge.

    So, my question here is regarding the usage of plain flour instead of the all-purpose one. Is the result going to be the same? otherwise should I add a pinch of baking soda to relate the result? Please confirm.

  18. So I literally just made these. Everyone posts their tips about what worked well; here are some mistakes I made:

    1. Know your stove. Some stoves maybe burn hotter; mine does so mine got overlooked slightly and a little burnt on the edges

    2. Have an appropriate sized tray. Mine was a bit wide and flat which also may have affected the cooking process

  19. The reason why you should not use 'cup' for baking is because they have all different 'cup' size.
    Europe : 250ml
    USA : 237ml
    Japan and Korea : 200ml
    and some other : 280, 230, etc.
    so there's chance you can mess up with same recipe.
    it's better say to get 237ml than 1 cup in American Standard cup size.(if Tasty channel is based on USA)

  20. WAY TO BITTER! I made this today, if you don’t like bitter 80% cocoa then I don’t recommend putting that chocolate. Put regular. I put 80% like she recommended in the video and the brownie isn’t the slightest bit sweet :(.

  21. If you wanna add things in to the brownie mixture, should you do this when you whack the mixture or before they even go into the oven? ✨

  22. Made this and it turn out superb! my family loves it. But I recomend to put less white sugar and more brown sugar. Still, they are good!. Thanks tasty!

  23. Made these and now my husband is obsessed with them. Every time I want to try and make something new he just demands those brownies 😀

    P.S I would recommend being careful with the temperature and how long you keep them in the oven
    I tried to follow the recepy's recommendation and they came out dry, so with the second batch I backed them on 150 C and backed then much longer – they came out perfect
    I think that that's the oven's problem – maybe it's just not that great

  24. Dear Tasty team, please give us the exact measurements with metrical too. I know that no one will read this. I post comments regularly on your twitter videos where they just vanish for no one to read apparently, but please PLEASE use metric. Its so much easier and also used in so many more places. Or at least add the metric equivalents below your impirical measurements so we can actually do this as well. Like, I am fine with your normal recipes, I can eyeball that stuff and season to taste, but baking without exact measurements is impossible, and so re-baking your stuff (I did 3 different recipes) is not good (they all fell apart, tasted awful and just werent good overall)

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