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THE BEST AMAZON HOME DECOR DIY HACKS – money saving home decor hacks!

THE BEST AMAZON HOME DECOR DIY HACKS – money saving home decor hacks!

hi guys welcome back to my channel it is drew here from lone fox I hope you were having an amazing day I’m in such a good mood today and I’m really really excited for today’s video it’s going to be an Amazon favorites video just like things that I’ve been loving things I’ve been using in my decor things I’ve been using in my designs things you might have seen in the background of videos I have a ton of really great items that kind of stem from home decor home goods organization DIY craft supplies just a lot of my current favorite items and I’m sure you all know how this works everything that I feature is gonna be linked below and let’s just jump right into my favorites let’s just start off with like a super simple little decor favorite and that is this pillow and now this pillow first of all is so cute it is so minimal you can literally pair this with absolutely any pillow pairing and I feel like this pillow would go and also I love the size of it like finding smallish decorative pillows like this I think can kind of be hard a lot of the times are more square or like a longer rectangle but I love love love the shape of this and I think this pillow you guys was like 14 dollars or something like that super affordable I just love it it has a very like woven texture on the front it’s like a natural white tone with these little bits of black tasseling and it would kind of create this diamond pattern it’s clean it’s simple and I think everyone needs one of these next item is one of my favorite kind of crafting DIY items that you guys have probably seen me use on my channel before and I’ve definitely linked it in past videos but I just wanted to share it here because I got a brand new spool of it and I thought perfect time to share it and that is this humongous spool of macrame cord I think this spool is around $15 but you get so much on here and the quality is amazing and the other thing I like about this cord because a lot of the times I used to buy my macaron cord from Michaels or Joanne’s this I don’t know if you guys can see this is the one that you get from Michael’s or Joanne’s can you guys kind of tell how this macrame cord here doesn’t have any texture to it it’s literally just like a woven string whereas this one kind of has like a rope texture to it which i think is a lot prettier I like the way that this one looks a lot more on my projects I actually happen to have this is the 4 millimeter size which is probably my most to use size for macrame but I also have this one here which is quite a bit thicker you can kind of see the size comparison on this roll here this is the thicker one and this is a one and I’ll make sure to link of both below this is just a scrap that I have of the thicker one I have the whole spool but I used it on that project where I wrapped it around the IKEA little shelf so I really really like the macrame cord from Amazon I’m gonna link those two sizes I’m at any additional ones below so you guys can check them out this is a really really cute pack of hooks that I found for the wall and I’m actually kind of working on an entryway project for my friend Hannah and I was like these would be so Q in her apartment so I picked up this pack here and they are teak and iron wall hook I thought they were so chic and very mid-century modern but they can definitely translate into other decor styles as well I just loved them I thought they were very very simple but also very impactful for a wall hook they weren’t just basic you know you could hang something here and you can also if you wanted to hang something on the top portion there so they’re pretty Universal you get a pack of two and I think these are like maybe ten dollars for the set hello I’m filming perfect for a bathroom too if you wanted that put some towels on there I think there’s a lot more graphic than your traditional hook oh my gosh I have been waiting to share this with you guys I bought myself and my roommate a new set of utensils it’s a stainless steel silverware set but I have to share this with you this silverware is beautiful look at this so this is gold silverware and I have always wanted gold silverware if you guys didn’t know I worked at West album for like a year and a half I’m when I first started going to school in Los Angeles it was like my literal job that paid for a version that I did and I worked there so much but they had it gold silver there but I swear to you like one set like one pack of five pieces was like thirty-eight dollars I got an entire set of silverware which let me show you what it comes with so it comes with these five different pieces they are a beautiful light gold color which I love they’re not very yellow gold I just absolutely love the color of these look how cute this little spoon is I think it’s more for like coffee and then you have your traditional like spoon and fork and the knife is so chic it reminds me of so much of a restaurant here in Los Angeles that has very similar silver work to this and I found this entire set for such an affordable price you get four of each piece so I think there’s like how many pieces 20 pieces in the set and I think the whole set is around $30 I’ve already been using it have already been washing it nothing is coming off like it is not scrubbing off which was one of the complaints we actually thought it was some was up some silverware kind of like crust it off so we have a few constant refunds on those items some more decor this is a wall decal pretty self-explanatory these are just great to fill up any plain wall they look like this they are cute little gold stars very something that you would find in like Urban Outfitters or like kind of a niche home at the core site they are such an affordable and easy and removable and renter friendly way to upcycle or redo any wall I feel like I just used so many terms to describe these but yeah you can literally pop these on your wall behind your bed and just create an accent wall without having to like paint the wall or do something that would it cause you to like lose your security deposit whatever that might be you can literally remove these when you are leaving um I think I’m gonna actually put them on the wall and do like some form of like fun a little photo shoot with them and then just put them back on the sheet and use them later if I decide I need to okay something a little bit less exciting but still might be exciting for some of you guys that love organization are these little shelf items now what exactly are these these are traditionally meant to go in your cabinets and they’re kind of meant to hold plates on top and more place underneath so it’s basically just like a double shelf system you could put these in a cabinet like this and then you can store stuff underneath like a lot of skin care under here and on top of it you could store more skin care or whatever you want to use it for so it’s basically maximizing smaller spaces in your house or your apartment which is great so these are great for like under the bathroom sink under the kitchen sink if you want to put like your sponges and stuff and like a little pullout drawer here and then all of your cleaning supplies up here I’m actually gonna put these in our little cleaning cabinet by the front door because we have a shelf full of cleaning supplies and it’s literally jam-packed and so I’m gonna put this on there put some stuff on top put some stuff underneath and just maximize that storage space so these next items are wall art /hanging /name a items I really like these because I think they add a great kind of handmade element to any room which I love having a touch of handmade I don’t like everything to be very like store-bought looking so if you’re not wanting to buy your own macrame cord which I showed you at the beginning you can buy one of these two tapas trees that I want to share with you so the first one here I thought was cute because I’d never seen anything like it it’s actually a wall pocket macrame tapestry like how cool is that so it’s your basic typical macrame kind of wall hanging but it has a pocket here so if you wanted to for example appears and fragrance you can put stuff in the pocket so it’d be really cute to have this like by the couch to hold the remote to hold like a notebook the backside looks like that so if maybe you’re even over the pocket one day flip it over and you have a really cute backside – and I also grabbed one more for anyone that wanted to add a little pop of color to their space I want to give it a nice seaming on the bottom so that the toss is kind of lay a little bit nicer very earth toned which is nice so if anyone’s berry cut it into that urban slash very plant filled room Oasis style like this is very great for you I think the backside looks like that it has a copper pipe on top that is used to kind of hold it on the wall and this was a pretty affordable piece as well it’s actually by a designer I don’t remember the exact name it has some texture up here to this next item is one that I’m really excited about because I have never owned anything from Jonathan Adler but I love and I admire a lot of his interior design pieces that he creates so I got myself my first piece and this is the piece that I ended up picking up this is a little bit more on the expensive side I’m not going to lie to you guys but if you want to invest a little bit in a really cool piece of decor I think this is a great option it has a brass gold eyeball and it’s just on a stand so basically it just sits on a shelf like this and it just acts as a nice little piece of decor I’ve always had like this weird fascination with like eye decor like I see those I wrote on mirrors on Urban Outfitters or like I shaped like pillows and stuff and I just like the way that they look for some reason so I picked up this decor to kind of fill my highball fetish if you will that sounds so weird alright I only have a couple more items for you guys this last one it’s an organizational item and now in my last video I shared a really really great shoe holder that I still currently have in my closet it has been a lifesaver but I wanted something for behind my bathroom door as well to hold even more bits and bobs items and options this is kind of the same idea it’s an over-the-door organizer but this one has these really great pockets on it so can you see how this kind of works there are a total of four different pockets and they have little clear front so you can see through if there are smaller items in there this is I think great if you wanted to put it on the back yard or to store like washcloths bath salts bath supplies um different things like that you can also put this in behind your closet door it’s a store like smaller items such as belt or I don’t know scarves so I’ll link this one below I’ll also link the behind the door shoe holder that I have because I have been loving it it is amazing alright I have three more items I feel like I’m literally going so slow so I’m gonna share with you guys these last three really really quick but the first one is kind of a playoff the last Amazon item I shared with you guys and that is a very small hairpin leg I think this is such a great affordable way to update really any piece of furniture in your home if you wanted to literally rip the legs off your couch put these on your couch if you wanted to rip the legs off your Media Console put these on it literally so cute and the other ones I’ve shared with you were like your traditional very long table legs you know but I found this a miniature set and I was like I have to buy these because I’m 100% going to use them in a future project but I also wanted to share them with you guys because I didn’t know they existed in this small little sheet or this could also just be like a great little like piece of decor if you wanted to put it on a circle piece of wood and like almost have it as a cake stand I don’t know I just thought this was very Universal pretty great I love the matte black finish on it kind of very farmhouse feeling you know so my roommate and I have been actually looking at three-bedroom apartment we currently live in a two-bedroom and we’ve been looking for probably like four months for three bedroom apartments and every three-bedroom apartment we find the bathrooms are typically kind of ugly I’m just not gonna lie like the tile works just not cute like these are typically older apartment but I decided that I was going to actually pick up some of this self-adhesive wall stick on tiles this is a subway tile design and you get a pack of ten sheets in here this stuff you guys can easily transform any space like just look at the back look at those things on the back you couldn’t transform your kitchen your bathroom whatever it is that you want to transform you can put these on the wall and it looks like legit subway tile Rachael mattes actually use it recently and I know that Alexandra Gator I believe that’s how you say her name you sit in her kitchen in a paint color and I this love this actually ordered five packs of this because I was gonna review our entire kitchen with this but since we were looking for a new space now I think I’m just gonna save it to probably redo the new kitchen slash or the bathrooms so this is a great alternative again if you’re in a renter space you don’t like your backsplash you don’t like your bathroom stick this all over it and you’re gonna be good to go nice clean and modern and last but not least this item is a really fun one I just thought it was cute and Corky it is legit a little book holder and so this is what it looks like and basically you put this on your shelf you lean your books against it so they’re kind of slanted and it looks as if a man is trying to hold your books back up it holds it and it looks like the man’s trying to push it back up like it’s falling on him I just love this I thought it was a very quirky and fun little element to add to home decor they had a lot of different shapes and designs of this as well like they have some what people kind of running away from the book so that they were falling you can use this has a little accent on a bookshelf or something but I picked it up again for my friend Hanna’s and true a makeover I thought this would be cute for that so you’re gonna see that in that video and guys I feel like I talked so fast per usual I hope that you enjoyed this video everything that I featured is going to be linked in the description box below so you could take a look at it if you are curious fine I think that I’m not gonna take up any more of your time do not forget to subscribe click little Bell icon next to the subscribe button and then also follow me on instagram at lone Fox home for it your behind the scenes that look on my DIYs and home decor projects that I’m currently working on have an amazing rest of your day add these to your cart for later if you want to prime them for now if you want to share with me what you guys are gonna order in the description box below I would love to know or if you have any amazon fines you have loves recently share them below as well I would love to see them so I’ll catch you on the next one have it amazing day bye guys [Music]

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