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Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

(relaxing pop music) – Hi, I’m Pamela. Today I’m making my children’s favorite Taiwanese beef noodle soup. – [Kyle] Our dad really loves beef noodle soup as well too. One evening when you can smell it in the kitchen, it’s usually like a homecoming, or someone did good. – [Rebecca] So I think there was one story where our grandma carried him to get beef noodle soup from Taiwan, – [Pamela] Yes. – [Rebecca] When he was like, in the sixth grade or something. (laughter) – [Pamela] I think that my husband and I were very courageous to uproot our family from a familiar place to start a new adventure overseas. My kitchen is filled with happy and warm memories. We still celebrate most of Chinese holidays, so we would make dumplings together in the evening for Chinese New Year. When we first came to America 24 years ago, the children were still very young. They did not know any English, and I was still learning English myself. There were challenges, for sure, but then we learned and we adapt. And over time, it becomes easier. – [Rebecca] You know, I think my mom was pretty open to having us try like different foods from supermarkets. Like I enjoy going to shopping with her, just like trying like, Lunchables, because that’s the thing like that we bring lunch to school, and it’s hard to pack beef noodle soup in the little lunchbox. So I think my mom was already pretty open, just letting us kind of adapt to, you know, the different lunches that, you know, we want to try. – [Kyle] In elementary school, I would bring dumplings to school, and it has a very strong smell, so a lot of kids would kind of make fun of me, but now if I were to bring dumplings to work, people would love it and wanna have a piece, so it’s something I’ve grown to be very proud of. – [Pamela] I was inspired at a friend’s potluck party. Someone had brought beef noodle soup, but I was inspired to try and make my own version. I asked my friend how they make theirs, look at different recipes and experiment. I had to try the different cut of meat and played with different ingredients to perfect my recipe that my family and friends enjoy. – [Kyle] Another tradition that we have is really just coming home together, sitting down for dinner, and talking about each other’s days, while my mom was busy running in and out of the kitchen. And we celebrate life and celebrate each other’s companies. When I come home from school or from work, and I see my mom in the kitchen, that’s a sense of being home. – [Rebecca] Definitely a comfort feeling, you know, when my mom is cooking in the kitchen. Takes me back to Taipei, we’re sitting in alleyway, that small street, we’re crowded next to the table next to us, we’re slurping on the noodles, it’s humid outside. But the warm soup somehow makes it that much better. – [Kyle] At least when we were growing up, slurping noodles was not deemed as inappropriate or ill-mannered, in fact, it would signify that this dish is made really well for me to discard all manners and just inhale what is in the bowl. (slurping)
(laughter) – [Voiceover] Oh, yes! (relaxing pop music)

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  1. If you want to slurp then whatever but why say it's a show of appreciation? I grew up in Taiwan and never hear anyone say that. I swear some Asian American just make things up to come off as authentic Asian. For the longest time people say the same about slurping ramen in Japan too but it's simply not true.

  2. The experiences are so different. My mother would make indian food for my lunch when she was home from work or if there were leftovers – and even though other kids were white, they would beg to try the food. I think Asian kids growing up in America had a harder time being open about their culture. So glad I didn't live here as a kid

  3. I know its not the same but, i got made fun of terribly for my lunches at school as a child. i remember if you had the most updated lunchable, or gogurts or the "hip" kid food that made you popular. You were in. but i lived in the south. So i got southern food. I
    got comfort food such as left overs from a casserole, soups, stews… anything southern. just home cookin

  4. Everything is great and I love the Taiwanese Beef Noodles!!! But…

    please don't add cilantro please, just please. I prefer shredded spring onions.

  5. I am SO gonna make this!!!! Thank you for not only sharing the recipe but the fond memories 💜

  6. Bah I’m Taiwanese and I don’t approve. This isn’t Taiwanese, Native Taiwanese culture. This is the Chinese culture which has completely eradicated our indigenous one. Don’t call if Taiwanese, it’s Chinese culture/

  7. "in school people thought I was weird because my food looked different or it smelled, but now everyone wants some" -every ethnic tasty themed video

  8. i wish they would do this video like all the other tasty videos without the backstories jus t o yea in the end

  9. Great cooking video, but too much irrelevant life story! It is distracting and felt disjointed. I'd rather you talk a bit more about the cooking itself, It is pretty hard to follow the cooking, the fast flying call out text and listen to your immigration and assimilation story all at the same time in a short 3 minute video.

  10. People in my class…

    Person : *eats dumplings*

  11. That looks really good, getting beef shanks where I live is very difficult, what other meat could I use instead? Brisket maybe?

  12. I'm glad you did not diminish your heritage, be proud of who you are! Now I say that to say this….can I have some soup too? Thank you Mommy you raised good children and make a great soup.

  13. How should this recipe be adjusted for cooking in a instapot? It says simmer for 2 hours, what is that in instapot time?

  14. Hi! Thank you guys for the video. But at 1:47 before the meat is put back into the pot, there is some liquid in there but it's not indicated. Is it oil? Or the same water that the beef was boiled in in the beginning?

  15. There use to be a street/allyway behind the train station in Taipei, the entire area was beef/tendon noodle soup. I remember as a kid going there with my adopted grandfather. That was a lifetime away when my house in Taipei had no running water, community out houses and you could see the sky in any direction as there were no skyscrapers just grass.

  16. I don't understand when people when people say sth that…I mean thts ur tradition..coming home togetger and sitting down to eat…I think thts mundane and daily life stuff..not any kind of tradition..

  17. Ive come here from watching Mike Chen's videos and he mentioned beef noodle soup. It looked so good that i was curios to see how it was made. Looks Delicious.

  18. Just got back from Taipei and I loved their beef noodle soup. It tastes amazing and I loved how they make handmade noodles there. Taipei definitely has some delicious dishes! I loved their food, especially their street food and night markets.

  19. The way she makes it is different from my mom's. Most authentic Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup has beef tendons, but if you're someone that doesn't like tendons, you can choose not to have any.

  20. Can you please clear up how much water you’re supposed to use in total after throwing away the dirty parboiled water at the beginning? After all the sautéing seasoning stuff, It’s not clear it just says fill up pot until it covers the meat. But not everyone’s pot sizes are the same. So how many quarts of water is used for the actual soup?

  21. I don't want to be racist, but it's quite ironic that the son's (who is Korean) name is Kyle and Kyle is like the most American name ever.

  22. Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup is also My Favorite Noodle Dish.

    My mom cooks it For me when i was 3, even now she cooks it for me.

  23. I made them according to your direction and it was delicious. My family loved it. This recipe is a keeper

  24. Love Taiwanese beef noodle soup. It's one of my comfort food when I lived in Taiwan for 5 years. Nothing beats the authentic dish.

  25. I just made this and it’s the BEST beef noodle soup ever! My hubby says it’s better than the restaurants!
    The only thing I added is minced sour pickle! I’m so happy you shared this recipe! Thankyou!

  26. Beef noodle soup is called in chinese: 牛肉面。So if you go to china ( yes im from china) and you want it,say 我要一碗牛肉面。

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