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Teaching A Car To Drive: Mercedes Autonomous Test Drive @ CES 2018

Teaching A Car To Drive: Mercedes Autonomous Test Drive @ CES 2018

– [Michael] When Mercedes invited me for a nighttime autonomous
test drive at CES, I was worried that my video
would be too dark to watch. Well, as it turn out, after
sundown is the best time to peek inside the machine. I’m Michael Fisher of Mr. Mobile, that’s Nicole Scott of Mobile Geeks, and we got a first-hand look at how Mercedes teaches
cars to drive themselves. (hard-hitting, bass
thumping electronic beat) So, Las Vegas is the final stop in what has been a five-month test drive across five continents for
Mercedes Intelligent Drive team. The purpose of which, was to
gather as much data as possible about driving in as many
settings as possible. For every country Mercedes sells cars in, there are different driving regulations, different road layouts, and
the behavior of the people on those roads is different, too. To get a car to learn how to
better assist a human driver, and eventually drive itself, takes a mammoth amount of information, and this S-Class test car has
a mammoth piece of equipment just for the task. This is not the system that
actually does the self driving. Surprisingly, that’s this,
much smaller, magic box. Rather, this is what records all the data the car gets as it’s driving. Up to 12 GB a minute, so that Mercedes can analyze it later on. Fun fact, the equipment works so hard, that even in the January desert cold, it’s not necessary to
run the heat in the car. All the data being collected
comes from the car’s sensors. In addition to the ultrasonic proximity
sensors dotting the exterior, we’ve got a radar system
behind the grill up forward, exterior cameras covering
front, side, and rear, sensors that monitor a ton
of car systems internally, and cabin cameras that watch the driver, so Mercedes can learn
more about human input. Remember, this is a test
car, not a production model. So, whenever it’s rolling, there’s always a human behind
the wheel who can take over if the the system runs into
a situation it can’t handle. As we drive the streets of Las Vegas, I get an up-close view
of what the car sees through all those sensors. It uses the combination of radar, optical, and ultrasonics to see and
classify objects in its view, and that fusion of sensors
means it knows the difference between, not just a car and
a person in a crosswalk, but also the difference between
a person standing alone, and one holding hands with another person, or walking a dog, or
pushing a shopping cart. Ten times every second, the brain up the system
updates its information and makes new decisions based on it. When there’s a choice to be made about dealing with something
aggressively or conservatively, the system plays it safe. But, you know, safe doesn’t
mean the same thing everywhere. Part of the reason this was a world tour, was because drivers in
Shanghai, for example, don’t deal with pedestrians in the same way as drivers in Las Vegas, cars on the Autobahn use
different following distances compared to cars in the Outback, road marking differ across
regions, you get the idea. Thankfully, the car doesn’t
have to work from scratch when it’s trying to
figure out a new roadway. A partnership with HERE Maps gives it local data for many regions. My takeaway from my half
hour in the passenger seat, teaching a computer to drive a car is weirdly not all that
different from teaching a person. That’s not to say it’s easy. I mean, think about it, driving is hard. There are so many variables on even a typical spin around
the block, not to mention the once in a lifetime,
random unexpected event that turns on a split second decision. That’s why companies working
towards the self-driving car can’t just simulate this stuff. They need the kind of
random data you can only get from unpredictable humans
in a chaotic world. Of course, companies also need the technology to harness that data and the scale to learn from
it across the whole planet. Mercedes isn’t the only
company doing this, but it’s the only one to have given me such an in-depth peek at
the future of driving. One last bonus look at that future came at the end of our drive. At the moment, much of the
technology being demoed here is used to assist a human driver, not totally take over for one. But, when car’s do go fully automated, they’re gonna need a way
to communicate with people. Enter these fancy headlights, which are actually projectors. Not for impromptu movie nights, although that’s definitely
possible, but for communicating. For example, to tell someone
waiting to cross the street that yes, it’s safe to cross, I see you, and I’m not
going to run you over. That’s something a driver communicates with eye contact and maybe a
hand gesture in today’s cars, but something a self-driving auto might do with a system like this. Of course, you need a different solution for when the sun’s out,
but one step at a time. Folks, this is just a quick peek. If you want to hear more thoughts on the Mercedes Intelligent Drive tour, I had a great chat with Nicole Scott immediately after this test drive, the video of which you can
find over on her channel. I’ll drop the link in the
description and the comments. Big thanks to Nicole for
inviting me along on this one, and use that same comment
section to let me know if you’d like to see more
videos like this in 2018. Mr. Mobile CES 2018 coverage is brought to you by Thrifter,
a new way to save money on everything from gadgets to home goods by shopping based on value, and not hype. Check out the latest
deals at www.thrifter.com, and tell ’em Mr. Mobile sent you. This was my final video from CES 2018. Folks, next week, we’ll circle back to smartphones, laptops,
and maybe a wearable or two. Subscribe to theMrMobile on
YouTube so you don’t miss it, and until next time, thanks for watching, and stay mobile, my friends.

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  1. Hey folks! Having AUDIO ISSUES? Apparently this is a YouTube-side bug affecting iOS devices. I've informed YouTube about the problem and they're looking into it. Meanwhile, try watching in a browser window or on a non-iOS device and let me know how it goes. Thanks!

  2. Love the channel, first off! On the present state of autonomous vehicles, it all seems like great brandsmanship for the companies who can afford to engage in this technology (Tesla, MB, etc), it seems like they are preaching to their choirs with this stuff for the most part. We are still one or two lifetimes away from this being of any true consequence to the great majority of motorists or commuters in any part of the world. Since it will not be an affordable option for most people, it will first be an appeal to ego for the few who can afford these lease payments, or think they can. It will be a playground for the wealthy and people who think they deserve the best other words. I think all of this research is a disappointing distraction away from something of far greater value in any urban setting in any world city: Mass transit. Governments everywhere feel they are off the hook to address congestion, seeing this technology as a guaranteed solution. Hopefully they will not waste too much time before acting, our cities need more than this tech in every 100th single-occupant car.

  3. Absolutely Love your videos, I like this video a lot. Keep up the good work and keep covering tech that surrounds us in daily lives.I must also point out that your background music is usually amazing. I like this one from cymatix. Great selection MrMobile.

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  5. The whole projector thing is great and all, except that as a blind person I would not be able to see the projections. Do you think they will set up a secondary as well

  6. The projectors are the coolest thing about this car, both from a THATS AWESOME perspective and a “that’s a genuinely useful and innovative idea” perspective.

  7. The problem is I want a Car that allows manual and Autonoumous. Driving is fun, I would never want to be just sitting in it. I will need self driving if i am sick or something.

  8. I think the future of driving is not self-driving cars, but rather every car having the sensors and technology that Tesla, Mercedes, and similar use for their self-driving cars to make up for human error. We'll still be the driver and have overall control, but our cars will be able to correct our daily driver mistakes, and the AI gives us the control once you hit the track. A solution for everyone.

  9. Someday cars will have a Auto-Drive mode button and pair a Bluetooth speaker and have an OLED windshield and 50MP side cams also a 100 meter sensor

  10. That means in the future, people won't need a driving lessons? It's pointless to spend money to have the licence when the car is fully automatic. What a boring car btw as I will never trust any car to driving me around

  11. This is the future, human beings suck at driving, even the best driver gets tired or can get a heart attack, I could mention hundreds of reasons…

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  15. For the time when the sun is out, we will probably be able to use something like Alexa or google assistant. Also, these might be used in the night time too. So, these assistants will automatically say that I can see you or something like that.

  16. Interesting ideas by mercedes. I'm interested in cars that drive themselves, but I can't say I'd ever fully trust one. Keep up the great work!

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  21. 10x a second is incredible slow. It have to be way faster to enable lv5 and be safer on lv4. Not that neat fron the back computer and dangles.

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