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The Banana Phone Is Back: Nokia 8110 4G Hands-On

The Banana Phone Is Back: Nokia 8110 4G Hands-On

– [Mr. Mobile] The cellphone that saved The Matrix
20 years ago is back. I’m Mr.Mobile, and this year, at the Mobile World
Congress, we’re saying hello again to the original Banana Phone. (upbeat electronic music) Just like last year, Nokia
and nostalgia go hand in hand. The 8110 4G is a modernized
revamp of the original 8110, the phone that first popularized
the slider form factor back in 1997. Fun fact, while the iconic
prop from the Matrix included a spring-loaded
mechanism to pop out the slider, the original 8110 did not. And the new one doesn’t either. Still, it’s an awful lotta
fun to slide the cover down to expose the numeric keypad, which also turns on the display. In a time when voice
calls were still king, sliders made talking on
cellphones feel more natural to a generation of folks
raised on the receiver, and the 8110 went the extra
mile with a strong curve to the casing, which gave
it its Banana Phone nickname and has been faithfully
replicated on the new phone. There’s a lot here that would’ve seemed outrageously
futuristic back in ’97, like the bright color screen, 4G radios, and a camera rated for a
whopping two megapixels. Making all that work is KaiOS,
a feature phone platform that can run HTML5 apps,
including Facebook, Twitter, and Google Maps. That low profile OS and
Snapdragon 205 processor mean Nokia can promise
nine hours of talk time and over three weeks of standby. When you do recharge,
you’ll use micro USB. It’s an old port, sir, but it checks out. And you’ll also notice a
headphone jack for the FM radio. Or if you’re a Napster
addict, you can load some MP3s into the four gigs of onboard storage. Because of the LTE radio,
this phone should actually make some pretty clear calls over a VoLTE, and when you’re done
schooling your friends with Frasier jokes until
they’re a bunch of angry beavers mad about you declaring
yourself king of the hill, well, you can hang up on them just by closing the sliders, slider. So to get in on another
round of Snake this spring, you need to do four things. One, save up 79 euros ’cause
that’s what it’ll cost. Two, retrain your thumbs to
text with a numeric keypad, and a kinda mushy one at that. Three, decide whether you
want it in traditional black or banana yellow. And four, make sure you live
in either Europe or China because those are the
initial launch markets. The 8110 4G goes on sale in May. (upbeat electronic music) This video was brought to you by Thrifter. Thrifter is a new way to save money on everything from gadgets to home goods by shopping based on value and not hype. Check out the latest
deals at thirfter.com, and tell ’em Mr. Mobile sent ya. (upbeat electronic music) Folks, if you’re down in
the comments wondering why my voice sounds different, it’s because I’m recording
in Barcelona at MWC 2018. Follow me at theMrMobile on Instagram for up to the second news,
and subscribe here on YouTube for more videos just like this. Until next time, thanks for watching, and stay mobile, my friends.

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  1. Bought one last week in LULU Bahrain and bought an extra for a friend. Great extra phone to have. 😎

  2. 1:18 no, just no. One doesn't say a "rated for a whopping 2 mega pixels" That sounds profane and wrong. 2 Mpix is a shame, a real shame. They should have put a 5 Mpix in it, like the nokia C5 00.2 A shame for nokia. I really waited for those phones, but with such a shit cam, they re garbage.

  3. There's an update to kiOS., Nokia 8110 4g now has Maps, Google, YouTube app and Voice assistance. No whatsapp yet though.,

  4. TRIED for 2 days. Just pretty NICE. but technically, a piece of s…t
    90€ are incredible too much for this plastic junk. do not buy just for the look. try it before to buy.
    – bad plastic
    – OS really incredible slow, slow in moving pointer, slow in digit SMS.. unacceptable in 2018.
    – camera? the worst in the world, even more than VGA fotocamera in 1990. flash unuseless. Photos are DARK with pixel big like grapes.


  5. First.. the keypad of the original 8110 was much, much superior…… second…. the camera could easily be made 8mp at least… Until they do these things…… these revamps will remain a gimmick….. This is fucking 2018.. not 1998.. minimum standards are much higher

  6. I seriously want this. It’s between a smart phone and a dumb phone. Cheap. Less distractions. But internet just in case.

  7. شريتو وجربتو زباله نظام النوكيا القديم افضل لهالتلفونات

  8. I used this for 1 year now, absolutely I love this especially in calls! Very clear hd voice. And for hotspots also.

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