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Tasty One Top Review | Smartphone Enabled Induction Hot Plate

Tasty One Top Review | Smartphone Enabled Induction Hot Plate

[Theme from ‘The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly’] This….f*ckin’ machine. uh… [laughs] A couple months ago, the
Buzzfeed offshoot brand “Tasty” entered the wild wild west
of ridiculous smart appliances when they released their “One Top” induction hot plate. Look, I love Tasty as a brand,
I love their videos, their recipes, hell, they basically pioneered an entire genre of cooking video with their whole ‘disembodied hand,
birds’ eye view’ thing going on. Um, and I copy that all the time, so I can’t say shit. But, this particular appliance was honestly just way more trouble than it was worth. I should mention that I previously put out a video where I unboxed this thing, but I couldn’t get it to work because I’m a dumbass and didn’t realize what induction cooking means. Since this is an induction cooktop, it requires a pan that a magnet would stick to. So I went out, bought a cast-iron pan, and now I can actually try cooking that steak again. But – a different steak; it’s not the same steak,
that would be disgusting. Despite correcting my mistake, using this thing was still kind of a f*cking nightmare. Once I finally got it working, I attempted three different recipes, and uh, basically just discovered several major flaws that still remain within the app and with the device itself. My biggest, number one issue is probably this: [One Top shuts off] [Lindsay] Oh, shit! [One Top turns on again] [Lindsay sighs deeply] it just kept shutting off on me. It tripped the power strip it was plugged into, it shut off when it was plugged into the wall; it was just insane. And the problem just becomes even worse when coupled with a multi-step recipe. The next recipe I tried was a classic marinara sauce. This was probably the most successful of the three recipes, but I use the term successful pretty loosely here. I do have to take a moment here to appreciate the additional one-top compatible recipes they seem to have added since I last took a look at the app; and I also noticed a functionality I missed last time – there’s a really nice feature that they have that allows you to look at the ingredients and export that directly into a shopping list, Which, in theory, is great! This is the entire setup that I have to film this video. And this is my – my third attempt
at making just simple pasta sauce. Just pasta sauce, this is my third try. And that’s because, all of a sudden,
when you look at the app, it shows you all of the ingredients, and then for no reason it springs on you ‘Oh the first step, by the way, cook an onion’. Onion is not…on the ingredients list. There’s no onion on that list! Clearly, it seems like they accidentally just forgot that ingredient when putting everything into the app for that particular recipe, but it has a pretty catastrophic domino effect on everything else, because without the onion, the app was forcing me to cook just garlic by itself in a pan for five minutes at 350° which is just not going to work. [One Top shuts off again, turning off
my lights in the process] You can’t skip the timer, and because it’s induction cooking, if you take the pan off the heat, to let the timer run down, the heating element shuts off because it knows the pan isn’t there anymore. So, essentially, you are f*cked. Alright, so here it is, the fabled onion that we’re supposedly supposed to know to put in this sauce even though it’s not on the ingredients list. My solution was to put the pan on the heating, let it sit there for about four and a half minutes, and just run down the timer, and then throw the garlic in in the last thirty seconds. Still not ideal whatsoever but I did manage to at least put the rest of the components in and finish the recipe. [One Top shuts off….again.] You know if the power stops or whatever and it disconnects with the One Top, you can’t just go ahead and restart the recipe from where you – from where you were. You basically… have to restart it all over again, so like that five minute countdown I wasted five minutes of my life on, waiting for it to get down to thirty seconds, uh….doesn’t matter I have to do it again now, I can’t skip that step, Even though I now have a pan full of wine-y, uh, tomato paste-y, garlic mixture. So…that is also extremely not helpful in this situation. The last thing I tried was the
caramelized French Toast recipe, which is actually one of the more
complex recipes in the app. I’m on my final recipe that I wanted to try, which is the caramel french toast. Can you guys tell I’ve given up yet? So, this brown sugar was like hard as f*ck, uh so I put it in the microwave to soften it up a bit, but it was still pretty brick-hard and
I didn’t want to melt it, so I’m just kind of softening it up right now in this step that they’re telling me to do uh, to let the pan preheat and whisk all this stuff together. um, while I wait for that to happen, and like, their demonstration of it is very cute, and they uh, they even like whisk the actual f*cking spices in – I mean they, they like use a microplane for the f*cking nutmeg, like, COME ON bitch, really? um, anyways, I’m just sitting here, lovingly hand-breaking
up this brown sugar into this mixture. So it’s all good, you know? Having a really good time. Um [laughs] God knows if I’ll ever actually put this video out like, it’s kinda funny, like…. …I don’t know. Oh my god [laughs] So it just did it again, it just tripped this, this uh, this power strip over here. Just so you know it is the only thing that is plugged into this outlet. Um, the lights, which in truth
aren’t actually that powerful, are plugged into separate outlets here… and here. maybe I just don’t know enough about electricity. Oh my god. And it does this bullsh*t again with the timer which is going to kill me. Oh Christ. Okay, here we go. I’m just gonna start it now, lest it decides to fuck me over royally later. This is, uh… kind of a hot mess, but here we go boi. So uh, these ones are a little bit
questionable on the backside, this one’s a little bit burnt, um, just because the pan was a little overcrowded at the beginning, but these actually look good. Which I’m…pretty happy with. Just trying to get a nice color on –
oh, shit – on both sides, and then we’ll be done. All things considered this one actually didn’t do too bad either – until the f*ckin thing shut off. Just tripped the switch again – AGAIN! Jesus. And, since I can’t skip steps when I go to resume the recipe after it shut off, I just had to finish cooking it on my stovetop so I didn’t burn the shit out of it. Overall, the recipes are amazing, they’re all delicious, and I have no complaints. But, if you’re trying to cook it on this thing, uh, it’s probably gonna be more difficult than less. The fact that you can’t skip steps is insane to me. Just like…what if the power goes out?
What if it gets unplugged? What if it keeps shutting off for no reason, like mine did? You know, it forces you to
basically restart the whole recipe. I can’t even use it as a regular hot plate because it shuts off after using it for like ten minutes. I don’t know if other people have had issues with it shutting off like mine did, but, uh, you cannot blame me for the
absolute f*ckery going on in that app, In a review from a professional chef for Wired magazine, even THEY were forced to finish some
of the recipes on their stovetop because the One Top was acting strangely. Hopefully, most of these issues can be
fixed by updating the app itself, since that is really where most
of the issues came from for me. I think my particular unit was defective since it kept shutting off, but I’m really not penalizing them for that, I think my main beef is with the app. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a great
experience with the One Top, I really don’t think I ever want to look at this thing again, But, uh, the recipes have always been amazing, Tasty has always made great videos, and recipes,
and just had these great ideas surrounding food and just kind of changed the whole game in that way. Which I love, but, uh… Maybe just cook their recipes on a regular stove.

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  1. Very cool and balanced review. I loved the inlaid fast motion video of the cooking. You are a trooper though. I would have bailed as soon as I learned that a key ingredient was missing on the app ingredient list. They need to QA the app content.

  2. Have you tried a pan designed for induction? i.e. does that cast iron pan have the induction symbol printed on the bottom indicating it is appropriate for induction use? I know they say magnetic, but they also say flat and most cast iron pans are textured and have embossed printing which makes the induction top work harder, causing the problems you describe. If you don't see the symbol on the bottom of the pan, look for one that does and try again.

  3. You overloaded your residential circuit with too much current draw. Not the stove top's fault – all you.

  4. The problem you're having with power is all on you. Plug directly into the wall! Not into a cheap power strip that keeps tripping.

  5. Dang, a lot of butthurt tasty/buzzfeed fanboys on here. And I’ve notice that the ones who criticized her the most for the same reasons, seems to all have incognito accounts, like me, lol. And she also did clearly stated that she both plugged it in the wall and an extension cord.

  6. I quite agree with The_Overlander. "It" was not shutting off on you, you were overloading the circuit in your living room. The circuit breaker was doing it's job and cutting off power before you caused a fire. Yes, there are other problems with the product, but your ignorance of what "induction" cooking is all about is also not on Tasty, that's on you too. And I don't work for Tasty, as some may think.

  7. this video stressed me out! although i appreciate all the effort you went through! well hey if you want any tips or recipes, ive started a youtube channel covering dishes from everywhere, so check that out and subscribe! btw BWB brought me here 🙂

  8. What is up with your language? Want someone to take you seriously? Try a better vocabulary. Couldn't possibly take you seriously with that act.

  9. Every Tasty Recipe, "ADD 2 CUPS OF CHEESE AND 1 CUP OF MILK". Fuck them. I knew this was a shit product, thank you for testing it! You earned my sub!

  10. Meh…if you don’t know marinara sauce has onion in it then I’m not really confident in your ability to understand a smart induction cooktop.

  11. Alright. So I've read through a bunch of the comments and I'm a bit upset . . . as I usually get, for no reason, on the internet. The lot of you are just assholes. Downright fucking asshats, clowns and wannabe know-it-all douche bags. She clearly states, and even [visibly demonstrates in the video], that each of the devices were plugged into their very own outlets. One of the lights even being plugged in on an entirely different wall, suggesting that it might even be on a separate breaker from the induction top. What was she supposed to fucking do? Go rent a generator to run the induction top on it's own? Go cook in her laundry room on the dedicated 20-amp circuit for the clothes dryer? The thing draws a max of 12 amps. A fucking blow dryer draws 15-20 amps, yet I'm sure shes not tripping circuits every morning when she does her hair. Maybe this thing is just a piece of shit . . . and maybe, just maybe there are plenty of other reviews online to support that statement. But hey…doing a little research before you get up on your high horse, open your mouth, and act like an electrical fucking engineer on the internet is a little too much work.

  12. I like your video. I have been contemplating buying one but this seems like to much work for me. Cooking and relying on the app. I will just stick to writing down recipes and tweaking them. Thank you for saving me money. I just bought brand new pots and pans and now I know they are not compatible.

  13. I found this review to be worthless because this reviewer was obviously not using the one top correctly ! And her attitude and foul language doesn't make me find her any more credible. Not very likable….and I don't find the word "fuck" all that offensive, but her negativity was offensive.

  14. All I got outta this video is that this chick is a crappy cook, and has the vocabulary of a Street Walking Hooker. If you want to gain credibility. Read the directions for the cook top, learn from your mistakes (you don't plug in any type of heating/heater to a 'power strip') and clean up your mouth. If you don't like what I have said, give up cooking cause you'll burn down your house and continue turning tricks on the street where your mouth belongs!

  15. I was considering buying this right before I watched your video thanks for helping me dodge a bullet! I feel the device enabled appliance system is whack and some things are just better done manually, especially those things done in the kitchen I love to cook and hopefully one day be able to pursue it

  16. So this product is not for the inexperienced cook, clearly you’d have the same issues with a traditional stove, maybe even a microwave. Any basic cook could figure a skillet starts with diced onions and oil.. just saying 🤷🏾‍♀️

  17. Dude, I loved this f-ing review. I was about to /maybe/ consider spending a stupid amount of money on a product you can get for a third of the price on amazon.

    Now I won’t be making that mistake, or having to go buy new pans just yet.

    Also, I 100% do NOT understand this whole pious bs thing these commentators have going on. So you curse. So do I, so do millions of others. Tbh, the occasional curse kept me watching the vid because I could actually relate.

    And I would bet any amount of money in my pocket that the idiots complaining about that kind of thing on a YouTube video have engaged in the same kind of language at some point in their lives. “Come on down off that high horse…”

  18. Why the fuck are people being so disrespectful in this comment section over nothing?? It’s a shit product with shit design- I mean, the thing uses a TON of electricity (1500W) compared to other hot plates which can absolutely cause a fire if you have a faulty circuit breaker, and honestly anything that requires Bluetooth to work other than audio devices and smart watches is generally a no from me. Bluetooth usually sucks anyway, in my opinion. What really pisses me off is that it looks like this thing ONLY works if you’re trying to cook a tasty recipe via the app, and you can’t just use it for regular cooking. That’s nuts. If the product is bad that doesn’t mean the person using it is stupid.

    But anyway, Lindsay, this is the first video if yours I watched (mainly because I wanted to see how bad the tasty thing was but hey), I’m totally checking out your channel soon. Glad to find someone else who isn’t afraid to swear (it’s 2019 for fucks sake), and I really liked this video. You put a lot of work into it! Looking forward to seeing some more videos ❤️

  19. Since you like to say “fuck” all the fucking time! Just fuck yourself and dont do videos like this that makes you look like a fucking moron you fucking dummy!

  20. So, skipping steps and a missing onion was the only thing I got from this. The device wasn’t “shutting off” it was most likely the RCD in your extension lead – Possibly not high enough rated fuse for the device.

  21. what this is crazy ! Can you cook without following a recipe ? If not that ridiculous ill have to look into another oven top.

  22. Could be the One Top but that power strip could be the problem? Or having so many lights on the same fuse? I usually can't run my microwave and toaster oven at the same time. It's not the fault of either device.

  23. Seems like your criticism of the hardware is based mainly your over-reliance on cooking with the provided recipes (and whatever deficiencies the recipes you tried have.) Had you started with the simple recipes first or learned how to operated the hardware manually, you'd have been more successful ("less fucked" in your parlance). Your constant criticism of the power problem has nothing to do with it, but with your poor electrical supply.

  24. I'm shook by the comments on this video 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ some people. This was a good video and you have your honest opinion. I appreciate that!

  25. Oh man! I think you have a faulty One Top! I use mine everyday, and absolutely LOVE it. Sorry you've had a bad experience with it!!

  26. my boyfriend has been interested in trying some of the 'tasty' recipes, and we were looking into the idea of purchasing one of these cooktops. your honest af review definitely solidified my decision to not buy the damn thing.

    in another comment you quipped about having too many subs — well tough shit, because you just got another one from me. 😂 keep doing your thing, girl. ❤

  27. First of all never plug a high voltage device into a power strip. It could overload and catch fire.
    And a possible reason you’re breaker keeps tripping is possibly because you have a faulty ground or the ground wire is not hooked up properly to your receptacle.
    It’s either that or the device has a faulty ground.

  28. This product has a ton of faults, One being that it doesn’t heat evenly, with the majority of the heat being in the center in a circle. It’s a real misery to cook on one, and then when I had my hands went straight to Goodwill

  29. Are you sure you don't have a little Compton in you? Girl, you are too funny and REAL with that "O' bitch – please!. Thank you!

  30. When you’re cooking the sauce you can clearly see the ring of where is heating up! It should be heating evenly if it were a good product

  31. Thanks for the review! I have a different model induction cooktop and have also had issues with tripping the breaker. You can have multiple outlets on 1 breaker, so even if the induction is the only thing plugged into one outlet you can still have something else going to the breaker from another outlet. 1800W is the max on a 15 amp breaker(which is how many watts my induction is), so just figure out which outlets are on that circuit and unplug everything else like your lighting setup except the induction and you should be ok?

  32. Get a three wire heavy duty extension cord to replace the power strip. If it still keeps trippin'..then its your electrical source which may be too overloaded with your floods and equipment. To test..use the induction unit ONLY and shut the other stuff off. Love your critique and honesty on your comments!

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